Posted on November 20, 2010

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Fox News: Rand Paul on w/Huckabee 22:06:02
TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can’t Leave, Will Be Fined 13:14:01
Ann Coulter Talking TSA on Hannity gets Treated Like Ron Paul on the O'Reilly Factor 11:56:21
Breast Cancer Survivor Told To Remove Prosthetic Breast by TSA 09:36:55
Write Your Congressman -- Urge Their Support of HR6416 00:03:59
Ron Paul Introduces HR 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act 00:03:05
VIDEO: Dr. Ron Paul @ Arizona St. U., PHX, Nov. 19, 2010! 01:05:23
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TSA confiscates heavily-armed soldiers' nail-clippers 23:53:43
Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA 23:04:48
TSA Pat-Down Leaves Cancer Surviver Covered in Urine 23:03:08
Ron Paul United Nations Get Us Out !!! 22:12:07
The New Shot Heard Around the World 21:41:17
What's the real risk of the full-body scanners? 21:05:50
Weekend Funnies - Cartoon Comics 20:35:00
Is Craziness in Middle East Just Ploy For Ark of Covenant Search? 20:12:10
Oh NATO, once seemed like a righteous VATO, now nothing but a smelly GATO. 20:01:11
Man makes ridiculously Complicated Chart to find out Who Owns his Mortgage 19:43:44
New TSA Outrage: CONgress Exempts Itself from ALL 'Security' Measures! 19:37:55
Cold Snap Legal Vs. the TSA? 19:04:15
Video to Share for 2012 Presidential Run 18:27:42
Junk Bomb 18:10:40
America : a society in DENIAL 18:01:34
$11,000 fine arrest possible for some who refuse airport scans and pat downs 17:43:12
UPDATE!! Quantitative Easing Explained 17:12:25
Joe & Jill Biden: "Just Put Up With" New TSA Groping Policy 17:04:52
Foreclosure Fraud: All Major Banks Are Insolvent!! 17:04:01
DHS Head Chertoff Got $350M Advising Govt. About Need For X-Ray Scanners 16:52:16
The News of Today at the for Tea Party Consumption and Education! 16:42:21
Bernanke's Crybaby Blabber Speech at ECB Conference 16:40:47
How to make "Opt Out" REALLY mean something 16:29:38
Ron Paul at ASU~The Arizona Republic says Ron Paul sounded like he was giving a campaign speech. 16:22:31
Flash back: David Beckham groped in Italy: Fisked away by guards; what about us? 16:10:09
Bush Warned To Keep Book Tour Domestic, Or Face ARREST 15:34:54
Is limited government possible? 15:29:20
Help Spread The Word About Liberty Websites 15:28:47
How to Justify the Fraud: Let's Call a Halt to Fed-Bashing 15:26:02
Chemist explains why precious metals are money (Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver) 15:13:14
Congressional Abdication to the Fed by Bruce Fein 15:06:22
WATCH: Rand Paul on Fox News' Huckabee Show- Sat. Nov. 20 @ 8 PM EST 15:01:11
2004 Dodge Pickup Runs on 100% Water 14:50:02
Video: Veteran Brothers Ride Till The End Of The Wars (Language) 14:42:42
Driver files federal complaint against Texas troopers for civil rights violations after recording evidence 14:38:18
Need help,TSA screening,Written authority? 14:34:31
Eric Cantor.....The Felon? 14:31:06
Lawmakers in NY--NO scanners--Sue us if ya want.. 14:24:08
rhino: Laws are created to punish the chef not the customers 14:18:03
Obama’s 'War Czar' Says U.S. Will Make 'Enduring Longer-Term Commitment' to Maintaining Forces in Afghanistan 13:45:06
ABC News: Obama Sneaks Through Massive Saudi Arms Deal: $60B! 13:08:25
Who Was R.C. Hoiles? A history lesson over at 13:03:59
Thanks for Nothing 12:55:26
WND Exclusive- Ron Paul: Cut out this Soviet-style nonsense 12:53:44
