Posted on December 17, 2010

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WSJ - Ron Paul on C-Span: ‘I Don’t Think We Need Regulators’ 23:35:20
Ron Paul on Fox Business: Omnibus Spending Bill: 12-16 12:47:16
UN Plans Internet Regulation 12:42:56
US Empire Could Collapse at any time - Chris Hedges 12:14:41
RP with the Judge 12/16/10 (filling in for Beck) 11:36:18
John Conyers Joins Ron Paul in Support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks 08:47:43
The Deliberate Dumb Down of America 11:29:29
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"Grandma Got Molested At The Airport" – Funny Video 23:53:00
Pornographer Larry Flynt, the Indefatigable Defender of the Constitution! 23:30:48 A Doctor's View of TEOTWAWKI, Sanitation & Salt are Key. 23:19:31
Have you met a modern doctor? 22:42:23
"The Secret Plan To Fix The Dollar" 22:39:47
Adam VS The Man Live from Hollywood REP Freedom Force 22:31:55
Watch John Stossel 22:29:04
John Stossel - Friday 12/17/10 - 10 failed promises from the government. 22:14:32
Fidel's Doomed Love for Obama 21:59:42
"Eve of Destruction" Classic video 21:25:25
NH: Outbreak of restrained govt behavior in the "Free State?" 21:25:20
Bradley Manning Being Held in Inhumane Conditions 20:58:38
MP3: Ron Paul will be featured on NPR's All Things Considered, Sun Dec 19, 2010 20:39:50
Big Banks Profit from Foreclosure Crisis 20:30:47
House Overwhelmingly Approves New $725 Billion Military Spending Bill 20:27:13
Bob Boyce's un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed (In case anyone is considering it. 20:21:09
Ron Paul: Statement on tax compromise legislation 20:15:29
The U.N. Plans Internet Regulation 19:32:25
Good Morning America Interview Ron Paul? 19:27:47
TSA Body Scanners Destory DNA 19:24:57
The Dream Act Thread 19:17:57
Merry Christmas! Says Santa Ron Paul! New Dees Illustration! 19:13:38
Conspiracy Theory: 911/Pentagon Episode Tonight 19:00:57
AFP: Xe Services, formerly BlackWater Int'l., sold [to NYC PaperShufflers] 18:19:57
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place 18:19:38
LPAC Claims Bombshell New Evidence of 911 - UPDATE 17:38:05
Jubilee 2012 Report #8 Good Vibrations and Money of Love 17:35:09
AP: CIA promised $5M in legal fees for psychologists who waterboarded detainees! 17:15:59
FEDS Force Okla. Bank To Remove Crosses, