Posted on November 13, 2010

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Drs. Ron and Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 11/13/10 15:57:36
Kucinich to force vote on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan 02:24:40
Here is a way to see DP posts organized by day (superseded!) 03:01:44
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Ben Davies on King World News on what is happening with metals... and JUBILEE! 23:18:12
Judge Napolitano To Arianna Huffington: ‘How Can Anybody Take You Seriously?’ 23:03:37
The GATA Story 22:59:40
TSA Screeners Frequently Miss Fake Bombs! 22:49:34
DTP Needs Help. Great OPPORTUNITY- What Questions do we ask NEW "Tea Party" CONGRESSMEN on Interview? 21:51:03
Medical Marijuana-Prop 203 Passes in Arizona 21:50:49 21:05:59
Andrew McGuire story covered on Conspiracy Theory (truTV) 20:26:13
Why Are You Here? A New Theory May Hold the Missing Piece 20:23:06
Mark Dankof Summarizes Problems Facing America 18:59:31
7 of the top 10 richest counties are near DC 18:55:06
Video of blue and red glowing cloud in the sky over California- 18:43:55
TSA Encounter at San Diego Airport Nov/13/10 18:31:59
Will Rand Paul Stand Up For AWOL Vet Jeff Hank? 18:17:28
UK: Tea Party is Brewing up Trouble for World Currencies 18:04:10
Bernanke: You sound like Ron Paul. 17:31:50
Obama Admits he not "natural born" citizen??? 17:22:04
A Principle for Peter in the 21st Century 17:14:56
Dr. Ron Paul Exposes the Power Structure 16:36:18
Criminal Michael Chertoff has been an advocate of full body scanners at airports. I Wonder Why 16:29:38
GATA's Bill Murphy on JP Morgan and the silver market 15:20:34
9/11 - WTC7: Geraldo on FOX tonight! 15:08:39
4409 -- Group walks out on Israeli IDF public relations 14:54:00
freedomwatch- Government Likes To Intimidate, To Control, To Humiliate... 14:37:11
Barack Obama And Wall Street: 6 Prominent Bankers And Their 'Unholy Alliance' (PHOTOS) 14:20:25
Ron Paul 2011 Calendar 14:18:27
Talking to Liberals About QE2 14:02:27
Celebrate misguided thoughts:You MIGHT be an activist Sheeple if: 13:57:12
Bernanke's relationship with GOP deteriorating over Fed decisions 13:44:41
Michael Scheuer: Note to Tea Party: End Interventionism First 13:35:50
QE2: It's the Federal Debt, Stupid! 13:21:08
Thailand May Dump the Dollar - [Prime Minister] Abhisit calls on Asia to use yuan in trade 13:13:28
China Vs USA I: Incredible Video - China Completes 15 Story Hotel in SIX Days! 13:06:39
Another 2012 GOP Presidential "Poll" without Ron Paul! 12:44:44
Colorado Democrats Call for New 9/11 Investigation! 12:27:49
WTP’s Clean Election Lawsuit UPDATE 12:23:32
We Must not Relent!! Making progress against the TSA 12:23:15
Weekend Watching: The Secret Government 12:14:05
MoxNews- Ron Paul & Rand Paul Interviewed By The Judge 12:13:28
Wow 11:44:17
Wash Post: Ron Paul & The coming right-wing front on monetary policy 11:25:04
Perfect Example 10:56:18
Against TSA Naked Body Scanners? You must be a Racist! 10:51:22
Germany: U.S. Economic Policy is: ---"Clueless"--- 10:27:52
Cali. School Forces Boy To Take American Flag Off Bike Fearing that the Flag would Promote Racial Tension 08:48:01
Obama Says Federal Reserve's Easing Wasn't Aimed at Affecting Dollar Value 07:56:56
This Documentary is SO important! Share this with everyone you know! 05:41:58
Glenn Beck Interviews Rand Paul (11/9/2010) 05:35:16
Nepal to buy 1 ton gold for Rs 3.2 billion 04:43:09
Hear the Celtic Tiger Roar, 'I Want More!' 02:24:04
Threat To Hopi Way Of Life 02:07:08
It's our patriotic duty: Buy silver and help destroy JP Morgan-Chase and HSBC at the same time. 01:02:10
FEMA Freak Out! My family has been there and done that. Pic of My Mom in the Ukraine 1939 00:19:37
National Inflation Association: End of Liberty 06:43:12