Big Pharma Illegally Releases Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes in Cayman Islands 12:53:20
Kevin Tuma where are you? 12:50:53
What's going on with the TSA uproar? 12:45:59
Karl Rove: 'All of them popped up, insistent, loud, and relatively unsophisticated' 12:40:28
WeekEnd FUNNIES: Judge Orders Cops to Stop Harassing SuperHeroes! 12:36:50
TSA Agent Arrested-Accused Of Raping 14 Year Old Girl 12:17:36
Does theTSA give legal standing to all Americans to sue them, 12:16:00
This has got to be the funny of the day! 12:02:03
Boehner: GM Bailout Hurt ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Americans 11:47:47
Philly Fed Pres. Too Early to Tell if Fed Will Complete Full $600 Billion Easing 11:46:10
Socialist Catalonian Party Uses Woman Having Orgasm to Get out the Vote 11:33:23
Homeland Security chairman to TSA: 'Reconsider' pat-downs 10:57:43
Download or Listen to Ron Paul on local Arizona Radio 10:44:41
General Public Finally Stricken with FEAR! 10:40:58
Cooper in California: The Porterville Presentation 10:34:27
Chris Martenson And Ted Butler Discuss The End Of Silver Price Manipulation 10:07:00
Oregon Senator Wyden effectively kills Internet censorship bill; FCC Says it MAY regulate Internet B4 Christmas 09:57:29
Show Dr.Paul some Love 09:40:03
Homeowners to Sharecroppers: MERS Lobbyists Descend Like Locust 09:34:44
So Who Benefits From Protracted Foreclosures? Servicers! 09:30:58
U.S. scanners present skin cancer risk say Doctors; Technology not permitted in Canada 09:29:59
Gary Johnson asks: Why do we have a TSA? 09:21:38
FDIC Seeks Lawyer Documents as Federal Suits Loom Against Failed Banks 09:14:57
No October Inflation, Just Don't Eat, Drive, Get Sick, or Pay for Education 09:10:47
The Smartest Guys In The Room? How Wall Street Played Us All For Suckers 09:00:56
Tent Cities, Homelessness And Soul-Crushing Despair: The Legacy Of Decades Of Government Debt And Mismanagement Of The Economy 08:56:29
Sheriff Who Refused To Evict Foreclosed Homeowners Forced To Resume 08:52:04
What's Really Behind QE2? (The Looming Threat of a Crippling Debt Service) 08:46:14
WSJ: Feds Preparing Massive Sweep Of Insider Trading In Financial Sector 08:43:02
Printing money causes the wrong kind of inflation 08:35:40
Geithner says Obama Opposes Depriving The Fed of Employment Mandate 08:19:16
Cops: 1981 Walsh Murder Solved 08:11:08
Rand Paul interviewed by NewsMax.TV - Nov. 15, 2010 07:48:11
London Mayor Warns Bush He Might Be Arrested 07:34:13
"The Judge" w/Geraldo Rivera discuss 9/11 WTC7 07:17:02
TwilightZONE: A neoCON, 'AGAINST' TSA PornScanners/GropeDown, a Dem, FOR IT! 04:55:11
WATCH Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura: JFK 04:42:30
Perfect airport attire 04:30:58
Finally $625M Compensation for 9/11 victims; About $60k each 04:03:38
More from RPs visit to AZ today / TSA issue / local PHX news 03:53:37
Boehner: Republicans must be "adults" about raising debt ceiling. 03:49:48
Video: Ron Paul Talks TSA on Fox10 Phoenix 02:49:24
Television Guide said Jesse Ventura Police State, yet they didn't show it 02:07:24
Subscribe to the DP Newsletter 01:33:50
Why the TSA Gets to Grope Us: It's the foreign policy, stupid! 01:30:01
TSA Tyranny HUMOR: RP4409 -- Porn addict applies at TSA! 01:27:39
Currency Wars: The Phantom Financial Menace 00:55:29
Let Us Take a Moment & Bow Our Heads 00:29:14
TRUE Story: How smart is the TSA? They wanted to Screen FULLY ARMED Nat.GuardsMEN for Weapons! 00:01:27