Posted on December 3, 2010

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CNBC Video - The Ron Paul Effect? Dec 3rd, 2010. 19:25:56
RT- Ron Paul Uncensored on $9 Trillion Fed bailout 16:18:33
Open Letter to by Daniel Ellsberg 13:09:27
House Financial Services Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommitee 12:19:10 Domain Killed by US... 12:03:19
Ron Paul's Moment: Bloomberg Follow-up Video on Ron Paul Becoming Chair of Financial Services Panel 10:14:44
Ron Paul on Mancow's Morning Madhouse (12/2/2010) 05:44:32
John Boehner Discussing Ways to PREVENT Ron Paul from Becoming Chairman! 12:10:10
Dr. Ron Paul on Morning Joe 12/02/10 19:45:56
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Peter Schiff: Gold, dollar, oil, jobs, deficits - 12/3/10 23:53:40
WikiLeaks Booted From Amazon Server. Government May Have Contacted Web Host and Suggested Shutdown. 23:41:04
Learning the Truth About Education 23:40:06
More about metal! Expert Ben Davies says massive squeeze imminent 23:14:01
Video Ron Paul wikilieaks are heros 10,000 views in 1 day 23:08:49
R3VOLT IS ON! Max Keiser / AJ update on "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" - up 9% since he made the call! 23:03:14
The Creditor and the Plastic Duck Junkie 22:49:57
Ron Paul Speach TSA, Photo Radar and Liberty 22:39:23
Excellent suggestion for Weekend Watching 22:09:08
While we watched the gold and silver, someone (update: JP MORGAN!) bought all the copper. (UPDATE 2: Here is why!!) 21:53:01
WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord 21:36:00
Obama Pardons 9 People, Including Coin Mutilator 21:20:22
Silver bugs,,How does this effect us . This is being delayed 21:19:31
Democracy Now: Is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a Hero? Glenn Greenwald Debates Steven Aftergood of Secrecy News 21:14:12
Lindsey Graham proposes permanent bases in Afghanistan on CNN 21:10:00
The Disclosure! (Great Video Cartoon about the Hegelian Dialectic) 20:44:53
Porter Stansberry's Warning of Dollar Collapse 20:43:15
Jim Gaffigan on the History of the Christmas Tree 20:41:24
Panic of 1873 20:17:48
Secret Unmanned Spacecraft? 20:05:44
There are still Obama believers out there. 19:46:13
Bloomberg ticker in one week 19:31:12
Silver questions *** Need Advice *** 19:16:16
INhuman: US Contractor bought Afghan Policemen Drugs & Little Boys! 18:51:24
Interrogators subjected Gitmo detainees to dangerous psychoactive drug: report 18:37:29
A story about a very special DP regular 18:32:49
Bernanke on 60 Minutes Tonight: QE2 Isn't Limited To $600 Billion 17:57:59
US contractor [Dyncorp] bought Afghan policemen drugs, little boys, cable reveals 17:55:55
Opting out of Statism 17:55:15
Cheney Indicted for Bribery in Nigeria, to be Sought for Arrest by Interpol, Extradition by U.S. 17:38:59
The Christmas Tree Custom 17:28:08
Library of Congress Is Latest Government Institution to Block Wikileaks 17:12:41
WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence 16:54:38
Drug company caught ghost writing text book for doctors. 16:29:21
Experts: Missile was Chinese - President Knew. Systems Failed. Cover-up! 16:22:24
♠ The War on Journalism rap video (ft. Julian Assange) 16:20:39
Net closes on Assange: arrest by British police expected in days 16:08:55
Experience of airport search (Memphis) 16:07:37
“Police State” episode of Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air 15:55:34
Post by Day down. 15:36:04
Nigel Farage: Have You Heard Of Him? 14:56:05
FreeRepublic pulls thread about Backstabbin' Boehner 14:53:44
USPS 14:47:46
Freedom Summit - Phoenix AZ This Weekend! 14:45:54
Cablegate: "US wants correct data about their colonies" 14:45:27
Unemployment hits 9.8% - Recovery is working 14:44:58
The Patriot Act is meant to go after terrorists. Don't worry, they would Never use it against us... 14:00:46
Senator Bernie Sanders 13:34:26
Treason in High Places: Federal Reserve and Global Bankers Loot Country 13:33:59
Lighting of menorah on White House lawn. 13:23:44
Rumors on powerful chairmanship: nothing to see here, folks. 13:21:18
WikiLeaks cables claim first scalp as German minister's aide is sacked 13:05:41
Ron Paul supposedly voted with Pelosi today 12:51:44
Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time 12:28:00
Full Contact info & Sample Text to Send: Contact Boehner & Cantor: Demand Ron Paul Get Subcommittee Chair! 12:04:35
NYT Sunday Mag declares JP Morgan Chase's "Jamie Dimon: America's Least-Hated Banker" 11:18:00
FORTUNE -- Is the IRS targeting African-American and Hispanic taxpayers? 11:08:19
IAR - Turkish Gold...anyone have an opinion? 11:02:11
Wikileaks: The 9/11 of American Diplomacy By Patrick J. Buchanan 10:59:02
CIA Recruiting on TV 10:53:47
Wikileaks Cables Criticize UK military in Afghanistan (DRUGS) 10:43:42
A fishy triple shot: Laugh with me or at me, just LAUGH! 10:26:51
More Bank of America Attention (Of The Unwanted Sort) 10:17:46
Are The Banks Insolvent? Fair Question, Given This.... 09:58:37
Pelosi: "“Unemlpoyment benefits creates jobs to help reduce the deficit.” 09:21:16
Why Governments Will Buy Silver, the Versatile Metal 08:31:17
FDIC Chair Implies Foreclosure Crisis Worse Because Men Were in Charge of Banks 08:18:31
Breaking: 1000s of Pennsylvania Foreclosures Could Be on Shaky Ground 08:16:34
A must read and watch!!! Being sold out!!! 08:07:16
End The Fed [by Former Advisor to Congressman Alan Grayson] 07:57:41
Ron Paul: Don't Start Another Korean War 07:51:11
Think you can avoid the TSA by driving? Think again. Feds involved in major checkpoint Outside Atlanta 07:45:28
Can someone explain why RP voted only to extend the tax cuts for those under 250K today 05:38:57
Nigeria to charge Dick Cheney in $180 million bribery case, issue Interpol arrest warrant 05:20:20
Wikileaks is poison 05:20:03
Summary of Wikileaks"cables" hitting MSM: 04:08:15
Video -Tequila !!! - Rationing - Conference - Cancun 03:35:07
Key objectives of NH liberty activists already being met 03:21:29
Video: Rand Paul on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto 12/02/10 03:04:52
Hopi Way of Life on Verge of Being Lost 02:48:36
It's a Northern lights nite for me.. 01:38:18
Nigeria to charge Cheney in pipeline bribery case 01:18:36
Easy Button! I'd Like to share this wonderfully written synopsis I found on the Fed! 01:11:02
I don't want Dr. Paul to be president 00:48:06
Join the insurrection against banking occupation- Buy Silver crash JP Morgan 00:31:46
Ron Paul, Craig Roberts Now "Controversial Columnists" According to Wikipedia, Criticism of Israel 00:19:37