Posted on November 17, 2010

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Full Body Scanners Violate the 4th Amendment 11-16-2010 20:36:22
Video: San Mateo DA Vows to Prosecute TSA Assaults at SFO 20:26:33
$10 Million Spent in Support of S 510 16:56:03
Ron Paul’s Moment - WOW! A postive MSM piece. A genuine must-read. 15:48:41
Head of TSA offers pat-downs to Senators 15:45:23
Video! Ron Paul via Twitter: On C-SPAN Today; Legislation on TSA Abuses Forthcoming 15:39:11
Ron Paul: Fed Should Stay Out of Jobs (Video) 16:59:03
"Mr. Speaker, a nationwide revolt is developing over the body scanners at airports, and it should!" 20:56:22
DP Sponsor Directive21 - Berkey Filter Special 11:14:37
Federal Reserve/San Quentin Protest Song VIDEO 10:05:32
TSA Head Won't Back Down; Defends 'Enhanced Pat-Downs' And Safety Of Scanners 07:31:17
Heroic World-Class Pianist Shocks Concert Hall: To Boycott US Militarism 02:44:56
358 body scanners in airports now, 1,000 expected next year! 00:26:17
WSJ: Dr. Ron Paul's Golden Opportunity 20:59:22
Infowars’ TSA Abuse Story Number 1 Worldwide 02:01:45
S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act Cloture Vote Wednesday. 15:47:44
Forbes: Abolish the TSA 01:01:45
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Activism Alert! Please Sign 'Investigate TSA, NOT John Tyner!' Petition 23:46:31
Ron Paul Headlines WND: Cut out this Soviet-style nonsense! 23:44:17
What Changed? GOP picks Boehner for Speaker Unanimously (!!!) 23:11:42
Video: Taiwanese Take on the TSA - The Terrorists Have Won 23:10:31
Instead of "Opt Out" how about "Spread your cheeks for Homeland Security"? 23:06:17
Who on the DP has a Twitter Account? 22:40:54
Top Palin aide is on Soros’ payroll; 22:28:40
Text/ Voice Chat LIVE now- join us 22:12:32
Ron Paul: "Enough is Enough!" 21:29:06
Credibility of Inflation.US 21:17:12
Ron Paul: Enough Is Enough!!!! 21:16:52
Obama's new computer surveillance law with International Copyright Treaty 21:09:11
Presidential poll by Fox News (online poll) 21:04:52
Ron Paul & Rand Paul: Audit the Fed - and Prepare for a True Revolution in Congress! 21:04:03
Vote for Ron Paul in this PPP presidential poll 20:41:18
Ron Paul on MSNBC 11/17/10 20:37:36
This Veterans Day: Take the Time To Listen 20:36:49
Great WSJ Ron Paul article. 20:15:49
TSA's Nude Scanners, Former Homeland Security Head Chertoff, and How Our Government Works 20:09:25
Fed's Dudley Warns That QE2 Exit Could Take Years 20:06:55
Made in Taiwan: Animated Airport Rage in US 19:59:44
How to Make a “Dead Drop” When US Cyber Command Pulls the Net 19:53:40
Great News--Copyright troll’ Righthaven looks to DISMISS suit against Democratic Underground 19:24:01
UFO recorded by Apache Helicopter gun camera before attacking village 19:15:09
We Won! Bill to Retroactively Immunize Mortgage Fraud Defeated 19:05:32
US asked to begin criminal investigation following Bush publication 18:54:09
The New Gadsden Flag: "Don't Touch My Junk" T-Shirts Etc. 18:52:46
Colorado Democrats Call for New 9/11 Investigation 18:52:17
questions for people who are for the sexual assault at airports 18:36:09
New York Times do it yourself Balance Budget 18:10:45
Alright, the statists passed it,....(S 510) Please post creative solutions. 17:55:23
$1337 divided by 16 equals $83.56. 17:34:00
F** Nike - Just Do It: Ron Paul 2012! 17:10:36
Fed Orders New Bank "Stress Tests" 17:06:39
Marketwatch: Fed under siege in new Washington landscape 16:51:22
In Defense Of The TSA 16:50:02
Tyranny of the Useful Idiots 16:47:49
Why interest bearing fiat currency must fail 16:17:30
For Those Who Truly Wish A Grounded Solution - Listen In 16:17:09
Has the tea party just gone global?! 16:14:16
Calling All Those Who Want To Help With Some Positive Projects 16:14:04
See-we can make a difference: The Fed May Hesitate on More Easing After Critics Question Mandate 16:10:23
Gary Johnson on Freedom Watch 11.16.10 16:06:46
