Posted on November 12, 2010

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Is your XBOX watching you? WSJ Article 12:19:34
CNN: Bernanke's worst nightmare: DR. Ron Paul 09:06:16
Nader unites us all in the fight against ‘federal fondlers’ at the TSA 07:51:43
Free Money!!! 100% Return Overnight. 00:18:47
Dr. Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show 08:59:49
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This is how we get more liberty candidates into office in 2012! 23:32:19
MoxNews- Rand Paul "Tea Party Is Mad At Both Parties" 22:42:50
Did somebody say "bomb"? 22:12:12
Larken Rose on "Freedom Frenzy" --Awesome-- 21:32:12
Costco Screaming Deal on Monster Safe!! 21:02:24
Jon Stewart on Maddow Show, Uncut: "Technically true" that G.W. Bush IS a War Criminal... 21:01:24
Time For Ron Paul To Lay The Groundwork For IOWA and NH 20:55:51
Ireland: Top Current Affairs Radio Presenter Questions Official 9/11 Story 20:55:10
Don't piss off them Stoners! They Will get you High! 20:49:28
Dr. Ron Paul: Martial Law and The Police State 19:52:47
Jesse Ventura - FEMA Camp/Police State Tonight 19:41:14
A Hilarious Animated Take On The Federal Reserve: Xtranormal (Video) 19:27:03
The Fed & Quantitative Easing Explained 18:57:57
RT- Israel boots activists out over standing up for Palestinians 18:56:44
British Queen and BP's Tony Hayward Win, American's Now Subsidizing UK Retirement Funds With $3.00 Dollar per Gallon Gas/Diesel 18:53:18
Laughter and Cynicism.... another weapon in the war! 18:41:02
Just received some disturbing news from my wife **Update*** 18:38:24
Max Keiser calls for hit on JP Morgan with a silver bullet... 18:35:20
Rearden Metal Liberty Bracelet 18:34:24
Federal Reserve Celebrate 100 Years of Dominating America. 18:13:49
Ky's Hope 17:16:53
Dr. Paul is scheduled to appear on Fox Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman tonight 11/12 @ 7 PM EDT 17:16:04
Dennis Kucinich: Flawed US Economy Works Against People 17:00:36
Anyone see this clip from the House of Lords? Unbelieveable!!! 16:47:33
RT- Jim Rogers: China earned its success, G20 waste of time 16:31:20
DP Featured: TSA Tyrannical Practices forced to the Forefront by Your Emails! Napolitano to meet Travel Industry! Our boycott 16:27:20
Keiser Report №94- US dollar a unit of Fraud 16:13:23
URGENT: Food Safety vote next week 16:10:23
"We Can't Make It Here" 16:02:55
"Don't Ask Don't Tell' Discharges Can Continue For Now, Supreme Court Rules 16:02:32
Agenda: Grinding America Down 15:55:20
Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area 15:23:45
What are they spraying? 15:22:16
Our "Can't Do" Government 15:17:57
Justin Raimondo in Boston Nov. 11 2010 15:10:10
White House Picks Overseer for Fannie, Freddie Regulator 15:02:01
Thank you, Mr. Obama 14:55:52
Downer Friday? DOW -122 14:22:04
U.S. Postal Service Says Loss Widened to $8.5 Billion in 2010 14:14:18
Both Ron and Rand Paul will be on Freedom Watch on Saturday Nov. 13th 14:05:50
Hey Guys! 13:53:58
Traveling down the road to serfdom 13:51:15
The TSA Is Cracking: Increase the Pressure! 13:35:13
City installs traffic cameras to pay off debt to traffic camera company 13:34:38
Contrails versus Chemtrails...What's Going On? 12:27:46
Judges secret slush fund - video, whats your thoughts?? 12:27:18
URGENT: Opting Out on Nov. 24th is a Trap!!! 12:24:20
Obama's Gift to the GOP 12:06:42
NYT: China using Psych Wards to "break" Activists 12:05:01
More Veterans commit suicide than soldiers killed in combat. Support the troops OR the war. 12:01:33
Saul Anuzis--remember this guy? 11:44:48
G20 ends with wimper!: No "competitive devaluation" 11:33:21
Old video: Peter schiff vs "liberal-libertarian" favorite the young turks 11:10:56
MoxNews- National Archives Wants Investigation Into Who Destroyed CIA "Interrogation" Videos 11:06:54
Justin Raimondo in Boston Nov. 11 2010 10:56:04
Confessions of a former Tea Party guy 10:49:11
RT- William Engdahl on G20: The System is Broke 10:46:49
RT- Biggest Intelligence Fail Ever? Spy traitor 'Wanted' 10:38:02
Take The Obama Generation To Washington | NPR 10:32:15
If you have a mortgage why haven't you challenged it ? 10:27:34
VIDEO: Marc Faber on CNBC Squawk Box 11/9/10 Cause of the Financial Crisis 10:24:20
VIDEO-BullSource: David Morgan - "If you can't touch it, you don't own it." 10:19:58
41 Facts About The History Of Central Banks In The United States That Our Children Are No Longer Taught In School 10:18:50
Ron Paul - The Revolution Continues 2012!!!! 10:18:24
Ron Paul - A 2012 Revolution! 10:09:56
you are as sacred as I am as sacred as you are as sacred as I am 09:29:14
Why ABC News Owes Rand Paul an Apology 09:13:30
Populists Optimistic About Future of Rand Paul 09:09:53
Ron Paul is less than optimistic ahead of deficit commission report 09:08:14
Video: Ron Paul Discusses Obamacare, Liberty, and the Dangers of Big Government with Lew Rockwell 08:59:48
Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul, Nixon, GOP, etc. all socialists 08:53:07
Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama: Stealing Your Money in the Name of Prosperity 08:45:59
Foreclosure-Gate: Did BofA and Countrywide Commit Massive Fraud? 08:42:53
Turkish movie about Flotilla 08:27:04
Long but excellent GQ article on Obama, Eric Holder, and the abandonment of their commitments and claimed principles 08:18:22
How the Internet and sites like the Daily Paul are Bringing Real Change to the Political Process 08:12:54
The Fed has Spent the last 20 Years Manipulating the Stock Market 08:07:00
VIDEO: Foreclosure Fraud by Goldman Sachs, BoA, JP Morgan Chase, et. al 07:59:45
GOP critics on Steele: 'It's his record, not his race' 07:48:38
Making of the ‘Puppet Master’: Beck Explores How Soros Became the Man He Is 07:47:01
TIME Magazine claims that The Fed's very low interest polcies don't cause Inflation, but that Lower Taxes do 07:36:38
The Fed Trashes the Dollar by Pat Buchanan 07:00:38
Home Seizures Drop 9% as States Probe Foreclosures 06:54:54
What Would Happen If You Woke Up Tomorrow, And You Did Not Have To Pay Taxes-ever Again? 05:07:14
George Will: Rand is frivilous 03:48:24
New 2012 Presidential Poll 03:14:35
MUST WATCH Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" episode on TruTV Friday @ 9pm CT 02:44:22
Exposed: Israeli Government Documents Show Deliberate Policy To Keep Gazans At Near-starvation Levels 02:31:36
I got to meet Willie Nelson tonight !!! 01:12:27
Off Topic: Anyone watching "Walking Dead" on AMC? 00:41:08
Huffpo: GOP Senators Back Earmark Ban After Requesting MILLIONS In Pork 00:39:02
Brietbart: Paul Overseeing the Fed (Read the comments) 00:20:07