Posted on November 30, 2010

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Hot mic catches Sen. Michael Bennet saying lame duck agenda is "all rigged". (VIDEO) 14:17:16
Judge Napolitano on WikiLeaks as a "Terrorist Organization" 10:11:53
American Spectator says the Ron Paul Movement "put the Internet to work for liberty." 09:49:45
It Was Only A Matter of Time...TSA at Bus Terminals 09:03:22
Why Poverty Spreads Across America 08:05:20
The Madness of a Lost Society 09:06:49
Video: Scott Horton talks Wikileaks on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano - 11/29 07:03:22
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Senate Bill S510 - Updated Info - From a good source 23:57:24
Why do people here scream free speech and I am being censored when private property are involved? 23:28:41
Bill O'Reilly vs. Judge Napolitano On 'Christmas Tree Bomber' - 11/30/10 23:21:11
WikiLeaks Assange Now Wanted By Interpol, NOT for Leaks! 23:07:03
John Birch Society 22:44:41
Video: Obama Cover-Up: Terrorists Crossing Southern Border 21:46:25
Denied Request for Trial for Red Light Camera Ticket 21:31:10
FBI creating police state 21:27:12
Oops 20:58:15
Rep. Buyer Blasts Acting Dem Speaker: "This is why the People have Thrown You Out" 20:44:10
Roll Call on Coburn Amendment - aka List of Lying Senators 20:06:06
Please pray for Asia Bibi 19:46:16
The people are waking up. 19:26:23
Big Government O'Reilly / Rush Limbaugh vs Constitutionalist Judge Napolitano on Wikileaks as a "Terrorist Organization" 19:24:10
Opt out Alliance - get your traveler's rights card 18:56:08
Bradley Manning faces 52 years in jail 18:36:33
End of liberty (video) great documentry 18:06:56
Moscow ready with "final solution" hardball for WikiLeaks 17:42:50
Gerald Celente on Wikileaks 17:34:08
New Jersey "Thought Police" arrest man for taking photos of teenage female athletes and cheerleaders 17:24:12
Land of the Free - The 1st Day of the 2nd American Revolution [VIDEO] 16:59:44
ღ♥ღ Never Too Early To Say: Merry Christmas! ღ♥ღ 15:58:13
Wikileaks chief said he has 5GB of Secret Docs on Bank of America 15:56:53
Assange leading TIME person of year poll. Vote here! 15:49:09
S.510 The Party Isn't Over Yet!!! We Will Fight This Until It's Dead!!! 15:24:06
The Obama Administration's War on Truth 15:23:51
"What's in your wallet?" 15:22:06
American Spectator: The fourth wave of the GOP is Ron Paul 14:58:09
Food Safety Bill S.510 moves to the house -- It's not over YET!!! 14:57:31
Strong-Arming Oregon? 14:49:44
Silver to trade 1 to 1 with gold. 14:45:02
E. Texan gets 5-year prison sentence for prank phone call 14:44:04
Cartoon explaining the Real Abraham Lincoln 14:37:11
WikiLeaks’ next target will be a major American bank 14:36:57
Canada Surrenders Sovereignty and Privacy to U.S. Secure Flight Program 14:27:09
PinEal Silverbell Chemtrail Park? 14:14:31
Threats from the "Skeletor" 13:59:41
It's all rigged 13:52:35
DHS gone Crazy: Student faces 3yrs in Jail for ChipModding XBOX! - Updated. 13:50:47
Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs 13:41:25
Lieberman to Hutchinson, "It's rigged, it's all rigged" 13:39:57
Ron Paul Patriot in Salt Lake Needs Help 13:38:24
Take a Stand for Peace! Non-violent Civil Resistance! 13:17:59
Fabricating Terror By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 12:58:45
Breaking- Senate Passes Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations: 73/25 12:56:35
Food Storage Suggestions 12:52:02
Ron Paul to be appointed Committee Chair overseeing Federal Reserve 12:25:07
Assange; the Last Real Journalist? 12:13:13
The "BLACK FRIDAY" Story the Mainstream Media didn't touch! 12:13:06
Answering the Silver Skeptics 12:07:48
New Jersey man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally 12:01:31
All I want for Christmas is... 11:47:00
O'Reilly: WikiLeaks Leakers Are Traitors, Should Be Executed Or Spend Life In Jail (VIDEO) 11:41:11
Pakistani to Sue CIA for $500 million 11:37:24
S510 Update - It passed 73 - 25. 11:37:05
New Movie out - SkyLine. Anybody seen it? 11:36:49
Google & You Tube Ban Alex Jones [from "news" category] 11:23:20
Global Wealth Is Being Funneled Into The Hands Of The Elite 11:16:04
ATK XM-25 Rifle 11:07:00
Senators $'s in Bribes to vote Yes on S510 10:35:11
Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver is WORKING!!! Update: Dancing naked man is beating me! 10:11:42
Chavez : "Mrs Clinton should resign" 09:41:59
Banks Resisting Fannie, Freddie Demands to Buy Back Mortgages 09:38:34
Bank of America Mortgage Morass Deepens on Promissory Notes Issues in Bankruptcy Court 09:37:42
Ron Paul to be appointed Committee Chair overseeing Federal Reserve 09:34:52
Krauthammer: Prosecute Journalists Who Collaborate With WikiLeaks 09:04:23
SPLC: The Wolf who cried 'Hate' 08:55:36
European Union: R.I.P.? By Patrick J. Buchanan 08:51:45
The Shadow Bailout of the Commercial Real Estate industry – bailing out the Ritz 08:34:45
CBO: Obama Will Spend Under 1/4 Of $50 Billion Promised To Struggling Homeowners 07:39:24
Senate Bill S.510, the Most Dangerous Bill in the History of the USA!!! 07:22:37
Update--->>Congress>> Phone/Fax BOMB To Stop HR 2751 — the Food Safety Modernization Act----DO THIS NOW!!! 07:21:01
BANKS: the glaring fact 06:51:35
911 truth movement is hurting libertarians 06:45:25
Prescriptions for Teens and Young Adults on the Rise 05:52:11
Climate change threatening survival of human beings: delegates 05:44:18
Callling out for Sunny, Liberty Mike or LL. 05:12:24
Are you hip to VICE magazine? 04:16:01
Assange; the Last Real Journalist? 04:10:59
Bring Down Monsanto... 03:48:53
Google & YouTube ban Alex Jones 02:49:44
Planned bank run gaining ground? 02:21:30
Senate delays S 510 food safety bill vote until Tuesday 01:30:37
TSA Agent Speaks Out On Pat-Downs 01:13:02
Newest Rumor (and this is good!): Ron Paul to be appointed Committee Chair overseeing Federal Reserve 01:00:28
David Horowitz - Do you support Hamas? 00:58:48
POLICE STATE - TSA, Homeland Security & Tampa Police Set Up Nazi Checkpoints At Bus Stations 00:36:07
Greenspan admits central bank's actions cannot be insulated from political pressure 00:35:04
Foundation X? 00:34:14
Inflation Watchdog Thread 00:05:04