The Wicked Witch is Back~Pelosi wins, America loses 15:47:45
Pelosi defeats former Redskins QB Shuler for House Dem leader, 150-43 15:43:04
Lew: Ron Paul To X-Ray the TSA 15:40:17
Assault on our Sovereignty continues, Hillary Clinton just announced on C-SPAN that the START Treaty is now ready for a vote! 15:20:15
WhistleBlowers Inquire within... 15:20:03
Bank of America Prophetic Art Pics 15:12:48
Peter Schiff was right, but who was right first... 15:07:41
Revealing Unlikely Terrorists 14:44:44
Propaganda Alert: 'Their' New Tactic vs. Drs. Ron and Rand Paul? They're Elitist. 14:39:24
Trump 2012? 14:36:06
Leonid Meteor Shower images. This is the week! 14:22:08
'The Daily Show' Takes On The Nanny State (VIDEO) 14:14:50
Federal ruling could mean more concealed weapon permits for California 14:11:46
Full Body Scanners 14:10:30
JPMorgan Chase wants foreclosure problem fixed quickly 14:07:57
Home Ownership Gets Tougher on Restricted FHA Mortgages 13:55:08
Bristol & Sarah to run 13:54:06
TNR Discusses Palin, Dr. Paul, and the Fed 13:46:07
John 'Don't Touch My Junk!' Tyner Updates, Radio Personality Lionel's 'Beautiful Wife' Groped, & More! 13:45:37
Thanks to Ron Paul and that QE2 Vid, The Federal Reserve is Being Exposed 13:37:20
The Sexy Promissory Note: Foreclosures and the Missing Note 13:35:55
White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror 13:33:41
Cheney looks Like Death Warmed Over 13:17:06
Hey Michael, WRONG Haven decided to drop their suit vs.Dem.Underground! 13:13:02
Politifact: Rand Paul is right: Current federal spending is higher than historical average 13:06:06
The DP "signature". What's yours? 12:57:55
An honest politician running for President - Hugh Jidette 12:44:47
Any singers out there? I just wrote a new song.."Don't Touch My Junk" 12:37:25
NYT: Buffett Likes Bailouts, "You Delivered" 12:28:07
Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany 12:06:23
Robert Kyosaki - Live Above Your Means. 11:35:09
The Economic Collapse - The First Ten Days (Video) 11:32:16
GOProud & Tea Party Joining Forces for Liberty 11:26:27
If you are thinking about buying physical Silver... 11:25:45
Feds Look at Technology to Disable Your Cell Phone in Your Car 11:25:23
Body Scanners were just the beginning: Brain Scans 11:05:04
Justin Raimondo: A ‘Sustainable’ Empire? 11:00:28
An easy way to send airlines a message..... 10:48:00
Campaign to Crash JP Morgan - Buy Silver! 10:26:44
A TX state representative on Tuesday filed another crazy birther bill 10:26:03
GM mosquitos are in the wild 10:10:20
Growing fear among Hatians that the UN is responsible for the spread of Cholera *Updated* 08:59:21
It Begins: FDIC Has 50 Criminal Probes Into Executives At Failed Banks 08:27:40
Peter Schiff - 'Gold's not going up - Money's losing value! 08:22:18
Dying With Debt: A Dirty Little Retirement Secret 08:17:13
Colorado Man facing Foreclosure Barricades self inside home 08:12:04
Top Bank of America Executive said the bank "Deeply Regrets" its failure to properly handle some foreclosures. 08:10:32
[Youtube] CPAC 2011 Is Coming! 08:00:31
Ron Paul is Crazy, Bottom Line! 07:48:09
Why Isn't Peter Schiff Head of the Fed? 07:18:05
WSJ: Why Credit Raters Keep Their Power [Depsite Being Totally Useless and Probablt Complicit] 07:03:09
Ron Paul speech in San Francisco, awesome! 04:15:07
Quick...looking for video.... 04:00:44
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - Trailer 03:41:36
You can Bank on it 03:28:37
Economics in One Lesson---Free Book 03:11:47
>>Thank You<< Final Update photo of "Bob" Dedicated to The Daily Paul! 02:59:56
QuiltingSando, we need a flag designed, "Don't Touch My Junk"!! 02:42:37
S.510 - The Food Safety and Modernization Act - cliff note version - UPDATED 02:17:00
I dare you to touch my junk 02:07:23
What about a Ron Paul/Rand Paul presidential ticket? 01:42:52
Naked Body Scanners ... TSA - Tea Mage 01:11:11
Feds Allow TSA to Unionize: Will They Also Escape Obamacare? 00:20:01