Posted on November 23, 2010

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Ron Paul Interview w/Sean Hannity: 11/22/10 16:41:46
Dr. Ron Paul Interviewed on Alex Jones: 11/23/10 13:14:36
Salon asks: Who will be the Ron Paul of 2012? 11:01:51
Dr. Ron Paul: Are Air Travelers Criminal Suspects? 09:37:40
Tom Woods Interviewed by Gary Franchi at Illinois State University 09:18:50
Video: Ron Paul on CNN's Situation Room 11/22/10 01:30:59
Glenn Beck: Al Qaeda's Goal is to Bleed America to Death Financially 00:08:35
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Bernanke to jail? 23:57:44
Hey Russia, Check out Our Stalinist PoliceState: RT Correspondent Arrested! 23:35:51
Ron Paul and Twitter Exposure 23:17:15
MICHAEL HOLY MOLY! look what Daily Paul is WORTH!! 22:47:04
FOXnews: Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines 22:29:24
Japanese mock TSA 22:27:40
Ron Paul Picture On Drudge 22:24:43
CNBC-Here's Why the Fed Plan Is Failing: We’re All Austrians Now 21:45:18
OPPOSE S.510 Alert from Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund 21:32:56
Domestic Terrorist Organization: TSA 21:27:30
TSA Says Top Gov't Officials EXEMPT From Airport Security 20:48:24
Ron Paul Gets Crotch Groped By TSA: Calls for Airline Boycott (Audio) 20:36:15
Ron Paul: Nationalism will beat WorldGov 20:30:48
America: Foreclosed! 20:16:55
Breaking News: Hundreds of Canadians Sexually Abused at Airports 20:02:19
Another TSA protest song... 20:01:49
TSA tips hand and is planning a huge expansion to all modes of transit! 19:58:35
Pope Now Says That Condom Use O.K.! 19:54:31
Judge Andrew Napolitano Interviewed by Alex Jones 11/23/2010 19:26:57
Update: Brian Frank on the news about him, his dogs, and his neighbors! Gaffney SC 18:58:37
TSA --- Latest News 18:33:38
CIA & Blackwater Infiltrated Ron Paul's 2008 Campaign - Russia Today. 18:23:11
Russia Today News Crew Arrested for Reporting Pentagon’s Dirty Laundry 18:15:23
The Violence of Central Planning 18:00:53
Christmas In Fallujah - The Original Recording 17:10:52
The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul - And his New Book "The Tea Party Goes to Washington" 16:59:15
TSA Invasiveness is a TANGENT 16:49:52
2nd Amendment Foundation Sues NJ Over Right To Carry 16:48:09
A nice place to visit and educate 16:17:56
Jim Corr calls for a peaceful revolution (in Ireland). 15:43:52
Credit Card Vendor Has its Sights Set on MERS' Turf 15:30:37
Defense Dept. Funds "Flying Snake" Study 15:28:04
The Fed: FOMC members sour on growth, unemployment & Disagreed Over $600B Stimulus 15:26:41
My advice to those who are forced to fly often. Handle this Gandhi style! 15:25:45
Neocon Blog Ignores RP again, let them know how you feel! 15:15:35
Millionaires for Ron Paul 15:12:44
'abused' TSA staff: We hate obese passengers and people with personal hygiene issues 15:06:59
AJC: Hartsfield TSA worker allegedly abducts, assaults woman 15:02:30
Judge Napolitano Coming Up On Alex Jones NOW 11-23 2:00PM EST 15:02:06
Spreadin' the glove: TSA infecting U.S.? 14:58:24
Mythbusters Adam Savage went through TSA with 2 12" Steel Razor Blades 14:25:31
What Senators got Paid Off to Support S.510 – The Food Safety Modernization Act? 14:24:11
NATO Arctic Security and Canadian Sovereignty in the Far North 14:16:20
TSA Employee Accused of Kidnapping & Sexual Assault 13:30:46
Argh! Now, This Just makes Me Mad!!! 13:16:27
If terrorists hate us for our freedom... 13:12:26
Commentary on Matt Refusing to Be Groped or Radiated by TSA. 13:09:43
Backscatter X-RAY Surveillance Vans Hit The Streets 11:54:38
