Posted on December 13, 2010

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How Wikileaks Fights Big Government - Southern Avenger 21:31:34
Russia Today: The Rise of Ron Paul 20:25:25
Give Peace a Chance - The True Tea Party. 18:05:02
Unconstitutional!: U.S. Health-Care Requirement Thrown Out by Judge 14:22:42
The Nation/NPR: Ron Paul's Fight For Transparency 10:39:45
Pat Buchanan: WikiLeaks and supporters will take down the ‘American empire’ 08:13:51
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Mises: Gold Prices and Panic 23:44:52
Vote for Debra Medina to be Polled! 23:21:58
Richard Holbrooke DEAD. 23:07:53
NYT: Judge denies Subpoena vs Dr. Paul, Attempt to overthrow Dominica? 22:36:29
HitPiece Hilarity! Seven Ways Ron Paul Is Wrong About the Fed! 21:22:26
POLICE STATE - Colorado Cops To Use Biometric Iris Scanners 21:19:09
"Russia Today" is NOT Our Friend 21:11:56
Devvy Kidd Interviews Dr. Edwin Vierra Tonight at 9:00pm Central 20:49:38
Provocateurs,shills and disinfo agents 20:44:41
Ron Paul speaks to America's youth 20:34:22
Iceland may ban MasterCard, Visa over WikiLeaks censorship 20:12:09
Video Hit: The American Idiot 19:50:35
JPMorgan cuts back on US silver futures 19:18:35
Flashback: Why Ron Paul Didn't Win the Presidential Election in 2008 19:10:01
Are you ready to truly wake up? Understanding how 'Government' uses trust relationships to control you 19:09:41
Russia Today: Can Ron Paul End The Fed? 18:57:54
Astana: Flagship City of The NWO? 18:49:38
Empire of Lies and Secrecy 18:49:33
Chris Rock debunks the 2-party, false left-right paradigm 18:43:45
Do you think we'll know by next month if he'll run? 18:39:24
Pot Luck - Marijuana, A Growing Industry • NBC Nightly News • December 12th, 2010 18:36:39
Russia Today: Is Ron Paul America's Savior? 17:51:55
CBS News - Ron Paul gives 50/50 odds of a run in 2012 17:24:59
FinancialTimes: Ron Paul warns of Coming Currency Crisis 17:22:24
CNBC: Rep. Ron Paul, GOP Loner, Comes In From Cold 17:15:21
Ron Paul’s Spirited Defense of WikiLeaks 17:11:36
Philly Fed Research Paper Concludes Loan Modifications Counterproductive and "May Increase Strategic Defaults" 17:11:31
WTF Zazzle??? 17:09:17
Are Ron Paul's Views Becoming Mainstream? 17:05:35
Goldman Sachs: We Didn't Topple Bear Stearns 17:04:29
NY Mag: Could Ron Paul Take Down Sarah Palin? 16:50:09
"Buy-O Silver" (fishytune) 16:44:55
Have they attached the Food Safety Bill (formerly S510) to Fiscal Appropriations Bill HR 3082? 16:29:37
Putin Sings A Song 16:25:36
7 ways Ron is wrong on the Fed. Lol! 16:21:09
Time to Dust of Ron Paul Racing!!!!! 16:07:13
Will Rand Paul be the new face of the Right? The truth about Rand's meetings with neocons McConnell and Bill Kristol 16:01:05
My Top 10 Reasons Why Ron Paul Should Run For President 16:00:43
(updated) Schaeffer Cox Challenges courts authority over him! (video footage added) 15:23:19
Father Harassed By CPS For Feeding Kids Organic Food 14:52:58
Massive Corruption! NJ Dr. Ran Illegal Steroid Ring to 248 Cops & FD, Now Dead 14:47:02
CHART SHOCK: Fed's balance sheet grows to record size 14:39:26
Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy 14:35:42
Time to "Stress Test" the Fed 13:53:06
Daily Caller Poll: Should Ron Paul run for president? 13:42:45
Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Individual Mandate Unconstitutional 13:31:33
Phase Two Of Greater Depression II Begins Now 13:20:32
In the end, they will get the gold and silver 13:08:10
Income Tax 12:58:26
I tried to take physical delivery of my ETF 12:26:08
Recession Lasting Until 2018 12:21:48
Can you be a TEA partier and be for war? 11:39:15
Ron Paul: 50-50 Chance I'll Run for President 11:35:01
Sodahead Poll: Who Would Make the Best GOP Presidential Candidate? 11:17:10
White Slavery in Early America 11:05:39
Swedish Military Had Prior Knowledge Of Suicide Blast 10:40:34
Wall Street Set For Best Two Years Ever, Thanks To Bailout 10:38:57
The Fed remains in the hot seat 10:14:02
Gas up $1 a gallon on Obama's watch 10:11:52
BofA confesses to conspiracy. 08:56:19
The story of a real hero. The media won't tell it, you won't either. 08:48:24
Elana Kagan 08:42:12
Karma: Self inflicted genocide. 08:13:29
Silver More Vulnerable To A Correction Than Gold 08:12:22
The United States of Moral Hazard 08:00:15
Will you be distracted when the r3volution is WON? UPDATES! 07:57:14
Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Public Unions vs. Taxpayers 07:50:16
The Fed vs. Obama: Tax Deal will Drive up Interest Rates 07:48:25
Lenders Extend Credit to Risky Borrowers Again 07:32:20
Bank of America looks to Sell Toxic Mortgages worth $1 Billion 07:29:26
How G.I. Joe Predicted Today’s Illuminati Agenda 06:17:09
Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks 05:30:34
Ron Paul vs Sarah Palin vs the NWO vs GOP Establishment vs Tea Party in 2011-2012 04:36:50
John Williams: Hyperinflation will start in the next few months. 03:58:03
Just a quick story 02:14:30
Rasmussen: 74% of Americans want audit of the Federal Reserve 01:56:08
Can anyone here please provide me w a list of reliable places to buy silver w/out getting ripped off? [UPDATED] 01:13:00
Obama in a little rascals episode. 00:49:32
Austrian vs. Kenyaism Economics ... The new anti-Austrio Left! 00:35:20
Are Tea Partiers Anti Trade? (Ron and Rand) 00:19:37
I know most people here hate Sarah Palin but . . . 00:15:32