Posted on November 15, 2010

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Former Assistant TSA Administrator Admits Airport Security Checkpoints Violate the 4th Amendment! 23:58:50
People Who Resist Authority, Stand Up for Privacy, Could Be Classified As Mentally ILL 21:56:12
Video: "Don't Touch My Junk" Bro... Interviewed on Fox News 17:01:12
Senate Committee Schedules Hearing on TSA (video) 16:33:24
S. 510 - Food Safety Modernization Act. The FDA's War on Food 14:03:22
The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money 13:27:33
John McCain Worries About Rand Paul--Defense Cuts, "Protectionism and Isolationism" in GOP 13:03:07
Am. Thinker: Fed Up With the Fed 12:53:47
Mass: Foreclosure Redos Ordered; Former Owners Get Second Chance 10:33:38
Texas Straight Talk: QE II - The Fed's Last Stand? 08:12:45
Austrian vs. Keynesian Economists 03:18:14
Video: Rand Paul on CBS's Face the Nation 14:30:11
Do They Actually Prosecute People for Not Registering With Selective Service System? 11:40:37
Video: Geraldo Talks WTC 7 & 911 Truth on Fox News 12:29:07
Video: Dr. Ron Paul on Supervising the Fed 11:07:44
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Video: 3 Fort Carson soldiers accused of trying to rob pot dispensary 23:43:09
MoxNews- "America: Nazi Safe Haven?" 23:35:56
Download or Listen to Ron Paul Speak at Westwood Elementary on Veterans Day (11/11/2010) 23:30:40
NYPD Begins Iris Scans 23:30:29
MoxNews: Olbermann, O'Reilly & The Death of Real News 23:20:20
County next to mine is going to charge over 4K and require a permit to have 4 roosters or more 23:18:19
911 WTC7 - Explosion heard just before the collapse. 23:18:17
MoxNews- Dennis Kucinich Plan To Stop Issa's Witch Hunt 23:08:59
MoxNews- Should Pres Obama Run For Re-Election In 2012? 23:04:20
Write-in votes tally over 100,000 in Alaska 22:41:57
What is the opposite of "Liberated?" 22:21:13
VIDEO: Newsmax Interview with Robert Kyosaki "Silver is a smoking deal" 21:57:46
**URGENT** Internet censorship bill to be voted on in the Senate - S.3804 21:51:43
F**k the Fed - BLEEPED! Now you can send it to your Mom! 21:16:59
MoxNews- United States of Amarijuana 21:10:55
"This is murder mystery - Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad 20:56:56
Bernanke gets a phone call. 20:50:09
MoxNews- My Colleague Wants To Spend On Defense & Wants To Cut Services To Poor People 20:30:09
C4L Emergency Alert!!! Cloture Vote 11/17 On S. 510 "Food Safety Modernization Act" 20:28:29
Pls Help Me! 20:26:42
Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver? 20:21:47
TSA Feels Up a Nun 19:46:55
sell your house Pay a 3.8% tax 19:45:20
MoxNews- Progressives Have To Realize Obama Is NOT On Our Side 19:37:25
Planet Prison? 19:29:28
The World Says No to America's Monopoly Money 19:17:46
MoxNews- TSA Reports Of Genitals Being Fondled More Than They Should Be For A Regular Screening 19:01:39
CA Court upholds in-state tuition for some immigrants 18:56:19
The Fed: Straight-Up Gangsterism 18:55:42
Penny & nickel hoarders, here's my challenge 18:54:39
Off Topic Religion Question 18:43:14
Portugal & Ireland About to Join Greece for a Bail-Out: That Spells PIG! 18:40:39
Does the name Saul Anuzis ring a bell? 18:38:43
Bush Religious Conversion by Graham a Fraud 18:21:34
Experts: So what's going on NOW with Silver? 18:17:07
DP Action Alert: We need that video of 3 year old and TSA 17:45:34
Obama's WH Decides Who Gets "Pass" on Obamacare - Hands Out 111 Waivers 17:45:20
CollegeHumor strikes again; Pro-liberty satire? 17:12:48
Ridley Report- NH: Free staters loved, hated 17:06:26
TSA: Killng babies to keep you safe! Had enough YET? 17:03:13
Is the TSA really deleting all the images? 16:47:56
Off Topic-Hilarious Pics in 1977 Catalog 16:40:45
QE2 Leaves Port, Bernanke Takes Leave of Senses 16:35:11
E Foods for insurance: Save, Serve, Share 16:15:19
Orwellian Scenario: The "Total Control Society" Is Here: Iris Scanners 16:11:16
Mitch McConnell shifts course, backs earmark moratorium; Rand Paul called for end earlier 16:11:11
Spirits time has come !! Turn it up and sing along 16:04:59
Big Brother: Biometric Tyranny and DNA Databases 16:00:55
