Posted on November 18, 2010

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Ron Paul Discusses TSA Abuses on Business TV 22:57:53
Great News: NYC Council moves to BAN TSA PornScanners at NY Airports 23:02:26
The Validity Of The Constitution: SCOTUS Will Decide If Amendments Can Be Voided! - Updated 20:07:13
Outrageous Bombshell!!! Obama To Award G.H.W. Bush Medal of Freedom 16:03:49
Ron Paul 2008 Video Diary Episode 3 - Now Available 13:18:12
Ron Paul Speaks Out About TSA: Enough Is Enough! 10:53:08
We Refuse! Online Nullification Training Seminar with Tom Woods - Dec 11 10:04:53
Video: New Jersey Legislators and ACLU Take on TSA 22:58:59
The TSA is Completely Out of Control 09:50:20
Orlando Sanford International Airport Opts Out from TSA Screening 09:00:35
Ron Paul to Oversee Fed Chairman Bernanke 01:33:05
DPer bobbyw24: On NPR Radio in Jacksonville w/Matt Taibbai Thursday Nov.18 @9 AM EST 09:38:31
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Flyers Ready to Print for TSA Protests 23:58:28
Senate panel OKs ‘Internet censorship’ bill 23:55:39
The correct search term is 'crash J.P. Morgan buy silver'. 23:25:20
Goodnight Daily Paul 23:13:19
'Toughest sheriff' recruits big names for border 'posse' 22:55:29
Glenn Beck: David Rockefeller's one world government quote from "Memoirs" book 22:50:18
International Warrant to be Issued for WikiLeaks Founder Assange 22:36:53
Tester Ammendment a SCAM 22:06:29
A Humble Act. Sarah Palin 2016. 21:00:23
HR6416 Flyer - send to your congressman 20:45:13
Now that GM has IPOed, any bets on a market crash? 20:34:07
Battle Against TSA: Latest News 20:25:11
replying when signing in 19:58:26
Another Government Cover-up!!! Will It EVER End??? 19:43:47
Tell Ron Paul To Run 19:26:37
Welfare State: Europe's Economic Armageddon 19:15:37
Cal. $10B Muni Bond Sale Delayed: State- Next Fed. Bailout? 19:10:13
Glenn Beck appears to be Defending the TSA! 18:31:27
Video: Ron Paul on Your World with Neil Cavuto (11/18/10) 18:23:56
Obama: GM is now a wonderful company... 18:23:03
An incident with a TSA agent and an accusation of assault 18:06:48
9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate 17:58:27
Taiwan Laughs @ TSA Run Amok 17:28:44
Action Across the States to RECLAIM OUR RIGHTS Inspired by Individuals' Stand! Activists & Tea Party Say NO to TSA! 17:27:42
Propaganda or Bloggers Having Fun? "Canadian CF-18 shot down by Chinese Energy weapon" 17:25:31
Righthaven Says It Will Stop Suing Over News Excerpts 17:07:07
Quantitative Easing Explained (in a hilarious manner). 16:53:42
Ron Paul at The Phoenician presented by Politics On The Rocks 16:52:19
Gerald Celente: Currency Wars + Trade Wars = Real Wars 16:23:26
We Are Winning Info War! 16:22:51
A NEW Spy Scandal brewing: US.Gvt ILLEGALLY SPIED on 100's of Scandinavians 16:20:13
Ron Paul: TSA a Bigger Threat to You than al-Qaida !!! 16:06:46
Who has called their Rep for HR 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act? 16:03:50
Wikileaks - Julian Assange now wanted INTERNATIONALLY. 15:57:49
Rand Paul featured in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart segment called "Adult Spin," Nov. 17, 2010 15:50:21
Securing a good source of info is the first and most important task. . . 15:34:33
Run "$500 Silver" through search engines today 15:31:53
Here's a petty "false-flag" for your enjoyment. 15:13:20
Fox News Fax Bomb - Add Ron Paul to "12 in '12"? 15:11:39
