Posted on November 7, 2010

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NYT: Federal Government Spends $12 Million to Market Domino's Pizza 22:43:09
Sen. Graham says the GOP will be split on foreign policy: the "Isolationist Wing" & the Graham-McCain Wing 18:56:17
Dr. Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto Discussing the Fed. 15:53:08
FedEx Commercial Shows TSA Goons Lording Over the Sheeple 12:20:21
Jim Rickards on King World News - 11/6/10 10:12:57
Michael Scheuer: War with Iran More Likely to Happen 08:46:51
Lindsay Graham wants to wipe Iran off the map 08:33:50
Dr. Ron Paul: Dangerous Times Ahead 12:47:21
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Video Interview about the Anarchists Against the Wall (warning: strong language) 23:46:39
YAL sponsors Glenn Greenwald to campus. Greenwald fired up for Gary Johnson for president! 23:44:45
WSJ: 2011 Borrowing for 15 Major Nations- $10.2T 23:20:25
Um, WOW. From Skin, comes blood cells. 23:10:15
Marxism In America - Lt. Gen (Ret.) W.G.Boykin 23:01:22
Boycott Flying 21:53:41
DAILY Govt SCREW-UP HUMOR: Cop "protecting" Obama SHOOTS SELF in Leg- RAWstory Nov. 7, 2010 21:29:14
Rand Paul Says GOP Must Consider Military Cuts 21:10:30
Palin to Bernanke: "Cease and Desist". 21:09:22
Breaking:Asia Commodity Day Ahead: Gold Rises to Record on Bets Dollar Will Falter 21:07:11
How To: Make Economic System based on Gold, Silver and Copper 20:49:24
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/08/10 20:32:15
President of the World Bank seeks gold standard debate 20:24:00
Question: How much of the Internet is actually porn? 20:05:54
Are The Banks Down? 19:58:35
MoxNews- We Should Sink Iran's Navy & Destroy Their Air Force! Neuter That Regime 19:47:25
Happy Thanksgiving from TSA Gangstaz... 19:07:57
Colorado Democratic Party Calls for 911 Grand Jury 18:31:21
The Effect of Marriage on Economics 18:23:17
Question and Suggestions? 18:07:37
Libertarian Party success stories (from Mary Ruwart's Healing our World) 18:05:33
GULF PIPE CRACKS!!!! VIDEO!!! 16:54:04
Rand Paul on ABC Today 16:28:03
Money vs. Nature: Volcano May Cancel Obama Indonesia Trip 16:06:15
WeAreChangeOklahoma - Ron Paul 2012 Sign Wave Across the USA 15:36:51
Waco: Gene Taylor loses south Miss. House seat after 21 years 15:12:58
"The Simpsons" was right: We were attacked on 11-06-10. Did you miss it? 15:09:51
Would you cut the military? Rand: "Yes" 14:30:12
Want to Earn $10-12 an Hour? Be a ‘Foreclosure Department Supervisor’ 14:13:52
Weekend Watching: Eugenics in America 13:33:21
Weekend Watching 13:20:52
David Chu - Currency Wars For Dummies - PDF 12:58:42
Pennsylvania homeland security office private consultant monitored citizens compared activists to Al Qaeda 12:51:03
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter worthless? 12:48:32
Pentagon asks NATO to draw up plans for war with Iran 11:39:19
David Stockman's interview on Bloomberg- On election- "One small good thing, Ron Paul will head sub committee over the FED" 11:23:59
Bernanke Impeachment 11:23:00
Anyone remember the Southern Avenger? 10:56:16
The Keynesians Get Their Wish 10:44:58
In 1933, Americans gave up constitutional freedom to become debt slaves with benefits. 10:27:54
Economy recovering, but recession's shadow is long 10:10:02
Liberty Dollar 4 Federal Case News from 10:03:35
Mike Huckabee on Freedom Watch- WTH? 09:35:49
Russian cargo container missile launcher perfect for terrorists. 09:16:48
Why was Prop 19 voted down? 09:05:27
Bill Clinton helping to make your kids obese!!! 08:59:38
DHS advocates that we spy on our nieghbors in order to fight terrorism 08:50:48
Video: BLOOMBERG TV: Jim Grant talks about the Fed and QE2 08:42:19
Bold-Faced Lies of the Day from Geithner, Bernanke 08:33:43
Conservatives in Texas Pushing For Statewide Withdrawal From Medicaid 08:13:46
Woman who placed ad for Christian roommate did Not violate fair housing laws says HUD 07:57:40
Democrats & Republicans are just the opposite sides of the same coin in the pocket of owners 07:48:39
Ron Paul 2012! : The Revolution Continues! 04:28:43
Dr. Ron Paul, vs. Rep. Ed Royce(R-CA) & Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL) for "Barney Frank's" Chair 04:16:47
CNBC: The Fed owns almost $5 Trillion of US Debt 03:47:00
Microsoft CEO sells $1.3B of shares 03:11:56
11/3/10 A&E 9/11: Acceleration of WTC1 02:22:19
The Measure of Gold 01:29:42
In the Year 2525 00:47:14
Noam Chomsky: No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks 00:00:46