Posted on November 11, 2010

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Last week I was hospitalized - Healthcare 17:06:01
First debate of 2012 election cycle announced-the GOP contenders face off at the Reagan Library 15:47:37
A competing currency question - Step 1 23:35:40
Dr. Ron Paul: Reality or Bad Dream? 14:52:22
Pleasantly surprised 12:59:16
Does your airport use naked body scanners? List here. Which side are you on? 11:09:45
National Naked Scanner Opt-Out Day, Nov 24, 2010 10:45:34
Matt Taibbi visited my office; here is the article: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners 08:15:28
Video: TSA Opt-Out Molested, Cuffed to Chair, Ticket Destroyed 06:15:28
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Ron Paul endorsed Justin Amash 23:39:52
Gerald Celente: WW2 Scenario is Being Setup for Next War 23:21:19
Talking to Liberals About Hate Crimes 23:06:16
Help With Central Banking Needed 22:21:23
Anybody watching Rachel Maddow's interview with Jon Stewart? (VIDEO) 22:14:59
My Story: Perfectly Healthy 23 Year Old College Student Poisoned by FDA Approved Heartburn "Medicine" UPDATED 5/20/11 22:13:36
Try, try, again... Bill to retroactively authorize MERS fraud coming around again 21:53:22
Judge Napolitano: Idiots vs The Constitution 21:23:20
The Freedom Movements EDUCATIONAL Outreach to the Tea Party Ahead of 2012 21:23:14
What's wrong with being atheist? Here's what... 21:23:03
ADL Condemns Glenn Beck For 'Offensive,' 'Horrific' Attacks On George Soros (VIDEO) 20:45:55
MoxNews- IDIOTS vs THE CONSTITUTION (You Make The Call!) 20:45:30
Less taxpayer money for U.N., none for NPR among cuts proposed by co-chairs of Obama commission 20:39:45
Moscow Building 5000 Bomb Shelters by 2012… 20:26:52
C4L Video: Your Ticket to CPAC 2011 20:19:15
MSNBC TSA poll 20:09:20
Brit4RonPaul's experience of the NHS Postcode Lottery. 19:51:55
[Poll] - Pilots, passengers, parents rail at new pat downs 19:41:45
HEALTH Freedoms ALERT: S.510 & Farmageddon Documentary Trailer 19:27:15
Taibbi: Special "Rocket Docket" Judges Laundering Millions for the Banks 18:40:28
Impending Crisis as Dollar Crashes - Ron Paul: "We are rapidly moving towards a dangerous time in history" 18:38:24
Just read Copper Took A Jump 17:50:22
RON PAUL 2012 Money Bomb: - Dec 16th 2010. - now with pledge link 17:42:12
HELP...What off the shelf software... 17:29:47
Support the Troops by Ending the War by Ron Paul (Psyop Vaccine) 17:00:28
NO, TARP was an awful idea and not a success. 17:00:24
Mass Pop. Extinction Begun in Africa by Oral Polio Vaccine?: Calling All DP Physicians/HC Experts 16:41:51
America’s Devolution Into Dictatorship 16:16:04
‘Stupidest Lawsuit Ever’: Freddie Mac Sues Feds, Taxpayers Pay Either Way and Law Firm Profits 16:14:33
The Poop on the Banksters 16:08:32
Jim Grant: If I Were Bernanke, I Would Resign 16:01:11
Just What Is Reality? – Thought For The Day 15:46:08
Ron Paul: Bring the Troops Home, End the Welfare State, Stop Monetizing Debt 15:44:24
LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Nancy Pelosi Considering DREAM Act Vote in the House 15:42:49
Obama Acknowledges that Americans Don’t Want ‘A Classic, Traditional, Big-Government Liberal’ 15:39:02
Very strange thing occured a few minutes ago... 15:36:31
Bank of America urges dismissing robo-signing suit 15:30:58
tell public policy polling to include ron paul 15:20:52
Potatoes - High Nutrient SURVIVAL food - Only a small plot is needed - Long shelf life 14:40:18
I am not worried about Rand Paul 14:37:23
Gold and Guns 14:35:24
Free Market Environmentalism 14:33:36
Keiser Report №93: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 14:13:51
TSA-NAZI Graphic from the Daily Tea Party - We Won't GIVE UP Our 4th Amendment Rights! 13:52:00
HElp with stats and realistic federal budget 13:44:17
Royal Metals Group Report: QE2 Means Weak Dollar $1600 Gold & $50 Silver 13:43:03 vs vs physical metals 13:37:36
Early Christmas in Seoul 13:05:20
The Bought and Paid for Central Bankster-Owned LameStreamMedia and their "Propaganda Matrix" 12:54:08
Fed Easing Seen Ineffective by 75% in Global Poll Favoring ECB 12:09:52
HELP: I think I made a stupid mistake buying silver the other day. 11:11:33
The Illegitimate Israel Lobby - Scott Horton Interviews Grant F. Smith 11:08:18
Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany 11:04:07
Bachmann Pulls Out, Endorses Hensarling For GOP Conference Chair 11:00:09
How do we keep the air, water and land clean? 10:54:45
Veterans Day: Thank a Vet? 10:50:47
MoxNews- White House Cover Up Of B.P. Oil Spill Report 10:47:54
"That Is A Missile Shot From A Submarine!" Tom McInerney Fighter Jet Pilot 10:40:48
Incoming House Commerce Chairman Opposes Fed Buying $600 Billion in Govt Debt 10:39:24
11-11-10 offering 10:13:32
Ripping off Ron Paul 10:07:24
How we win - Run As a COALITION... 08:37:50
Jesse Ventura Show Friday 11/12: Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed 08:08:33
Rand Paul looking to make D.C. splash with Senate Tea Party Caucus 07:56:56
Germans protest DU. This is what "justified rage" looks like. 07:22:03
Uplifting Excerpt from John Steinbeck, "East of Eden" 07:20:50
Signatures for the petition : Reject S. 3002 - The Nutritional Supplement Prohibition Act 04:20:31
Glenn Beck versus George Soros a discussion not a video. 04:12:27
Ron Paul Campaign Speech 1988! 03:41:41
The Federal Reserve is in Crisis - Finally! 03:37:48
Outlaw Josie Wales 03:34:52
Keiser Report №93: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 02:49:17
Talking to Liberals About Rand Paul 01:59:24
Rachel Maddow at her best: RP!! RP!! RP!! RP!! RP!! RP!! 01:20:57
Anti-Illuminati Aliens shot down California missile 00:17:25
Video - Interview with Jim Rogers 00:04:45