Posted on November 8, 2010

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Allied Pilots Association to BOYCOTT Full Body Scanners! 22:37:45
Judge Andrew Napolitano on FBN Follow The Money 11/8/10: Is the World Broke? 22:25:08
MoxNews - Is Now The Time For A Revolution? 22:20:58
Take Time Out To Care ! 23:02:28
Dr. Ron Paul: STOP WARS! 19:27:54
RT - Alex Jones: "The Second American Revolution" 16:14:37
How can we reindustrialize America? 19:32:10
Texas Straight Talk 11/8/10: Reject the Welfare / Warfare State! 18:12:00
Feel the Love ~ The rEVOLution Continues! 11:12:05
Dr. Ron Paul's Words of Warning From 1983 to 2008 10:23:47
Justin Raimondo: I seem to have seriously misjudged Rand Paul 09:54:41
WSJ Blog: There’s a decent chance Rand Paul could end up with a seat on the Senate Banking Committe 08:31:11
Video: Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box Monday, 11/8 19:13:01
'This Week' with Rand Paul: Transcript & Video 19:51:56
LIBERTY DEFINED: Ron Paul's Upcoming New Book 16:14:37
Boston Tea Party 2010 16:13:15
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Jewish-American and Israeli Protesters Heckled Netanyahu Today 23:47:16
Cop Thuggery Alert: SWAT raided for cutting, while being a barber! 23:29:58
Wikileaks founder may seek refuge in Switzerland 23:04:20
Get them seeds & canning supplies while they're still affordable 22:50:47
Al-Jazeerah: Sudden Nuke Exercise Alarms Americans 22:43:04
Gerald Celente: What’s Holding Americans Back? 22:40:34
MoxNews- Is It Time For Pelosi To Go Away? 22:22:33
QE2: Last Rites for the World’s “Reserve Currency” 22:18:24
Ever wondered what a default notice looked like? 22:12:55
HITPIECE ALERT: "Revealed: Rand Paul reverses on core campaign pledge before even taking office" RAWstory-Nov. 8, 2010 22:12:19
Peter Schiff on FBN Follow The Money 11/8/10: Drowning in Debt 22:09:03
MoxNews - It's Time For The President To Start Punching Back 22:00:20
MoxNews- Joe Miller "This Isn't Over!" AK Senate race 21:53:28
U.S. doctors still too cozy with drug industry 21:06:49
MoxNews- Ron Paul "We Shouldn't Be Buying Up Bad Debt With "New" Money!" 20:55:29
Fox News leaves Ron Paul out of its 12 in 2012 series. Relegates him to 13. 20:15:23
NWO, Dollar collapse, End the Fed, all over main stream media 20:13:28
Gold sets record high amid economic fears 20:04:20
Good news - we will win 19:32:04
Long-Time Infowars Employee Talks About Her Airport Ordeal at The Hands of TSA 19:14:22
More Shocking: Marco Rubio is a Great Tea Party Patriot 19:13:39
Kakistocracy: Rule by the worst 18:53:07
In a tough economy, Goodwill to layaway: Stigmas disappear in a tough economy 18:34:49
Which candidates spent the most money per vote? 17:50:37
Top Story at HuffPost "Trashing" Arizona's Campaign for Liberty 17:17:59
Video:FOX BUSINESS: Peter Schiff vs. Guardian Angel? 17:03:43
Big shocking! Marco Rubio quit Tea Party to join Mitch McConnell 16:46:26
A Morgan Stanley Wealth Manager, did a Hit and Run on a bicyclist in Colorado! He left the bicyclist for DEAD 16:45:39
MoxNews- Ron Arnold "Media Matters Sole Purpose Is To Destroy FOX News" 16:43:58
Court order blocks Okla. amendment on Islamic law 15:32:46
As The Fed Eases Money, Banks Choose to Buy Bonds Rather than Lend it to Consumers 15:15:34
The Katz' Meow, or How the Paper Aristocracy Confuses Americans 15:11:56
What In The World Is Going On Inside Bank Of America? 15:09:57
Madison and Jefferson: A New Perspective on the Great Collaboration 14:57:11
The inherent contradiction of all forms of government (including limited) 14:07:26
Citi: Central Banks Are Going To Start Dumping Dollars In The Coming Weeks 13:51:52
Lindsey Graham sparks outrage after calling on U.S. to consider pre-emptive strike to 'neuter' Iran 13:48:14
Gold and Silver Soar to New Highs Despite "Strengthening" $ 13:39:36
Obama defends Fed decision to print more dollars in face of growing criticism 13:35:35
The Ideal Low Impact, Cheap, Crisis House? Hand Built Earth for $5000! 13:23:30
QE2 Questions for Bernanke 13:22:04
"Rubio's party loyalty is clear: GOP not TEA" 13:21:13
WSJ: Zoellick and the Gold Standard 13:15:20
Tea Parties and the Stupid Party By W. James Antle, III 13:07:11
GOP Primary Voters Express Interest in Third-Party Option 13:02:19
60 minutes- Screening The TSA 12:58:38
National Debt TV Commercial 12:54:21
Everyone needs to watch this 7 min vid - consequences of the FED 12:50:35
New Hampshire "Liberty Laboratory" 12:37:24
Paul Craig Roberts: Big Lies Little Lies Fake Unemployment Data... 11:59:49
Is GOP cooping the Tea Party or is the Tea Party cooping the GOP? 11:57:16
Sarah Palin criticizing the FED 11:56:12
MoxNews- White Conservative America Your Time Is Limited 11:48:50
Another MSNBC anchor caught backing Democrats 11:38:05
Infuriating! Texas Officials Ignoring Vote on Red Light Camera Ban! 11:28:32
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory ~ "Wall Street" Featuring Ron Paul 11:16:00
Mental Health Issues with Children of Deployed Soldiers. 11:11:30
Olbermann has suffered enough 11:03:49
The Republicans Won in 2010; Will US convert from a full headlong rush into socialism, to a full body tackle of corporate fascis 10:51:38
Fayetteville GA officer confronts citizen for telling the officer to stop speeding 09:39:51
Sarah Palin to Bernanke: ‘Cease and Desist’ Printing Money 09:36:29
Who is the leading candidate for Republicans in 2012? 09:32:03
Rand Paul: Tea Party Is 'Co-Opting Washington' 09:10:19
Taxpayers' bill on Freddie, Fannie foreclosures: $2 billion 09:01:47
Protect Yourself and Your Family from TSA Tyranny (Naked Photos and Sexual Assault) 08:50:04
Republicans Are Poised to Increase U.S. House Gains in Undecided Contests 08:14:20
Net Neutrality is on ice after GOP wins in the House 08:12:55
Obama admits that pushing Obamacare was 'More costly than we expected, politically' 08:11:27
Goldman Sachs Defends The Fed and Bernanke on QE2 08:09:09
How Did A Single Unconstitutional Agency Become The Most Powerful Organization In America? 08:03:35
Where is Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger? 08:00:48
World Bank Chief: Anchor Currencies in Gold Again 07:48:31
Independent Lab Results on Gulf Shrimp 07:21:18
Great new video for all true Paultards!! 05:07:20
Great new video for all true Paultards!! 05:06:19
How do we implement the 'Prime Directive' of non-interference? 03:21:08
For those unfamiliar with Web Bots- 02:59:55
QE2 - Analysis 02:39:52
I Have A Website About Paper Money Now 01:28:03
World Bank President Calls For Return To "Old Money" Gold Standard 01:12:58
BROKE: The New American Dream (part 1 of 6) 00:22:26