Posted on December 14, 2010

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Ron Paul On WikiLeaks on CNN: "This Is A Deliberate Attempt To Close Down The Internet" 20:31:48
Ron Paul on CNBC 12/14/10 17:09:29
Fortune Interviews Ron Paul About His Chairmanship and The Fed 15:07:34
Russia Today: Ron Paul Speaks to America's Youth 05:47:11
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Ron Paul on the Ongoing Tax Debate w.The Judge 14Dec10 23:51:54
Wik-Bee Leaks: EPA Document Shows It Knowingly Allowed Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees! 23:20:32
‘Puppet Master’ George Soros — Influence & Funding of USA Financial Reform ‘Revolution’ 23:14:12
chooseyourchairman, steele poll 22:51:24
Should Ron Paul Make Another Run for the Presidency in 2012? 22:49:09
VIDEO: John Boehner "Alcholic of the House" Breaks Down - Media Eats It Up 22:29:43
Police State USA 22:25:21
Ron Paul: Fed hiding $400 billion worth of purchase data 22:15:27
Victory! Fed.Court Rules: Need Warrant to Search Emails & Track CellPhones! 22:13:09
BREAKTHROUGH: First HIV-Positive Man Cured by Stem Cells 22:05:32
CNBC Video: Ron Paul vs. the Fed 22:01:02
Dr. Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 12/14/10: "I Always Will Vote For Lower Taxes" 21:42:47
Submitted for YOUR Evaluation... 21:40:36
Lieutenant Colonel Lakin Facing 18 Months of Jail for Requesting Barack Obama's Credentials Before Following Orders 20:51:29
Dr. Paul should vote no on tax cut extenstion package. 20:31:40
Ben Bernake and the Fed Playing With Inflation Fire? Fox Business 20:13:20
My daughter's Social Studies teacher 19:45:02
Dr. Ron Paul: "Audit the FED in 2011" -, Dec 13, 2010 18:56:45
Hyperinflation Special Report (Update 2010) 18:37:38
Patriot Act Re-authorization in Feb 2011 18:35:37
WHO’S LYING? 18:25:18
Losing the Real Bradley Manning Story 18:23:39
Is this the FED's Merry Christmas? Fed Secretly Lent over $3 Trillion to Foreign Banks & Global Corporations in Bailout 18:16:03
17 million USA college grads do jobs that only require high school diploma or less (Schiff radio) 18:12:18
Fmr.CIA, USMC Robert Steele praises Dr. Paul, Provides a ReadingList to HuffPost Audience! 18:10:36
Russia Today: Unemployed and Uncounted 18:06:37
silver shortage in Vancouver Canada deepens - no Silver Maples available! 18:05:11
Senator-Elect Rand Paul Announces Initial Staff Appointments 18:03:51
The Fed bought these with your money! 17:50:26
What is wrong with 0% inflation - I need to understand 17:31:30
Higher interest rates loom for the US and UK 17:07:19
Wikileaks Reneges Bradley Manning Promise 16:42:16
A very powerful lobby, Important Legislation Information 16:38:54
Adam Kokesh on Russia Today 12/14/10 16:28:36
our health ins might drop our baby if we don't file for a ss# 16:17:26
Micheal Moore Posts Bail Money For Julian Assange 16:14:30
The Fed Retains $600 Billion Treasury-Buying Plan Despite Republican Criticism 15:55:49
Houston Puts Breaks on Red Light Traffic Cameras 15:53:43
2012: Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson 15:40:34
Jubilee 2012 Report #7: Silver, Tin, Value, Worth, Bullion, Junk 15:28:08
MUST SEE! Is Ron Paul America´s Savior ? 15:16:58
TLC Lakin stood by his convictions and plead guilty to disobeying orders, Updated 15:10:28
FORTUNE: Will the Fed be able to survive Ron Paul? 15:05:07
To: Congress & Pres. Obama, Here Is The Best Way To Fix The US Economy! 14:55:17
Killing You Softly - Rat Poison Found To Be Good Blood Thinner ! 14:42:48
German man castrates teenage daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend 14:22:09
Dr. Ron Paul Speech: A Republic, If You Can Keep It 14:18:41
Walmart Snitch Program Collapses Under Weight of Homeland Security thanks to Andy Griffith. 14:09:35
