Posted on November 2, 2010

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Rand Paul's Victory Interview on CNN 19:53:50
Rand Wins! Victory Speech 22:01:28
iGrow Medical Marijuana: A California Growth Industry 18:43:50
2ndUPDATE - Obama India Trip: 34 Warships & 1km-long AC Bomb-proof Tunnel! 13:21:19
Daily Paul #29 on Top 100 Conservative Websites 17:00:59
Election Day 2010 Results Open Thread 20:02:21
Video: Rand Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Report (10/31) 09:18:07
John Dennis on CNN: A Vote for Nancy Pelosi is a Wasted Vote! 09:28:07
Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio: The Leaders of Future GOP Senate Factions? 19:43:50
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The Fed Faces More Congressional Scrutiny 22:55:25
We ARE making a difference! Be proud, and keep it up! 22:54:43
Ron Paul Republican Mick Mulvaney elected to US Congress in South Carolina 22:48:10
Libertarian Republican Mike Lee elected to the US Senate 22:39:46
Any Ken Buck hopefulls? 22:23:52
SOMEONE You Should Know 22:15:41
Again about the DP making money 22:12:20
Doctor Paul WINS! Dr. RON Paul, that is! 21:57:14
RESIST NOW! Line in the Sand #1: OPT OUT of TSA Full Body Scanners! 21:41:16
American Liberalism is Dead - Chris Hedges 21:37:04
Zero Hedge: Iridian Asset Management Devotes Entire Q3 Update Letter To MBS Crisis 21:35:38
ACORN files for chapter 7 bankruptcy — and blames (or credits?) ‘right-wing media’ for downfall 21:03:49
Debt collection after bankruptcy 21:02:53
Banking and Mortgage Fraud Started at Top with Government 21:01:27
Anyone else sickened by how gerrymandered our states are? 20:52:20
Fed-fighter Rep. Alan Grayson being Crushed by 20% in Fla. Cong'l race 20:16:39
Race called against O'Donnel without evidence 20:16:06
Proposition 19 results 20:14:32
Odonnell lost in DE 20:08:55
One Dr. Paul in House. One Dr. Paul in Senate. 20:05:36
Angle alleges voter intimidation by Reid campaign 20:01:29
Politico Calls NC4 for Price over BJ Lawson 19:59:56
MoxNews- Is The Country More Divided Now Than Under Bush? 19:39:46
MoxNews- Voters Blame Wall St... Then Bush... Then Obama! 19:37:09
Quantitative Easin' Song 19:32:46
We Now Have A Total Gangster Government 19:27:29
I think the airports are unsanitary 19:04:39
Reconsidering Rense 19:02:58
Faux News just called Rand Paul the winner of the Kentucky Senate Race!!!!! 19:02:25
OK. So now Rand's in the U.S. Senate {woo-hoo!} 19:00:59
Early results from key Senate races-Hary Reid will most likely WIN tonight by 2% 18:49:00
Rand Paul: Leaked exit polling showing Rand at +11 ! 18:46:18
Ron and Rand - Health Care Reform 18:31:57
[Video] Obama is a Keynesian. These people think that is saying he is SAD! 18:10:46
Obama leaving US on 11/5 with family & 3k others...Is something up? 17:54:06
Words of Wisdom 17:48:09
Vote for Liberty! 17:29:47
RT- Mud Term Madness: Costliest ever vote marks 'sad day for US' 17:27:04
Saudi Arms Deal Is About Iran 17:12:17
What the TSA isn't saying about Porn-Scanners and Your Right to Opt Out - Say "I Opt Out." Every Time. 17:07:32
Recount bait: Six tight races 16:38:06
Sylvester Stallone (actor) on twitter 15:59:32
Johnny Cash- The one on the right was the one on the left 15:48:36
350 ads on 13 channels - 11/2 through 11/10 15:37:59
Ron Paul "Auto-Tune"d 15:35:54
Say What You Will About The Huffington Post 15:28:33
The Randslide Brought It Down 15:16:02
Keiser Report №91: FED engaged in major ponzi scheme 15:10:24
Extremely sad yet funny video 15:02:36
Does this mean the French will have to wait for the British to surrender? 14:56:36
Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop: Bill Gross 14:56:24
Elections: How Long Can Republicans Keep Independent Vote? 14:51:50
Remember, today you are voting for CORPORATE OFFICERS 14:44:09
Fed set for landmark move to prime US economy 14:31:31
Robert Owens for Ohio Attorney General! Platform: Sue the Fed 14:26:11
Foreclosure Crisis: SEC Pushes Bank Disclosure 14:22:01
The Libertarian Pledge to America 14:09:19
The Street: Ron Paul gaining Power Today! 14:03:16
Libertarianism and the Tea Party 13:32:20
U.S. “Intelligence” Spending: 80 Billion to Spy on YOU and ME! 13:14:23
Dr. David Janda explains rationing and why Dr. Rob Steele must defeat Dingell. 13:04:34
CNBC says “rumors” that Bank of America is contemplating bankruptcy because of the mortgage foreclosure issues 13:03:01
Lessons learned - Think ouside the Two Party Box 13:01:45
Cornyn: GOP would 'welcome' party switch by Joe Lieberman 12:58:08
KWN Source Says Asians to Squeeze Silver Shorts 12:56:29
Ralph Nader: Corporate Socialism Runs US Government 12:52:31
Obama Adminsitration: Foreclosures Must Proceed in order 2 Rebuild the Housing Market 12:50:57
John Dennis at SF Giants Celebration 12:44:54
Rand Paul: Government ‘broken,’ Dems and GOP ‘untrustworthy’ 12:41:26
Revolution X 12:34:08
Raw Story: "Rand Paul likely to win by 6 p.m. 12:30:53
Thank you Fed. Gov't Intervnetion! Homeownership stays at lowest level in a decade 12:28:48
T.V. Ad Major Networks Are Refusing To Air 12:19:45
Grab as many political signs as you can while you can! 11:46:47
_ 11:45:59
Can you spare $4.20 for Colorado Today? 11:37:02
Voters out before dawn for Election Day 2010 11:05:01
MoxNews- "Turn The Country Around!!! He Blew The Country Up!" 10:53:15
Tea Party Israel Style... 10:44:29
MoxNews- Another Police Cover Up Of An In Custody Teen's Death 10:43:45
List of Ron Paul Candidates 10:35:33
MoxNews- Rand Paul "Government Is Broken From Top To Bottom" 10:34:42
Australian Dollar now worth more than the US Dollar 10:30:39
Afghan Police Defect to Taliban in Secret Deal 10:23:48
Ron Paul Can Beat Obama In 2012 10:04:36
2010: a campaign year driven by conflicted emotions 09:59:58
Separating Money and the State - “The Denationalization of Money.” by Jacob G. Hornberger 09:47:40
Obamacare....some small facts we all should know 09:02:54
Ron Paul can Beat Obama in 2012 08:44:15
Google sues the government 08:37:49
Is Obama A Keynesian? Rally For Sanity 10/30/10 08:36:21
Did you guys all see this? 08:01:37
WashPost: War with Iran would rescue economy 07:13:55
"Letting It Burn" in Washington State 06:36:04
Last Minute Voting Advice For Kentucky Senate Race! 03:03:40
Flushing the greenback QE 1.5 & election threatening dollar 01:04:35
One part of Arizona immigration law may be upheld 00:53:12
A big thank you to all dailypaulers up for election tomorrow, thank you for your courage 00:21:57