Posted on November 14, 2010

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Can Someone Identify This Flag Please 23:46:09
Dayton woman to press SA charges against TSA agent 23:43:23
Jim DeMint Would Accept Compromise On Bush Tax Cuts 23:17:07
Social Security Judges Face Violent Threats by Angry Claimants 23:15:41
My First Cavity Search Poster (TSA terminal photo) 23:00:23
Rand Paul would "love to talk with" Obama and tell him that the Tea Party would work with Democrats. 22:53:53
WND - TSA Petition: Stop Full Body Scans 22:49:56
Rand Paul on FOX News 11/14/10 22:36:01
RT- Price of 'Peace': 20 F-35 stealth jets to bribe Israel? 22:12:23
Video: Nude protest 22:10:00
Drug Expert Told Police Iraq Whistleblower David Kelly Was ‘Murdered’ 22:01:45
Lacker Says Fed May Need to Increase Rates Even With Elevated Unemployment 22:00:52
Afghan Pres Says Time For U.S. To Reduce Military Operations In Afghanistan 21:54:39
Fox News spills some truth about vaccines and fillings 21:52:07
Wesley Clark accused of ORDERING WARCRIMES, and INCITING WWIII 21:44:04
Silver Recovering on Hong Kong exchange 21:28:55
Sharon Angle is fighting vote fraud. 21:23:09
See Me, Feel Me 21:22:47
REUTERS POLL. Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly? 21:05:36
Krugman: Death Panels, Value-Added-Tax Will Fix Debt Crisis 20:37:41
MoxNews- Another Innocent Man Bush Murdered 20:23:00
ForeclosureGate tonight on CoasttoCoast 20:18:58
Renaissance 2.0: Revisiting American History - Financial Empire 20:05:29
Geraldo WTC7: Is This NWO Problem-Reaction -Solution Once Again? 19:51:28
"The Secret of Oz" Documentary: Gold and Silver historically FAIL 19:50:43
Sarah Palin's Letter to Congress Freshmen Advocates for More War, Spending and Israel Interests. 19:40:31
MoxNews- 9/11 Ad Campaign Asks NYC City Council To Investigate WTC-7 Collapse 19:32:41
Texas Straight Talk- QE2: The Fed's Last Stand? 19:26:36
St. of Texas Coverup: Radiation-Tainted Water "Lowballed" 18:59:02
Chinese EMP Attack Prompts US Missile Strike After Cruise Ship Crippled 18:58:11
VIDEO: Police assaults fan at Notre Dame Game Yesterday 18:52:50
TSA targets ‘smoking hot’ woman for naked scan; fondles children 18:05:43
--- End The Fed! --- 17:30:55
Can the next fund raiser be a raffle? 16:23:45
I really almost DIED from laughter last night when I saw this on SNL!! 16:05:16
Airport security: Government in our pants 16:01:10
WOW They were just discussing the body scanners on the Weather Channel 15:58:30
9/11 Responder Death Toll Nears 1000 15:51:43
Newsweek: Psst! Rand Paul Was Right About Federal Pay 15:42:34
Foreclosure-Gate: Banks Offering A 40 Year, 2% Loan Mod To Cover It Up 15:40:37
Sully Sullenberger is adding his voice to growing opposition among pilots and flight attendants to those airport body scanners. 15:24:33
Rep Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance to Israel 14:58:48
Video: Rand Paul on CBS' Face the Nation 11/14/10 14:35:52
The TSA's War on Americans............. 14:35:05
Must .. Re-Sist ..Temp-Ta-Tion... 13:57:29
CNN Reports Growing Outrage Against Porno Scanners 12:49:09
Purely OFF TOPIC, but any fans of the TV show LOST, here? 11:37:10
TSA Chess..Nice Move, Slaves ..TSA Retina Scanning Prog. Moving Forward..Check MATE! 11:37:05
One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection 11:31:21
Unusual Cluster Earthquakes - YEMEN and DJIBOUTI Coastal 10:29:56
Can Mexico Be Saved? 10:28:28
Official SPLC Propaganda Video: "Law Enforcement" Officers' Guide to Confronting "Sovereign Citizens" 10:09:33
Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says 10:04:26
Afghanistan -- what the MSM does not want you to know -- 09:52:39
Clarence Page Praises Tea Party for Not being a Whites-Only Movement 09:13:41
Obamanomics Combines With Fed to Guarantee More Economic Misery by Matt Towery 08:53:23
C4L website down? 08:28:34
TSA ejects Oceanside man from airport for refusing security check 07:30:06
US offers Israel 20 warplanes worth $3 billion in taxpayers money for temporary settlement freeze 07:28:00
TSA: Get nude+radiated, molested or sued+fined. It's your choice! 06:40:56
Pentagon and its embedded media covering up Chinese show of force off LA? 02:07:39
Just who ARE "WE THE PEOPLE"?! 02:07:15
Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget 01:23:16
Head of UK Army Gen.David Richards: "We Cannot, Need Not Beat, al-Qaeda!" 01:10:53