William Buppert on the fall of America 13:27:29
Amazing Speech about Terrorism 13:26:56
10 Signs Financial Armageddon May Be Approaching 12:30:02
Bloomberg: Bernanke Options May Be Limited --Thanks to Ron Paul 12:29:05
Hello, Maybe you could help me with these Macro statistics for the USA ? 12:09:57
PHOTOS: Assange is Everywhere! 12:04:10
Middle Class Strife Left Out of Conversation 12:04:02
Wikileaks' Julian Assange has been Granted Bail by a British judge 11:56:59
Mish: Still More Hype Regarding Silver; Just the Math Maam 11:48:48
New iPhone ‘PatriotApp’ Allows you to Snitch on Others and report them to the DHS, FBI, CDC and other Gov't Agencies! 11:47:17
My Twitter Account (@AbolishTheFed) has a Klout score of 61. What's your score? 11:21:10
Gold May Beat Silver, Lifting Ratio by as Much as 20%: Technical Analysis 11:20:23
Top Story on Yahoo Asks: Is it time for a national sales tax? Um, NO 11:18:14
Tell your Attorney General to hold the big banks accountable for mortgage fraud 11:17:23
The Snakes In the Grass Slither Again! Food Safety Bill Slithers in Through Other Bill 11:16:45
HELP! - We need to contact U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson... 10:57:36
Judge Napolitano - Glenn Beck Show 12/13/10 10:39:47
"Washington’s Role Is To Serve The Banks" Says Spencer Bachus Incoming House Banking Committee Chairman 10:37:35
Ed Griffin on the 2010 Boston Tea Party 10:28:12
Gov't Watchdog Slams Obama's HAMP Foreclosure Prevention Program 10:08:36
Can Democracy Cope? By Patrick J. Buchanan 09:59:05
Fla. Cities & Counties Lose Big Bucks as Banks get Tax Breaks on Repossessed Homes 09:49:02
Ron Paul Interview with the National Journal on Ending the Fed 08:58:20
While the eyes are on the right hand; the left hand is up to no good... 08:51:21
Look Who was Demanding that Congress Audit the Fed back in 1975: Ralph Nader 08:42:41
Video - You Lie !!! - Shouted at Obama 08:35:59
Ben Bernanke: Public Enemy #1 – Mr. Big Shot (((Music Video))) 08:32:19
Praising Ron Paul as a Defender of Human Dignity 08:23:01
The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed 08:18:55
New Interview: Peter Boettke on the Rise of Austrian Economics 08:16:19
The Politics of the Blue State Bankruptcy 08:11:54
Charlie Crist, Michael Bloomberg, and Moderate Dems Launch "No Labels" Centrist Political Movement 08:09:54
The Fed to Raise Consumer Credit, Lease Protection Limits 08:03:10
Holbrooke's Last Words: "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan." 08:01:28
WikiLeaks Documentary » WikiRebels – The Documentary 07:48:25
Must hear interview with man who has been inside the bullion vault. 07:44:36
Wal-mart - Close Shop - Russia 07:36:28
Bachus: "Washington's Role is to Serve the Banks." 07:28:36
Russia Today: Can Ron Paul End the Fed? (Video) 06:52:55
Praising Dr. Ron Paul as a Defender of Human Dignity 06:37:52
70% of college students admit to cheating 04:25:15
Jack Hunter: Senator Tea Party: Rand Paul 04:12:00
If you own stocks...sell them NOW! 03:59:28
The Elite's Conspiracy on Coast to Coast 02:43:03
The 'Patriot App' for the iPhone 02:42:06
Socionomics Paper: Fringe Groups Reforming to Center = Bull Market 02:33:13
POLICE STATE - Colorado Cops To Use Biometric Iris Scanners On Kids & Seniors 01:47:28
Bachus: My View is that DC & Regulators are There to Serve the Banks! 01:34:09
Dr. Paul will run ... PREPARE! 01:29:27
TSA Parody: Grandma Got Molested at the Airport 01:21:25
Meteor shower happening now ! 01:07:17
Mitt Romney Bidding On Google For Ron Paul? 00:57:41
Big Sis becomes la Hermana Grande with NAU Treason 00:42:47
Campaign for Liberty Wins Fight Against Obamacare! 00:42:03
Fmr.RP2008 Chief Counsel Joe Becker: Only Bill of Rights Not Violated? Quartering Troops 00:05:47