Posted on December 16, 2010

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Why Is China Building Empty Cities? 23:19:45
NYT: Ron Paul Appears Poised to Irk the Fed Chief! - Dec 17, 2010 22:33:21
UK Guardian: Rand Paul, Maverick In The Making 19:16:08
Could Ron Paul Take Down Sarah Palin? 10:19:55
Ron Paul's Record-Breaking Day Remembered 09:32:37
Ron Paul on Fox Biz: High Unemployment Caused by Federal Reserve! 03:17:48
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Have a laugh! 23:21:10
The Paper Money Website Has Been Updated 23:02:08
The first commercial for "Capitalism" 22:46:58
Our Domestic Enemies 22:27:30
Rand Paul On The Sean Hannity Show 12-16-2010 22:14:54
High doses of fluoride in my water - filter options or recommendations? 21:50:47
The New York Times and WikiLeaks 21:46:51
A Skeleton in Judge Napolitano's Closet? 21:36:27
NYT:A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives 21:11:46
Rand Paul on the judge right now! 7:10 cst 21:11:29
A message from Carol Paul‏ 21:09:01
A Death Blow to Civil Rights (and the 4th Amendment) 20:59:12
A Big Victory for Common Sense (and the 4th Amendment) 20:55:42
Russia Today: US Drowning In Afghan War 20:41:52
((Eye Opening)) Video: Disease, Politics, and You 20:19:10
Joe Banister ACQUITTED!!! 20:06:05
Jubilee Report makes "What Really Happened" 20:04:43
What do you guys think about David Clarence's "Executor/Executrix Letter" ? 19:41:26
video:Ron Paul "This Is A Reflection Of How Inept The Government Is & Congress Is" 19:13:58
U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Killing American Troops in Afghanistan, Wall Street Bullish on War 18:57:11
Thank You Quiltingsando! 18:40:37
MP3: Ron Paul on the Grandy Group, WMAL 630AM, Dec 15, 2010 18:39:58
Left and Right Unite! CNN: 100 Anti-war Activists Arrested at White House Fence 18:32:42
Crickett's Poem Published in UK 18:30:44
Ron Paul on CSPAN NewsMakers, Today, Dec 16, 2010! 18:16:36
Chinese Take-Out Of The U.S. Economy, Debt Crisis Triggering Reserves Conversion into Gold and Silver 18:12:16
Rand Paul on Sean Hannity now Dec 16, 1:30 PM PST L.A. am790 17:36:40
We Have Won!!! U.S. Corporation Requests Peace Accord! We have won without bloodshed! Broadcast. 17:32:16
Incredible Performance by Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck 17:25:07
Obama advancing 'North American Union' agenda 17:22:32
Future of the Tea Party movement 16:33:12
Max Keiser #104 15:52:57
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2010 15:52:13
Wall Street Journal: Q&A: Ron Paul on His New Perch to Fight the Fed 15:49:32
CTFC ,Keeping Promises UPDATE 15:39:48
The Fed to Roll Out Debit-Card Rule 14:56:44
The Street: Ron Paul May Repeat Presidental Bid 14:48:45
"Shine and Arise" a fishytune in honor of the peace march today. 14:48:15
Check out this picture for runner up Times Man of the year the Tea Party 14:39:10
Obama administration calling for the creation of Internet Privacy Policy Office 14:19:47
Peter Schiff on FOX Business News 12/16/10 14:19:36
Any News On Veterans For Peace Rallies Going On Today Dec 16? 13:24:34
Geithner Says The Fed Govt is Trying to Keep People in Their Homes 13:00:05
IDF spying on Lebanon 12:29:42
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Granted Bail by U.K. Judge 12:26:56
Live House Judiciary hearing on Wikileaks 12:26:11
The Gold Standard Debunked - Video 12:17:14
Federal Reserve/San Quentin Protest Song 11:58:29
Is Warmaking Irrational? 11:38:44
Excellent Bloomberg TV Interview with Mike Maloney 11:23:40
Only little guys commit "treason", big guys commit "policy" 11:20:45
China scores! 11:19:22
Rand Paul, Maverick in the Making-U.K. Guardian 10:06:36
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Tax Bill Violates Article 1, Section 7 of U.S. Constitution 09:07:44
The Boeing/FAA/Justice Department Coverup : Thousands of 'Flights' Everyday at Risk 08:26:50
The Hill Acknowledges its 2012 Poll Didn't List Ron Paul as Challenger to Obama 08:25:35
Obama Tells Lawmakers Not Passing Tax Deal Could End His Presidency, Dem says 08:22:08
Totally Busted: The Truth About Goldman's Bailout by the Fed 08:13:56
The U.S. Is Free-Falling Into Bankruptcy: Striaght Talk from Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge 08:10:07
Why Central Bank Secrecy is Detrimental to Free-Market Capitalism 08:04:21
Hey Dudes !! - What's Happening !! 07:50:27
U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse 07:39:51
How to Find Foreclosures in your Neighborhood [or anywhere] with Google Maps 07:32:39
POLL: Most Americans Think Afghan War 'Not Worth Fighting' 07:19:47
2,500 Homeowners Put In Foreclosure While Awaiting Mortgage Modifications 07:13:11
DHS Chief Napolitano goes to Ariz in wake of Border Patrol Agent's Killing as Sen. Lieberman Prays for his Family 07:11:24
Former UK Minister: All Drugs Should Be Legalised To Beat Dealers 05:58:05
Nick Kettle, a RP LibertyCandidate, now the Youngest RI State Senator in History! 03:08:15
Earmarks vs. Change - Money Bags Sums It Up 02:40:22
Hilarity! Mocks RP, deludes Inflation is necessary for Commercial Real Estate 02:36:39
WOW...the Greece riots are intense! 01:55:20
Judge Napolitano: Federal Reserve = The 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto 01:49:37
Roll Call Vote on On Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendment with an Amendment (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010) 01:34:25
The media would stop interviewing Ron Paul the day he announced his run for president 01:13:32
Two guys get a lesson about chemtrails by local activist 00:38:30
Texas Gov. Perry says 'No' to Presidential Run 00:26:16
ARS Technica: FBI accused of planting backdoor in OpenBSD IPsec stack 00:10:08
This Is Definitely Worth 4 Minutes of Your Time 00:08:39