Check out these PRO-TYRANNY Slave-wannabes at Jalopnik: Meg McLain of Free Talk Live, LIED! 15:10:47
National End the Fed weekend (Nov 20th - 22nd) 15:03:15
Getting on a plane? 14:49:08
Ron Paul's bill would expose TSA screeners to laws prohibiting sexual assault 14:45:41
Fake Conservative blog Townhall says TSA resistors are "trouble makers" 14:42:49
Ron Paul Would Like to Give You Back Your Dignity 14:38:08
Re: Eric Cantor- VA 14:37:50
Opt out of the State 14:36:24
FOX News Poll: Which potential GOP presidential candidate do you prefer? 13:31:14
Treasury rapped for not fining mortgage lenders 13:27:10
Live Now on CNBC: Charles Rangel "Fate" Hearing 13:26:11
Grass Roots Action!: Lets Get Ron Paul His Own Reality TV Show 13:23:28
TSA 'exposed woman's breasts and laughed' 13:18:23
URGENT! S510 got the green light, tell your Senator to support the Tester-Hagan Amendment 13:05:40
Bernanke Defends Fed Policy as Republicans Step Up Criticism 12:44:29
It's not on the street corner or the market place or in church where you find me. 12:31:58
Comedy: Steve Bridges as "President Obama" 12:19:42
My Lame Duck Blistering Rant..... 12:05:19
Cops bust seven men playing chess in upper Manhattan park 12:05:12
Warren Buffett - Corporatist Stooge 12:04:20
Boehner, Pelosi to Lead Next Congress: Ugh! 12:00:11
FYI..I Hope This Helps Someone 11:49:58
Ron Paul's DC: A new reality show? 11:20:36
Veterans and Native Americans Oklahoma 11:09:44
Phase 2 of TSA Civil Disobedience! 10:59:55
TSA Charade: Anyone ever wonder... 10:42:58
c-span-NOW-link-TSA 09:52:06
American Idle 09:20:56
Jubilee 2012. Because God AND the queen said so... LOL! 09:14:36
Get Your T & A with the TSA 08:50:53
Dollar to Become World's `Weakest Currency,' Drop to 75 Yen, JPMorgan Says - Bloomberg 08:47:23
ACTION ALERT: Media ignoring RP's bill 07:58:59
$400 silver by 2013-2015 –says James Turk 07:56:17
Anyone else fear a false flag of some kind to get the sheeple in line over the TSA 07:42:58
Woman Sues Debt Collectors Over Alleged Facebook Harassment 07:40:30
Freedom Watch: Will Ron Paul Become Chair of the House Subcommittee on Monetary Policy? And Subpoena The FED? 07:36:56
Deficit Hawks Call for 6.5 percent national "Deficit Reduction Sales Tax" 07:28:37
CitiMortgage Tells Congress It Will Review Foreclosure Cases & May Refile Thousands of Foreclosure Documents 07:22:15
State AGs: Foreclosure Reform Deal With Banks Is A Long Way Off 07:13:39
Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment 07:12:40
Is Marco Rubio’s post-election Israel trip an indication of higher political ambitions? 07:05:38
Bernanke Claims QE II will Create 700,000 to 1 Million Jobs; Where? Mexico, Peru, China 06:56:12
Fax Action Alert: Support New Ron Paul TSA Bill - Restore Dignity to Air Travel - NOW! 06:01:55
Freedom Watch 11/17/2010 05:39:38
Flying out from California Nov24th and want to protest 05:20:08
The TSA is out of control! (EXCELLENT MUST-WATCH VIDEO) 04:11:13
Terror detainee largely acquitted 04:03:31
China Neo-Slavery 03:10:35
TSA: Scanners will show only 'stick figure' 02:38:54
L.A. Times: Cal State Fresno student body president is illegal immigrant 02:23:38
Video: Statism is Slavery! 01:50:49
Foreclosure Buyers Beware 00:36:52
Crybaby Jay Rockefeller wants FCC to pull plug on MSNBC & Fox 00:10:09
Steve and Muffy Discuss Ron Paul's HR6416, the TSA, National Opt Out Day and 00:06:33