Posted on November 1, 2010

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Buchanan's Take on the claim that War with Iran Would Rescue Economy 22:56:59
Obama = Keynesian? Voters Voice Doubts 23:45:35
Hayek vs. Keynes RapAnthem, a SEQUEL SneakPeek at The Economist Buttonwood Gathering 21:56:59
MoxNews - Blagojevich Explains How Politicians Do Business 20:18:10
Jake Towne: Vote!! 18:13:40
HBO's Hacking Democracy Film 14:56:08
The Ron Paul Revolution is on the brink of history! 12:12:28
Ron Paul has been included in Esquire's "10 Best Members of Congress" list 10:06:19
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John Dennis and Clint Didier Featured on new Hulu Documentary series "Running" 23:42:55
"Sarah Palin Must Be Stopped!" 23:14:51
Last Minute Voting Advice For Kentucky Senate Race! MoxNews 23:00:53
Debt Collectors Accused Of Fake Courtroom, Judge (video) 22:43:11
Tea Party activist packs loaded gun, gets to get on flight anyway! 22:38:11
Reid's Fate Hinges on Turnout 22:17:02
Interesting Video...."The End of Liberty" 22:04:27
MoxNews- Will Tom Tancredo Be The Next Governor Of Colorado? 21:51:08
The ULTIMATE UCC Redemption 21:41:48
WOW! A story of a truly humble hero! 21:15:17
QE2 Risks Currency Wars & End of Dollar Hegemony 20:46:30
How many people here are going to opt to get felt up at the airport? 20:43:49
MoxNews- Steele : "It's Not My Job To Stop Christine O'Donnell" 20:40:37
MoxNews- If Democrats Lose Is Obama To Blame? 20:29:03
It's Not Palin's Party, Take Her Tea And Shove It! - Great Potential in the Tea Party waiting to Be Tapped! 20:27:03
Libertarianism and the Tea Party by Jacob G. Hornberger 20:18:07
Democrats' Last Hope: Sarah Palin 20:05:24
"We are not over taxed we are over governed" 20:04:30
Chuck Donovan Georgia's Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Received "Tea Party" Endorsement. 19:56:19
3 years and 2 days I've been here, thanks for the education 19:26:44
Rally for Sanity participants think Keynesianism is the same as Kenyan. 18:37:58
Forty planes and six armoured cars: Obamas visit to India on Nov 6 18:37:35
The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Holds Convention in New Orleans 18:33:03
Election day approaches- Avoid the trap 18:09:12
Where's that fun news video site? 18:06:55
Morgan Freeman: I Never Recorded An Ad For BJ Lawson 18:00:54
The 3rd is my Birthday,Can anyone guess what I wished for? 17:53:01
Funny: Is Obama A Keynesian? Rally For Sanity Attendees Weigh In (VIDEO) 17:48:25
Caterpillar Corporation stops shipment of armored bulldozers to Israeli military 17:34:58
Jack Conway Holds Emergency Press Conference On Halloween ;D 17:24:59
Great One Sheet Hand Out Of All Representatives Voting Record... 17:12:48
Newsweek: Pot: The Perfect Republican Issue? 16:46:35
Rand Paul Victory Party 16:42:01
We saw Conway today 16:39:26
John Perkins Interview: Confessions of An Economic Hit Man 16:26:57
Senator Gravel to Introduce Multi-State Initiative on 911 16:09:38
Appeals Court Weighs Immigrant Law 16:02:41
Iraq church raid ends with up to 58 dead and 78 wounded - 11-01-10 15:22:32
Republican National Committee To Dole Out Punishment? 15:16:11
$22B AIG Bailout? Sunken Treasure? Mark Twain's Periscopic View. 15:08:36
New Taxes in Obamacare Starting in 2011 15:06:39
Running out of options, Fed prepares to jolt economy 15:00:35
Need some advice on public speaking! 13:42:35
What politicians really mean when they claim they will “fix the economy” 13:41:12
Snowglobe forces evacuation at Bradley Airport 13:15:50
A New Drilling Rig at the Macondo Site? 12:49:12
RT- CrossTalk: Tea Party Boiling Point 12:30:44
Keiser Report: Global Party for corrupt bankers 12:29:02
If Tom Tancredo wins tommorrow ! 12:21:07
Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Palin 12:19:33
RT- Thorium could replace uranium as a safe nuclear power source. 10:47:11
Can Liberty Be Advanced Through Violence? 10:45:23
"Unknowns": Federal salaries fall behind private sector 10:37:54
MoxNews- Study: Alcohol More Dangerous Than Heroin Or Crack Cocaine 10:31:58
Conservative 100: Most Popular Conservative Websites, October 2010 10:29:54
RT- US slams China in major smear campaign 10:09:52
Citizens Against Government Waste 10:00:07
New must see Video:Cultural Marxism Corruption of America. Ron Paul G Edward Griffin. 09:53:38
UFO - For Your Eyes Only - Video Documentary 09:35:20
Facebook Page - TSA Tea Party 2010 09:30:40
Fannie & Freddie Instruct Servicers to Help Unemployed Through State Programs 08:23:53
Ron Paul makes the 10 best people in congress list in Esquire magezine. 08:12:44
Video: Progressives Gone Wild 07:55:30
A trip back in time, circa 2007, remember when Glenn Beck was against the REAL TEA PARTY! I do. This piece I wrote exemplifies h 07:45:25
70% of Alaskans Do NOT Want Palin 2012 07:19:05
Forgive Fest Trubilee 1-1-2012 07:00:51
Rasmussen: This is a Vote Against Dems, Not for the GOP 06:58:00
"The Fed Shouldn't Try to Fine-Tune Economy" says K.C. Fed Pres. Hoenig 06:52:33
NYT: How the Banks Put the Economy Underwater 06:48:13
If re-elected, Harry Reid Promises to Push Amnesty and the Dream Act 06:27:49
Wash Post Headline: Credibility is on the line for Bernanke and the Fed 06:23:15
Jack Conway Holds Emergency Press Conference On Halloween 01:51:08
China should purchase Gold, oil, ccb's, says Shao Fenggao 01:21:42
Is Socialism Cool? 00:55:39
closeup of squibs on 9/11 00:54:35
Don't Vote 00:49:07
So this is the clip from ReasonTV on Stewart-Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity 00:40:47
The Scariest Halloween Costume... 00:28:41
Must see videos. origin of political correctness. 00:03:59