Posted on November 28, 2010

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I had lunch with Tom Woods today 20:36:03
Texas Straight Talk 11/29/10: Debt Ceiling Coming Due... 17:08:58
The Story That Should Bring Down Obama Administration!: US Spying on UN 15:50:06
Been Served: CO Lawyer Files For Injunction Against "Cousin Janet" & TSA! 12:35:23
Happy Thanksgiving! Check in here with your updates. 18:36:31
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Financial reckoning coming...US debt clock - these numbers are moving fast! 23:56:59
What if the Irish defaulted? 23:49:28
I hired an artist... 23:31:41
Local Bank Manager has a Slip of the Tongue, Spills the Beans??? 22:14:40
Senate Bill S 510 passes procedural vote 74-25 21:54:06
Cablegate is HERE! 21:53:21
Inflation is Robbing you Blind, Protect yourselves! 21:09:21
$55 Billion Dollar U.S. Strategic & Cyber Command Video & Fact Sheet 20:38:28
Europe OKs $112.53 billion Ireland bailout 20:15:40
Yemeni planes bomb al Qaeda in south after ambush 20:11:04
Black's Law definitions 19:57:39
rEVOLution has another home here: Liberty Poet 19:35:39
Silver E-bay 19:26:00
Attorneys Nationwide Need to Unite & Start Filing Motions Similar to Gary D. Fielder's Motion Against Homeland Security, TSA 19:09:43
Is Wikileaks site down? 18:58:12
Help Wikileaks. Download their History Insurance File. 18:47:38
Paging Devon_Saunders 17:46:46
This is wrong on so many levels. 17:25:28
TheNation Mag's MeaCulpa: An Apology to John 'Don't Touch My Junk!' Tyner 17:16:31
Is Wikileaks Israel? 16:23:41
Saudi king ‘repeatedly requested’ US attack Iran says Wikileaks 16:05:04
North Korea threatens a 'sea of fire' as the South begins posturing war games with US 15:22:25
Is Sarah Palin the Next Reagan? John McCain Apparently Thinks So 15:06:04
US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis 15:02:43
Janet Napolitano EXPOSED! Federal Courts Are Storing Naked Body Scanner Images! 14:59:04
Bankruptcy Courts: Foreclosing? Prove It . . . 14:52:39
Rewards for Failures: Good Video 14:44:49
UPDATE: FBI cooks bomb / seduces 19yr-old in wilderness! 13:43:37
Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine. Please Bump!! 13:06:35
Wikileaks documents ridiculed by MSM 13:02:38
WIKILEAKS under attack 12:39:20
Please contact your Senators Today to vote NO tomorrow on S510 under agriculture 12:13:34
Disappointed in Austrian Economics 11:05:02
Janet Napolitano EXPOSED! Federal Courts Are Storing Naked Body Scanner Images 10:38:21
Dr Phil - Brutal Assault By TSA Officers back in 2009 10:29:03
TSA Bumper Stickers LOL! 09:42:53
Hugo Salinas Price for Treasury Secretary 09:28:10
Defense Budget ...NATO 2011 07:12:59
Jesse Ventura’s “Police State” Episode Edited Out Of Existence At truTV 05:32:44
My theories of this Korean conflict... What are yours? 01:57:55
‘Bank Run 2010′ aims to end ‘criminal, corrupt’ financial system 01:55:28
The Pilgrims and Property Rights: How our ancestors got fat & happy (VIDEO) 01:17:03
Panama Bank Alert 01:10:11
Welcome to the 21st Century, where government will stare over your shoulder when you buy a new refrigerator. 00:33:52
Americans, I have some bad news for you 00:11:06