Posted on November 24, 2010

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Kevin Tuma on TSA & S510 13:04:28
They've got us right where they want us and they're going to keep pushing until we push back. 11:57:47
Newsweek: For Survivors of Sexual Assault, New TSA Screenings Represent a Threat 10:46:09
Dr. Ron Paul wins Lifetime Achievement Award. 09:58:48
Dr. Ron Paul and Earmarks 08:03:40
China and Russia Quit the Dollar 06:39:26
I'll be groped for Christmas - Roxi Copland 00:20:35
Paul Craig Roberts: TSA Gestapo Empire 10:01:32
Man Proves TSA Policies Are Unconstitutional - Passes TSA Checkpoint Unmolested 09:59:48
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76 year old man suing Tobbaco Co because he still lives 23:36:40
Pakistan allows US forces into the country. 22:59:24
Kurt Sonnenfeld: A witness for the persecution 22:58:06
Check this out, I just opened my mail and the "American Community Survey" wants answers from me 22:52:31
LAX Shuts Down TSA Scanners, Proving They were Never "Necessary." 21:57:46
Mr.Nystrom,I would like to know? 21:19:04
So, our Recovery is now "Self-Sustaining" 21:11:04
Proof that YouTube sucks. 21:10:22
WeAreChangeOklahoma - End The Fed 2010 20:24:32
Peter Schiff debates Robert Creamer 19:46:05
Andrew Napolitano, Fox Business Host, Reveals He Is A 9/11 Truther 19:39:29
Glenn Greenwald Condemns The Nation Mag's Despicable SmearJob v. John Tyner! 19:37:44
Daily Paul Airlines: Flying For Liberty! 19:35:12
Corruption charges to feature in WikiLeaks release 19:23:01
Reporter covering forced body scanners at Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles told to leave public sidewalk 19:21:18
Impeach Obama for the Open-and-Shut: Assassination of Americans 19:17:03
What Do You Think About The Illuminati? 18:59:07
Republic For the united States of America - Open Public Phone Conference Tonight Wednesday 18:58:52
ABC-15 News story and What really happened!! 18:42:53
MD College: Okay to be BrainWashed to Murder, but Talk Honestly about It? We'll Ban You! 18:36:18
Huff Post: Andrew Napolitano, Fox Business Host, Reveals He Is A 9/11 Truther 18:28:22
DEA bans K2, other 'fake pot' products 18:24:10
Are You a "DOMESTIC EXTREMIST? 18:18:49
Fake "Delegate Trainers" Top-Downing the Grassroots 18:13:29
AZ Sen. Russell Pearce: Obama is Impeachable for Siding with Foreign Gov't 18:10:07
Is there a way to stop the media blackouts of Ron Paul? 17:55:18
Undoing the Fourth Amendment 17:48:39
Unemployed? TSA Advertises Open Jobs On Pizza Boxes 17:21:21
Tom Woods on the Coming Collapse 16:51:27
Jesse Ventura: The Media Conspiracy 16:50:41
Head of airport security arrested for planting fake bomb! 16:24:09
Reality Check: Liberty is not subject to majority rule 16:23:53
TSA Gone Wild 16:18:20
Old man threatens Obama, but the story to me is the guns 16:17:41
Only fishy could have a dentst call the cops on her... 15:46:29
NIA Video: The Day the Dollar Died 15:14:24
The Day the Dollar Died 14:54:48
Is it too late? 14:49:13
Traveler Wears Bikini Through LAX Security 14:39:24
Danny Panzella on TSA Abuses & National Opt Out Day 14:39:05
Transportation Safety Accessories Opt Out Bag 14:34:43
BRAVO! Airport Chief Says TSA Must Go 14:18:05
NEW poll finds 61% oppose new TSA screening measures. 14:02:50
Lender Processing Services Sued by Shareholders for Fraud 13:54:22
EU member is given the Soviet treatment - Video GO VIRAL SOON! 13:33:05
Enslavement hits Ireland: tax increases, spending cuts 13:14:30
China and Russia Quit the US Dollar 13:08:49
NY Times: Open Public Anti-TSA Revolt = A Vast RightWing Conspiracy! 13:01:30
Kevin Tuma on TSA & S510 12:56:51
College Student Bypasses TSA Grope & Porn, in his Speedo! 12:52:11
TSA Thug Kidnaps & Rapes a Woman in His Own Home, Then Attempts Suicide! 12:09:24
John S. Pistole = The "Pope of Grope" 11:48:19
CIA & Blackwater Infiltrated Ron Paul's 2008 Campaign 11:37:31
Here is why TSA wins and Liberty loses: 11:26:09
Thanksgiving Prayer William S Burroughs 11:18:43
Banking is a SCAM at Every Level 11:14:24
Feds think public can't handle the truth about toxic dispersants says EPA Sr. Analyst 10:52:40
Letter to Lieberman Concerning Naked Scanners 10:45:20
TSA Administrative Directive: Opt-Outters To Be Considered “Domestic Extremists” 10:42:03
“Screw Big Sis”: Man Strips Down In TSA Opt Out Protest 10:28:54
ICE Gone Wild!! 10:28:00
Happy Starvation Day from John Stossel 10:13:09
Full-body scanners popping up at Courthouses 09:44:35
A glimpse into how SSRIs make you suicidal. 09:34:15
Janet Napolitano thanks TSA workers for their Vigilance and Hard Work 09:24:50
Ron Paul's Speech on Alex Jones about TSA Groping--Upper Left of Drudge Report 09:07:49
Did anyone else catch Brian Kilmeade slam Ron Paul this am? 09:06:34
Bernanke's Raid on the Middle Class 09:01:25
TSA sued in Federal Court for Violating 4th Amendment Protection against Unlawful Searches 08:59:04
Fishy Alert: Time for Mortgage Lenders to Consider a Jubilee? 08:39:45
American Troops Shouldn't Be Nation Building 08:34:49
Silver to hit $714/oz. claims Max Keiser 08:30:59
Happy Thanksgiving Daily Paul 08:04:17
The Fed Considered Long-Term Rate Target in Secret 07:48:59
Korea. The New Target? Expect an undeclared Obama war soon? 07:41:00
The Fed: Defending the Indefensible 07:38:48
This is AMAZING!!! 05:54:42
"Cousin" Janet: Regardless of Growing Revolt, will expand into Trains, Boats, & Subways! 05:38:33
"The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined" - Wikileaks NEW!!! 05:06:15
Online Poll: Choose your RNC chairman, vote for Michael Steele 05:01:27
Antiwar Radio: New Ron Paul interview just posted up, Nov 24th 04:59:25
Ron Paul, Raw Milk, and Artisanal Cheese Maker vs. FDA, Oh My! 04:52:52
TSA PoliceState, Wars, NWO, Craziness a Plenty: What Can We Say, but to Say... 04:32:46
SCOTUS Confers on Obama Eligibility 03:25:51
Central Banking 03:02:19
Max Keiser & Mike Maloney in Paris, France - CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER 01:59:39
Photo of Our Plight 01:55:03
CNBC: We're all Austrians now! 01:11:07
TSA antics a distraction, of course: Dream Act, Cap & Tax, and union voting, etc 00:59:46
Day of Reckoning for TSA Protocol 00:50:08
WSJ: The Case for a 'Repeal Amendment' 00:40:31
Adam Savage of 'Mythbusters' Gets Razors Thru TSA BackScatter 00:38:12
Remember when the FED sent a 1/2 trillion dollars to central banks in Europe? 00:30:32