Posted on November 22, 2010

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Video: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 11/22/10 21:36:16
Video: Gigi Bowman on FOX TV 19:14:34
Video: TSA and Phoenix PD at the Freedom's Phoenix Workshop 12:03:25
Ron Paul 2012 Moneybomb Set to Raise Over $400,000! 11:46:32
Councilman Blows the Lid off TSA, $350 Million Chertoff Connection 11:08:18
Goldman Sachs Warns: Backlash Against QE2 Could Tie The Fed's Hands 08:25:48
Texas Straight Talk 11/22/10: Revolt Against the TSA 00:24:24
Naked Body Scanner Manufacturer's CEO Obama's Guest on Trip to India 11:07:18
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NY Times: Irish Debt Crisis Forces Collapse of Government 23:46:05
My ideal girlfriend/wife... 23:19:13
Why do you think they call it a Millimeter Wave machine? 23:15:24
video: Several Gaffney city cops came to my house for putting up signs 23:14:42
U.S. Military War Gaming for Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest 22:50:51
90% vs .999 silver 21:50:18
Consumer Goods Relative to the Price of Silver 21:37:37
Play The Airport Security Screening Game Online!!!! 21:34:27
Injunction filed in Arkansas against TSA 21:24:15
Dr. Steve Parent You want RonPaul as President I will need as many people possible to help with this site for delegate training. 21:18:45
Federal Reserve Critics In Strange Position: Defending The Fed 21:11:42
TSA's Pistole Fires First Shot! 20:30:10
Agenda with the TSA pat-downs 19:46:31
US launches giant eavesdropping satellite 19:30:42
ABC - White House: Terrorists Have Discussed Use of Prosthetics to Conceal Explosives 19:21:50
Kurt Haskell, Underwear Bomber Witness 19:21:26
Rand Paul writing a book titled "The Tea Party Goes to Washington", set for publication in February! 19:09:20
U.S. to spend $413bn more on Afghan war 19:02:16
Is it time for a new name? I propose Tea Party CLASSic 18:36:35
Mike Lawson: Looking for an update on the seed! 18:04:53
Support Phil Moffett for Kentucky Governor! 17:40:59
Was Your Mortgage Robo-Sgned? Here is How to Find Out 16:55:47
Drudge Report linking to Daily Paul! 16:42:07
Anti-TSA Funnies: Political Cartoon RoundUp and a New Anthem 16:32:04
FDIC: 903 U.S. Banks in Trouble; What to do... 16:28:02
Breaking: FBI Raids Two Conn. Hedge Funds For Insider Trading 16:14:45
It was bound to happen: TSA Agent Accused of Raping a 14yr old Girl, now Arrested! 16:11:47
Ron Paul is going to be on Hannity... 16:11:16
Nail in the coffin for Bank of America? 16:01:13
The Writing Is On The Wall 15:55:50
RealtyTrac Opines On The Coming Wave Of GSE Foreclosure Buybacks: "The Final Liability Will Be Enormous" 15:53:51
TSA and the New "Americanism" 15:47:13
Drunk Federal Agents Transport Nuclear Weapons 15:38:02
A free market alternative to TSA 15:18:43
Anti-gun Zealot Nominated to Head ATF - New American Mag, Nov 17, 2010 15:16:07
The Ron Paul Question 14:51:44
Refugees from Afghanistan's Helmand province disheartened at U.S. presence 14:42:35
Why Gold Is the Perfect Element For Money 14:35:11
Overview of Mass Transit By TSA @ 14:22:53
"Insouciant Americans" By Paul Craig Roberts 14:17:22
My Son is Dead 13:32:22
AIPAC Whistleblower comes forward. Yeah, THAT AIPAC! 13:28:26
TSA Exemptee Hillary Clinton Would Avoid GropeDowns, If She Could- CBS Nov. 21, 2010 13:25:44
Secret 'Trigger' & blueprint for emergency domestic military crackdown plan revealed 13:20:07
One of the Euro Currency creators speaks against Monopoly Money systems 13:18:20
Romney, Huckabee edge out Obama in 2012 poll - Need Commentary! 12:44:53
"God of All Things" aka "The Destroyer" 12:22:35
Most Unparliamentary Language 12:16:52
PoliceState ALERT: USAF launches U.S. Spy Agency's "Largest Satellite in the World" 11:42:35
Ron Paul to Win Charity Award that went to Ronald Reagan 11:35:20
Gerald Celente's LATEST Interview: Lew Rockwell Podcast 173. America’s Going Fascist! 11:33:10
Justin Raimondo: The War Party vs Rand Paul 11:02:35
Mike Adams aka Health Ranger: The top 10 superfoods I'm eating every day 10:53:33
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Features Ron Paul And The Fed 10:49:12
New "Don't Tread On Me" License Plate In Virginia-Also, Repeal Amendment gaining steam 10:37:49
Interview with a Socialist: Hilarious Q&A @ Ron Paul Nov. 19, 2010 ASU Event 10:08:38
For-Profit Colleges May Lose Access to U.S. Student Loan Aid Over Violations 10:07:18
TSA Flyers 09:50:38
Foreclosure-Gate: Yves Smith "Why MERS Needs to be Taken Out and Shot" 09:45:36
Countrywide Admits to Not Conveying Notes to Mortgage Securitization Trusts 09:42:22
Ron Paul Wins Achievment Award Won by Reagan 08:42:02
Stand or Fall 08:36:05
GOP Targets Mortgage Bailouts; Vows to End Aid to Fannie and Freddie 08:21:52
Goldman Sachs new project: The dark multilateral trading facility (MTF) 08:19:59
Where are the mental health professionals vs TSA? I survived one sexual assault already. 07:55:38
The Biggest Fraud In American History -Robbing Homeowners-Video of Matt Taibbi 07:54:08
Lance Armstrong Speaks Out About 9-11 07:48:44
Pat-down backlash grows during holiday travel rush 05:44:34
Joe & Jill Biden on TSA Grope Down? "Just put up with it!" 04:47:26
Justin Raimondo: The War Party vs. Rand Paul 04:38:18
PornScanners are 'Just as Likely to Kill You as Terrorist Bombs'-DailyMail UK 03:38:46
Constitution Class: 7 Hours Long on Google Video. MUST WATCH! 03:31:17
George Carlin (RIP) on Airline Sekurity. Enuff' said! 03:25:00
Redistribution Has Arrived: $60k Income Less Than Min. Wage 03:13:21
A fun way to spead the "End the Fed" message 02:49:21
AIPAC may IMPLODE over Spy & Porn Scandal - RawStory, Nov. 21, 2010 02:28:45
NYT Propaganda ALERT: Economist Claims Obama WILL Win 2012 in Landslide 01:59:30
WorldNetDaily petition to stop airport screening. 01:53:58
JFK Assassination Special tonight on Coast to Coast 01:50:25
Ron Paul Wins Achievment Award Won by Reagan 01:43:12
Chalmers Johnson RIP 00:57:53
WeAreChange DON'T TOUCH My Junk! 'UNDIES' St.Action on a COLD Colorado Day. 00:56:05
Gadsden Birthday Cake! 00:51:59
Update: 'No Details' Brand New Ireland Bailout Already 'a Failure' (video) 00:30:09
'Quantitative Easing' Brilliantly Explained (Short You Tube Vid) 00:03:01