Posted on November 16, 2010

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Freedom Watch 11/16/2010 21:45:38
Less Than 48 Hours to Save the Euro 17:57:08
Breaking: Ron Paul will NOT Join the Tea Party Caucus 17:51:07
Video: Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style Strip Searches? 13:27:31
Amid Airport Anger, GOP Takes Aim at Screening 11:23:03
UK Agrees to Settle with Ex-Guantanamo Detainees w/ video 11:14:19
Freedom Watch 11/15/2010 00:50:27
Video: TSA Molesting 3 Year Old Child 21:13:17
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Should Ron Paul run as a Democrat for President? 23:56:43
I was on the John Stadtmiller and Bob Chapman, National Intel Report Radio show today 22:16:22
Judge Napolitano - Would You Rather Perish Or Live As A Slave? It's Getting To That Point! 21:27:02
Tom Woods at ISU's Braden Auditorium Wednesday @ 7pm! 20:58:49
Rich Declare War on the Middle Class 20:49:08
Now GW Bush has a library and a sewer plant named in his honor 20:48:29
North American Union – “U.S. Super Spy Center” Uncovered in Mexico - 20:44:09
Councilman shuts down teens Bake Sale 20:37:49
Ron Paul's Golden Opportunity - WSJ OpEd by Seth Lipsky, Nov.17, 2010 20:22:01
In case you missed it: Phil Hare, the congressman who said "I Don’t Worry About the Constitution" was defeated on November 2; 20:18:29
patriotsnetwork- Special Report - 12 In 2012 Sarah Palin 20:02:25
Libertarianism 2.0: The scientific foundation for libertarianism.... 20:01:53
Bob Thompson (Drinking With Bob) lost it today! 19:57:24
I saw these interesting items on I-35 north of Austin Texas..... 19:57:11
MoxNews- How dangerous is Google? 19:54:58
SANITY: How to see through the nonsense of S.510 - "Food Safety Modernization Act" - UPDATED 19:51:38
If you love AMERICA, your eyes will LEAK upon seeing this. 19:23:50
DeFacto gold standard and digital gold transfers as payment 19:15:44
Portugal on the Brink - yet another of the PIIGS set to collapse 18:46:13
Contact Ron Paul/Liberty congressman about TSA legislation 18:31:46
Big Bank Fraud Immunity Bill up for a vote tomorrow 11/17 18:27:15
Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers 18:26:33
Alex Jones-TSA Targets Tyner In Effort To Chill Nationwide Backlash 18:13:51
Beyond the Bush tax cuts: other taxes could rise if Congress doesn’t act 17:30:29
Crash JPMorgan and the banksters party - Buy Silver naked! 17:27:40
Reuters: Republicans want Fed focus solely on inflation 16:55:49
Private Jets! 16:44:43
Alex Jones- Janet Napolitano, Big Sis Caught Lying To American People 16:38:06
Gallup Poll: Ron Paul in 5th place with 6% for 2012 GOP Race [Taken Nov 13-14] 16:33:37
RT- Daniel Estulin: 'Bout just a pawn for US to get at Russia' 16:28:38
The Stench of American Hypocrisy 16:28:20
Ridley Report- Liberty isn't an "opinion" 16:01:33
B of A's Mortgage Chief Testimony : We're at a 'Crossroads' on Foreclosures 15:43:36
Attn: Farmers, Ranchers or Just About Anyone Who Likes To Eat 15:18:32
BREAKING : Congressman Charles Rangel (D) found guilty of violating 11 House rules 15:00:00
Conference call with McClintock last night 14:49:14
KWN Blog; James Turk - $400 Silver by 2013 to 2015 & $53,957 in Circulation for Every Ounce of Gold 14:37:14
We Have Always Been Told, 'The Power Is Vested In The People' 14:34:31
TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants 14:30:20
Libertarians on the shrink's couch 14:25:30
Porn Scanner Pictures LEAKED Online! One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans -XXX- 14:17:14