Dennis Miller says watch out for Ron Paul 11:37:35
Ellen Brown: Bernanke's Cheerleader by Gary North 11:34:57
Ron Paul speech at Arizona State Univ. 11:20:56
Audit Faults TSA’s Training of Airport Screeners as Rushed, Poorly Supervised 10:54:03
Miami Beach Condo Tenant Shoots & Kills member of Team that came to Evict him 10:48:24
Buy Silver, Crash JPM! Update: Silver is Surging!!! 10:48:11
War Erupts Between North & South Korea 10:18:32
So, the US.Gvt & NATO walk into a bar, er... a Hut to meet their Puppet... 10:09:37
What about going to our Reps. and pushing through State run banks? 09:59:01
Outrage Grows Over Pat-Downs as Busiest Travel Week Starts Biometrics Technology Being Pushed Now 09:44:35
Bladder Cancer Patient Left Soaked in Urine After Bad TSA Search 09:42:12
Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney are tops for GOP voters looking to 2012 09:34:54
Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor 09:13:23
Countries with NO central bank. 09:12:24
Man Who Taped TSA Searching Shirtless Boy Describes Agent’s Intimidation 09:08:37
WSJ: Foreclosure Detectives Hunt for Lies 08:59:45
Mishkin: The Fed’s Credibility Is Under Historic Attack 08:55:58
Barney Frank Defends The Fed & is ‘Appalled’ By Republican Criticism 08:53:07
Extremely Insightful Ron Paul Interviews! 08:52:01
Rand Paul is Writing a Book: The Tea Party Goes to Washington 08:41:52
Matt Taibbi: U.S. devolving into a paradise of thieves 08:39:07
USA Today Poll: Tea Party support grows; USA divided 08:33:15
Fla Sen. LeMieux says the TSA should Profile Terrorists instead of casting a net over "300 million Americans." 08:25:54
Is GOP Risking a New Cold War? By Patrick J. Buchanan 08:21:48
Taliban impostor duped officials' 06:08:18 05:20:45
Great Article on S510: Have the Senators been paid off? 05:17:02
SF.Chronicle's Token NeoCon deludes Standing Up for 4thAmd = Whining 05:16:23
Ron Paul 2012 moneybomb set to raise over $400,000 05:08:19
Atlas Network - Champions of Freedom! 04:59:49
Ron Paul & Peter Schiff on Freedom Watch 11-22-10! 04:58:58
Judge Napolitano : It Is The Constitution Itself On Which Our Politicians Have Declared War! 04:58:28
Do You Doubt The Official Conclusion Of How Building 7 (WTC-7) Came Down ? 04:57:23
Ron Paul : Owns Fran Townsend Dept Of Homeland Security! 04:56:38
Bill of Rights vs. K-St: PornScanner Lobbyists brace for PR Offensive & Tax $$ 04:41:48
The 4th Amendment to the US Constitution 04:11:05
A New Probable FalseFlag Ahead, Explosives found in a CA Residence 03:41:30
N. Korea & S. Korea Firing On Each Other 03:30:23
WikiLeaks to Release 3M More Documents 02:52:20
. 02:49:47
Obama's Co Chair on Budget Deficit says "There will Be Blood". Yikes 02:46:51
John Yoo: Waterboarding is like Speeding! - Spitzer, Nov. 19, 2010 02:46:10
45 Groups demand Answers into FBI FearCampaign Raids vs. PeaceActivists 02:42:19
61 Reps. Sign Letter Opposing Afghan War Extension including RP 02:31:18
There's Something Happening Here... 02:20:13
X-Ray Proof Clothing... LOL 02:17:10
Fed.Gvt.Tragimedy: Oops, Sorry Sir We Crashed into your Car with Nukes. 01:52:10
Land of the free? (TSA -related photo) 01:51:23
Uppity NeoCONS: Bernake Bashers - LA Times.OpEd, Jacob Heilbrunn, Nov. 19, 2010 01:41:32
New World Currency To Replace The Dollar Would Slay The Gold Bull Market 01:22:13
As of Today, the Biggest Holder of US Debt is Ben Bernanke 01:21:07
Global Warming scam in 10 minutes 01:20:13
An Appeal to the American People 00:54:33
Are there any Application Architects or System Analysts here? 00:26:54
TSA on SNL 00:01:36