Posted on December 11, 2010

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NY Times: The Fed? Ron Paul’s Not a Fan (Ron's Quotes in Print) 16:46:36
The Nation: Democrats Attack WikiLeaks, but Ron Paul Says: 'State Secrecy is Anathema' 14:07:29
Roll Call: Grassroots Love Protects Ron Paul 12:38:02
#2 Cause of US Deaths: Pharmaceuticals 12:16:03
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NYT: A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives 23:37:05
KWN: Silver Market "shorts" explained: 12-11-10 23:33:32
Super Weird: Obama Leaves Clinton talks about the fractional reserve system! 23:32:52
New GOP 2012 Poll - Please let this go viral and vote! 23:28:22
Favorite scene from 1776 the Musical 22:50:04
Please put info in title 22:46:37
Traveler's Declaration of Rights 21:45:09
Obama's 'Missing Link' 21:38:24
Who Would Be A Good Candidate(s) If Ron Paul Passed Away? 21:08:37
FOX News: Mobile X-Ray Vans Spark Debate 20:05:54
Off Topic - Weekend music thread 18:23:45
A Born Again Bush Booster and the Stealth Stimulus 18:01:24
Interview With Gordon Duff: Wikileaks Debunked 17:33:44
My quick project for the day 17:17:35
Weekend Movies to Watch 17:17:27
Standing up to the FDA 16:37:19
Carl Miller on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights 16:01:32
Wikileaks Hitler Buker Parody 15:53:43
Ron Paul : I´ll Try To Stop The Fed´s Secret Bailouts! 15:31:14
Ron Paul´s Plan to Make the Fed Obsolete! 15:24:27
Ridiculous Ayn Rand hit piece 15:09:19
Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job 14:57:11
Anybody a client of Rand Paul's eye clinic? 14:27:26
"Original Wikileaker” warns: Assange is being set up 13:37:58
WikiLeaks cables show deeper U.S. military role in Muslim world 13:14:15
A Statist Intervention 12:25:22
Here's a guy with intestinal fortitude! 12:10:49
Bernie Madoffs son found dead.. Suicide. 11:26:03
The Failure of the FED 10:01:35
Royal Saudi Air Force jets coming to shoot green at Idaho... 07:36:25
TMZ for Politics Coming Soon 06:36:01
CNN Dumps on Rioters 06:30:53
America's Salvation by Nelson Hultberg 05:43:50
"Just say no" to IMF, Iceland exits recession 05:43:33
Is the Healthcare bill really the budget bill? 04:09:32
Daniel Ellsberg-The Most Dangerous Man in America (Full Length Movie) 02:50:54
Watch - > Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Gulf Coast OIL SPILL Conspiracy 02:29:29
Tons of chemtrails in Central California this week.. being sprayed like insects as per usual 01:59:49
If dollar crashes question (scenarios) 00:33:50