At Bush's Amazon Page: Arrest Bush for Signing Off on 911 15:57:05
Paul Craig Roberts: Destruction of the Constitution Collapse of the Rule of Law 15:54:33
Ron Paul speaks to Westwood Elementary students on Veterans Day. 15:37:22
Just another Day in CopTHUGville: Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Call the Police! 15:19:30
Video: Eric Cantona "Kill the French Banks" 15:17:29
RT- Al-Hariri: Israel not fit for peace 15:07:32
Edward Mandell House quote source 15:05:32
Keiser Report- New Bailout Cooking in Europe? 15:04:10
Johnny Cash Protest Song: San Quentin/Federal Reserve 14:45:19
The Unexplained Phenomena and Strange Things Thread 14:43:50
TSA: Up to $10,000 fine if you refuse to submit! 14:39:42
Just Desserts: Foreclosure Lawyer David Stern Defaults on Rent, $15 Million Loan 14:37:30
Off Topic - Monday Chuckle 14:22:52
What happened to Southern Avenger's videos? 14:21:13
Social Security judges facing more violent threats 14:18:31
$2300 Individual Candidate Contribution Loophole by Face Value 13:58:06
Building Burns, Yet Does Not Fall 13:48:02
Charles Rangel hearing on CSPAN 13:29:59
DHS' Napolitano Op-Ed: 'Scanners Are Safe, Pat-Downs Discreet' 13:28:48
Seven NATO Troops Killed as Afghan Violence Soars 13:25:25
Grave Warnings to Precious Metal Investors 13:24:22
Activists for banks & hedge funds have logged 100s of meetings with federal regulators since reform bill was passed 13:16:26
Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed by Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 13:15:17
Johnny Carson Lie Detector Politician 13:07:35
Write your new Congressman - First order of business - Eliminate The Naked Scanners (and then the T.S.A itself) 12:56:24
Revolution Continues in Kentucky: Meet Gov Candidate Phil Moffett 12:47:50
Loan Servicers Earn More With Foreclosures Than Loan Modification 12:36:27
Does TSA Behavior Fall under Definition of Terrorism? 12:33:56
CNN: The Florida "Rocket-Docket" Frontlines: "One Foreclosure Every Two Minutes" 12:28:37
RT- US stays in war and closes schools & clinics 12:14:04
Rand Paul on Face the Nation, Sunday Nov. 14 11:55:36
NASA News Conference Today-This looks Interesting. 11:51:56
Libertarian Vs. Tea Party 11:46:43
TSA may change pilot screenings after body scan backlash | CNN 11/15/10 11:29:24
FEE President Lawrence W. Reed talks about "Lessons from History..." 10:42:20
High-rise fire kills 8, injures 90 in Shanghai 10:37:14
Look what they've done to our sons, Moms. Updated. 10:26:52
Paul Krugman suggests death panels and nationsl sales tax. 10:25:10
New Hilarious Fed Video: The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money 10:15:42
Get Ready for the Great MERS Whitewash Bill 10:08:39
Update from the front lines of Foreclosure Crisis 09:47:24
Sen. DeMint: "I am a Recovering Earmarker" 09:39:13
New Book Offers Harsh Portrayal Of Larry Summers And How He Came To Dominate Obama's Economic Policy 09:37:25
Lots of Unions are on the "Hidden" List to receive Obamacare waivers. 09:35:04
Interactive Map of Global Debt 09:31:19
Jindal talks to Matt Lauer 09:30:32
Stressful Jobs Almost Double Women's Risk of Heart Attacks 09:25:02
Fla. dealership offers free AK-47 for truck buyers; Sales skyrocket 09:17:27
CNN: Bernanke's worst nightmare: Ron Paul 09:05:06
QE 2 Explained 08:57:03
No Breaks for Robo-signing Computer Stamping Mortgage Documents 08:46:23
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk Nov. 15: QE2: The Fed's Last Stand 07:58:41
The Government Is Suing Itself 07:47:22
Rand Paul: Compromise on Spending, Not Taxes 07:46:20
Rand Paul: Fiscal commission report doesn't go far enough 07:40:38
Republicans Launch Fresh Attack on The Fed for QE2 in Letter to WSJ and NYT 07:32:18
Looking for un-taxable work? Here's an idea 02:29:12
Shock Reuters Poll: Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly? 02:19:46
Homeowners Can Sue Banks to Cancel Mortgage 01:26:19
Gestapo Cops Beat Man To Death @ DUI Checkpoint 00:55:56
Sibel Edmonds: The Makings of the Police State from 00:31:43
Deny TSA pat down? Get threatened with $10,000 fine! 00:25:17
NPR - Social Security "Trust Fund" is a lie 00:23:48
Geraldo Rivera Questions 9/11 00:21:26