Posted on November 21, 2010

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Chalmers Johnson, RIP. Nov. 21, 2010 20:12:26
David Nolan, RIP. Nov. 21, 2010 20:09:35
Oath-Keeper Stewart Rhodes on the Rise of Authoritarianism 14:56:52
Video - Ron Paul "End The Fed" Rally in Philadelphia 10:42:32
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One minute of silence for Bradley Manning 22:54:13
Don't Touch my Junk | Parte Deux 22:32:22
For a little culture, Mark Twain's new book 21:20:50
Lawrencia Run Bambi Run Bembenek Died Today at age 52. 20:58:24
video: What is Quantitative Easing or QE2? 20:41:58
Ron Paul, the Fed, and Changing Times 20:21:10
It's so nice to listen to a Brit who can express his anger so well! 19:52:59
Look At Our Man And How Much He Has Adapted! 19:34:25
BOING! Silver and Gold shoot straight up to kick off the week 19:21:03
Conspiracy Theory meets Religion 18:59:04
Florida Liberty Candidate Arrested for Vegetable Oil Spill 18:36:16
Bush War Crimes: Forget Waterboarding, Try Genital-Slicing Torture 18:33:20
George Carlin on the TSA (with a tip of the hat to my mom) 18:27:41
Airport security head admits to bomb plot 18:20:46
Goldman Sachs Being Investigated? by Matt Taibbi - Rolling Stone 18:01:24
Currency wars and the Fed’s demise 17:56:26
Airport Security TSA - Longest line ever! 17:48:36
Congressman-elect Allen West (R-Fla.) says Black Caucus preaches victimization and dependency 17:32:49
TSA at Atlanta Airport Takes Young Son Away from his Mother 17:23:51
Bayer AG and the death of the birds 16:40:40
UK: 'Super Vaccination' Day For 1 Year Olds: SIX - Ours Get TEN! 16:35:17
CNBC: TSA Has Met the Enemy--and they are US! 16:25:10
Tex. Gov. Perry: Social Security Is Worse Than Ponzi Scheme, Auto Bailout A Failure 16:21:01
Hillary Clinton: I Would Not Submit To TSA Pat-Down -- 'Who Would?' 16:18:06
Update: TSA Chief Will Work To Make Pat-Downs Less Invasive 16:16:16
"The Banker" a video poem 16:13:06
The LA Times Smears Ron Paul 16:01:02
Ted Butler: The Coming Silver Supply Crunch & The End Of Silver Price Manipulation 15:55:38
Just Call The Police On The TSA!!! 15:21:24
Zimbabwe inflation rate hits 11.2 million per cent 14:52:42
'Convention for liberty' held at Purdue 14:48:37
The TSA story just keeps on going! 14:12:46
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Features Ron Paul And The Fed 14:11:05
An Explanation Why Most People Don't Want To Hear The Truth 14:08:55
TSA now needs false flag incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs 13:58:35
92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11 13:55:28
What Could Trip Gold Up? 13:18:14
TSA Screening Will Be Gone - Gerald Celente on FOX News 11/21/10 13:14:08
IMF: It's A Beginning Of Global Governance 13:10:01
Food for Thought -- TSA Profiling 12:58:09
TSA searches are only the beginning - the real purpose of all of this 12:55:51
Fishyculture wrote a song about my work defending foreclosures/fighting banks via the Daily Paul 12:53:12
Vote for Ron Paul in Tampa Bay Survey 12:38:23
☠☠☠S.510 Vote Delayed Until 11/29 Lets Get Back On Track And Defeat This Bill☠☠☠ 12:26:03
Creepy Prophetic Art in Bank of America, Charlotte, NC 12:23:19
This is really funny, I think TSA was just set-up for a Law Suit 11:56:20
SNL take on TSA security: 'It's our business to touch yours' 11:46:48
TSA Santa Bomb! Merry Christmas from the Republic! 11:37:21
A little social experiment in post 9/11 America.. 11:23:25
TSA has crossed the line. This has got to be the final straw! 11:06:05
The Rare Blue Moon 10:53:45
Lionel's Wife Gets Groped By TSA Shock Troops. 10:35:22
Whooping cough strain now immune to vaccine 10:33:27
Tehran Times Publishes Ron Paul's article "The World Shorts the Dollar" 10:23:31
Sabbath Worship 10:03:27
Erdogan to be Time Magazine's "Man of the Year?" For standing up to US and Israel! 10:01:32
Obama: TSA Pat-Downs “An Inconvenience For All Of Us,” Except Me 09:12:53
Widespread Silver Bar Shortages, By Patrick A. Heller 09:04:55
The TSA Situation is no Laughing Matter but... 07:16:21
Fmr.Security Dir.Isaac Yeffet of El Al Airlines, on TSA LUNACY- Olbermann-2010-11-17 03:27:37
The trauma of airport pat-downs takes security a step too far[TSA] 03:04:07
My 2 Cents on Capitalism 01:55:07
Debt - the very essence of the banking industry (clip from "The International") 01:35:48
Internet Censorship 1 Step Closer to Reality in Senate 01:31:22
Your Appendix Is More Likely to Kill You Than al-Qaida - Statistics Prove it! 01:11:54
Inflation or Globalization 00:20:03