Posted on November 26, 2010

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The View: "Opt-Out" Protesters Are Committing "Terrorism;" Ron Paul is un-American for Endorsing Boycotts! 14:36:58
♩ ♬ Life During Wartime ♪ ♫ 11:35:03
Tea Party Splinters GOP Support for Israel 11:07:59
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SCAM: 23:45:02
Just for fun! Outrageous laws on the books 23:31:18
"Just Standing By, Can't Say What Role I'm Playing Right Now" 23:12:10
The Audacity of Grope: A TSA Exposé 23:02:10
Will WikiLeaks unravel the American 'secret government'? 23:01:53
Boom, Bust, and Gold 22:40:01
This too shall pass 22:13:29
FREE book w/ FREE shipping: "Inclined to Liberty" by L. Carabini 21:37:15
Silver Expert Ted Butler New Interview 21:05:38
Video: End the Fed by the National Inflation Association 21:03:51
Video: Bizarre Gold Accounting By U.S. Government - Gold & Silver Price Manipulation 20:59:42
Help reclaim the Tea party movement! Visit 20:42:16
Responce to RP Repub post regarding Cynthia McKinney 20:30:39
Thanksgiving Message From Tim Turner - We Have So Much To Be Thankful For - Republic for the united States of America! 20:14:26
McChrystal Approved Peace Talks with Fake Taliban Leader 19:59:39
FDIC Chair Warns that Debt Could Make America the Next Greece 19:51:55
Silver Drops 3% as Demand from China Slows 18:50:56
Looks like the TSA opted out of National Opt-Out Day... 18:12:35
WikiLeaks may show US helped terrorist group 17:07:05
The Ron Paul of Mexico 16:18:25
Video: Black Friday nonsense. 15:58:28
"Fighting for Civilization" or keeping the 'Love" in the Revolution 15:48:09
Deficit commission’s Simpson calls US seniors the ‘greediest generation’ 15:30:39
rEVOLution 15:29:09
The Hill: Ron Paul poised to take on 'atrocious' Fed at head of Financial panel 15:25:54
Greatest American TV + Car Commercial imo 15:25:04
'The Origins of the Overclass' 15:02:10
The Revolution Has Begun 14:51:41
Israel Psyops and Propaganda in American Campuses - AIPAC-Trained Activists Make the Case for the U.S.-Israel "Relationship" 14:43:13
NH airport half-deserted as boycott unfolds 13:22:46
At Least Rand got "The Call". 13:20:26
Did you know? 13:19:37
Putin ditches dollar backs Euro on trip to Germany 12:51:05
Time to START Supporting Obama 12:25:29
Please Read 11:52:34
Tensions Are Rising on the Korean Peninsula 11:44:30
so HALLIBURTON can now be sued for bp oil spill??? yes no??? 11:35:19
US 'bringing Korean peninsula to brink of war' 10:48:29
Kurt Haskell...Are you the REAL Kurt Haskell? 10:30:03
Judge Andrew Napolitano Under Attack 10:03:33
European Soviet Union - UKIP Godrey Bloom MEP evicted ! ! - November 2010 09:07:34
BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash in FL 09:05:10
I am NOT ashamed to tell you this 08:47:29
TSA gets a spanking 04:43:03
weekend listening: RP wins JimBo show "unscientific" poll with 53% 04:37:22
Any computer gurus on here recommend any of these proxy servers for anonymous internet use? 02:49:09
CAMP FEMA PART 2 01:31:33
Daniel Hannan Interview 01:10:17