NYC pension funds want bank foreclosure audits 14:13:11
The Institute for Justice exposes the insane "Clean Elections" system 14:12:05
Two Presidents and Their Justifications- Glenn Greenwald 14:02:20
George Bush - The Real Reason We Invaded Iraq 13:39:21
Going to buy some stocks need some advice 13:14:33
Lawmakers in NJ about to ban Full Body Scanners-Good News !! 13:07:40
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on radio show @ 5pm eastern regarding vaccines (Tues 16th) 13:00:31
'Robo-Signer' Foreclosure Scandal May Threaten Fundamental Financial Stability, Government Watchdog Warns 12:44:10
See ya CAP & TRADE...Chicago Climate Exchange Closes in Silence 12:41:12
Did Hispanics Save Harry Reid? He got 90% of the Hispanic Vote. 12:33:17
Thanks U.S Marshal Service: 100 Naked Citizens: 100 Leaked Body Scans 12:30:14
One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans 12:28:01
Fast Food Folk Song (at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru) 12:27:41
Dr. Rand Paul on Washington Unplugged 12:26:13
Max Keiser: Irish govt slaves to IMF terror machine! 12:24:54
Oh No! Foreclosure Documents Scandal Could Threaten Big Banks, Hurt US Homeowner Program 12:20:43
The Physical Silver Revolution! 12:10:45
A radical idea: Ron Paul Runs as a Democrat in 2012 12:06:49
Keiser Report #95- Fed creating last bubble? 11:30:22
How Dodd-Frank affects Homeowners' Rights under Federal Consumer Law 10:56:00
TSA to investigate body scan resister 10:46:26
BofA CEO says foreclosure probe settlement needed 10:40:19
TYT- GOP Farm Subsidies 10:25:03
Rand Paul Heads to Capitol Hill 10:24:25
NJ man gets 7 years prison time for keeping guns locked in trunk 09:59:55
LaRouche PAC Supports Rand Paul! 09:57:18
Airport tyranny moves into your doctor's office next year. 09:47:27
Hundreds ride with boy to show support for his U.S.-flag-decorated bike after school banned it 09:42:59
We have sunk soooo far 09:40:47
Bernanke's QE2 Apologia Explained 09:29:56
Think Google knows everything about you? Wait until you meet Yodlee 09:25:27
Former Redskins QB Heath Shuler: I'll Challenge Pelosi for Democratic Leader 09:05:01
Look who's behind the Full Body Scanners 09:00:17
Rand Paul: Talk of Shutdown 'Government by Chaos' [with Video] 08:59:48
U.S. taxpayers are paying for Israel's West Bank occupation 08:40:28
James Turk: Gold $8,000, Hyperinflation sure, Prohibition possible 08:31:26
Banks Are Escaping Big Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuits 08:27:51
TARP Watchdog Calls For Brand New Foreclosure-Gate Bank Stress Tests 08:23:26
Portuguese Foreign Minister Says Country May Need To Leave Euro 08:21:46
Under Attack, N.Y. Fed President Defends Buying of Bonds 08:17:02
Author of DOJ report targeting NJ Governor Chris Christie has history of using position for political purposes, sources say 08:15:23
What Do We Know about Daniel Issa? 08:00:03
A Jacksonville Legal Aid Lawyer was "castigated" by a judge for attending a foreclosure case with Matt Taibbi 07:51:21
Bank of America In Deep Trouble: Financial Disaster on Horizon? 07:39:12
The Fed "Losing Credibility" as It Becomes "an Arm of the Administration" 07:33:27
Tea Party’s Winning Hand By Patrick J. Buchanan 07:26:58
North American Union – “U.S. Super Spy Center” Uncovered in Mexico 07:14:42
Cut the Defense Budget? Over My Cold, Dead Gavel 05:53:58
Breaking News: U.S. Preparing To Invade Yemen and Open Long-Term Bases 02:51:43
No planes were used on 9/11.. you got hoaxed. 02:20:15
Hello, my first post 14:38:21