Posted on November 19, 2010

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CNN Video: Ron Paul Debates TSA Screenings-11/19/10 21:31:46
Baltimore Sun: The Vindication of Ron Paul 10:44:55
Bernanke: "It's China's Fault!" 10:23:57
The foreclosure story that will never be heard... 09:56:35
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Video: IMF Director talking about Global Governance 23:25:49
Georgetown Professor Tells Congress: "Citigroup, Bank Of America, JPMorgan & Wells Fargo Are All INSOLVENT" 23:08:04
Friday night party tune: Adults only... "F#&% the Fed" (not mine) 22:36:12
RP on CNN's John King USA.. 11/19/10 22:30:47
Stream for tonights Conspiracy Theory 22:25:57
Bill Fleckenstein on the Dylan Ratigan show 22:23:11
Apocalypse PA on the History Channel - anyone see it? 22:20:38
TSA Agents Reuse Gloves, Spread Grotesque Mixture of Bodily Fluids, Disease and Smear Fecal Matter From One Crotch to Another 22:18:40
Maj Gen Forster passes 22:18:13
Jon Wertheim: A follower of Austrian Economics? 22:07:05
A way of life: accepting harm by the government 22:06:52
How Long Have You Been Active on the DailyPaul? 21:02:26
Widespread Silver Bar Shortages 20:27:39
More than half leave Obama mortgage-aid program 20:17:09
Another Fox News online presidential poll without Ron Paul 20:00:04
Guy rescues baby hummingbird after it was attacked. 19:55:08
"The Ballad of Bobby at DP" by fishyculture 19:51:22
Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010 19:44:31
Fox News: America's Third War To Be Waged Against The People of Mexico to Create The Bankster's North American Union 19:39:22
Democrats Borrowed Millions to Win Tight Races...From Whom? 19:32:40
First thing first: send some money to and. . . 18:51:24
Codex Alimentarius, Control over the Food Supply and World Government 18:42:44
Need advice. Trying to save money on internet, what have yall done? 18:25:37
VIDEO - Retirees and Grandparents demand Medical Marijuana 18:16:44
France is getting tired of the "al Qaida" crap 17:42:41
Fingerprint scans for kids on schoolbus 17:29:00
Friday Fun Post: Ron Paul Supporter in "Hell" 17:25:58
Non-Violent Response to Oppose U.S. Aggression 17:07:54
Scott Brown proposes legislation that would allow states to opt out of government health care plan 17:05:43
Secretary of Transportation: We’re looking into technology to disable cell phones in vehicles 16:57:37
Ron Paul heads list of 2010 Charity Awards-- Doug Wead, Co-Chairman 16:32:13
TSA's new book for kids: "My First Cavity Search" 16:30:15
ipod app loopt undercuts grassroots effort to boycott TSA 16:23:25
Federal Government Outlaws Advance fees to Mortgage Loan Modification companies 16:18:24
Statism Is Slavery 16:14:54
The 19 Senate Judiciary Committee Corrupt Internet Censors: 16:03:26
Alex jones says another push to end J.P. Morgan coming next week. 16:01:20
Free Ward Bird! - Update 11/25 15:52:59
America Surrenders, The Collective Will is Broken 15:48:38
The Golden Truth Blog has a link to the Daily Paul & Great Article 15:42:15
US Secret Service Primary Mission - Protecting Value of US Dollar 15:37:20
Carville Refuses to apologize over "balls" comment 15:22:59
Widespread Silver Bar Shortages 15:14:38
"Creepy" Prophetic Art in Bank of America 15:13:40
"Don't Touch My Junk" by fishyculture 15:00:40
Most 9/11 responders settle suit over toxic dust 14:58:02
Airport X-ray scanner is just as likely to kill you as a terrorist bomb 14:56:33
Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Push Progressive Agenda Government 14:54:08
Latest Fraud: Foreclosure Document Fees 14:49:35
Wells Fargo to pay Citi $100M to settle Wachovia lawsuit 14:47:26
Debt commission co-chair says upcoming debt limit ‘bloodbath’ will force action on recommendations 14:39:09
Let's put pressure on the TSA 14:25:22
F.W.:Beck, Huckabee, Kennedy, Trace Adkins 11-18-10 14:18:48
Marc Emery's US Prison Blog #18 14:08:35
Is This a hoax? 9-11 Crash Victim Barbara Olson Arrested In Europe 13:57:04
Ted Butler: The End of Silver Price Manipulation [Podcast] 13:51:59
British Defense Chief: 30 to 40 Years of Afghanistan Occupation Ahead 13:48:12
A chilling vision of a police state in "The Suburbs" by director Spike Jonze 13:45:08
Congressional Letter to Secretary Geithner 13:38:41
Colorado Democratic Party calls for 911 Truth 13:31:19
Update: Top Story on Drudge: Frm. Gov. Jesse Ventura Will No Longer Fly 13:14:35
Hacker arrested after cracking Federal Reserve D-base!!! 13:06:23
Breast-Cancer Survivor, FORCED to SHOW her Prosthetic Breast during a TSA GROPE-DOWN! 13:05:09
U.S. sending tanks to Afghanistan 12:36:12
VIDEO - James Turk Gold $8000, Hyperinflation a sure thing 12:13:48
VIDEO- Bloomberg- Marc Faber - No New High for U.S. Stocks 12:10:40
Pot Growers Portrayed As Terror Threat 11:58:38
Is U.S. Sending fake bombs to "test" other country's airport security? 11:36:37
IMF: It's A Beginning Of Global Governance 11:11:40
Web Censorship Bill sailed through the Senate 11:03:18
Boehner, Republicans Plan $100 Billion Budget Rollback 10:53:37
Hell is for Children 10:44:34
Bernanke: U.S. Must Support Struggling Nations or Global Economy Will Falter 10:40:29
China Takes New Step to Rein in Lending, Inflation 10:38:49
Government Study: 20% of Americans are Mentally Ill; 30% of Young People 10:28:35
Open the Gulags: 1 in 5 Americans are Mentally ILL ! 10:18:27
I Don't Want any Civil Rights TSA Touch Myself Video 10:10:01
Look at the TSA-supporting SHEEP in my hometown (lady starts thread to DEFEND groping/scans) 10:06:48
Palin advisor on $oros payroll 09:49:01
Rap Video: Don't Touch My Junk by Michael Adams - The Health Ranger 09:48:35
Greenwald: Government Harassing Bradley Manning Supporters 09:06:32
Pat Buchanan says it's Time for Asia to Defend itself and not rely on U.S. Intervention 09:01:48
Barney Frank: Delinquent Homeowners should not have 'false hopes' in foreclosure mess 08:59:10
Fed Governor Backs Foreclosure Fund Modeled after BP Oil Spill Fund 08:57:27
Mike Maloney teams up with Max: Crash JPMorgan - Buy Silver! 08:57:13
I need the right words. I got some help. Thank you all. 08:52:41
Adam Levitin Tells Congress: Citigroup, Bank Of America, JPMorgan & Wells Fargo Are All INSOLVENT 08:46:52
Matt Taibbi : The Fed's Magic Money-Printing Machine 08:38:24
FOX Mocks Palin During Off-Air Commercial Break 08:20:56
Bill HR FUDC 05:25:53
ConAir (TSA Remix) 05:25:11
Man Shoots His TV Screen After Bristol Palin's 'DWTS' Performance 03:47:48
We should create a "bounty fund" and offer rewards for the arrest... 03:37:52
Looks as if Ron Paul will become Monetary Subcommittee Chairman 03:28:37
Central Bankers Loooove Bernanke, Blast Critics 03:28:20
Bernanke: More Stimulus Needed, We Didn't Inject Enough Liquidity" 03:16:49
Hannity wrecked one of my favourite songs 02:09:41
Donald Trump is thinking about running for President 01:43:53
"Revolution: Now" new anthem? 01:20:27
MSM: Airports Consider Congressman's Call to Ditch TSA 01:15:57
Hong Kong Confirms Human Bird Flu Case 01:03:20
Immigration opponents agree on one thing: Legalize weed. 00:53:14
Cash For Gold, a modern day gold seizure? 00:46:59
Bill Gates Wants All World-Wide Births Recorded & Vaccines Given To All 00:38:37
Bankrupt Irish Gov. Gives-Out Free Cheese, Angers People 00:16:58
Take 2min of your time to do this!!! 00:09:09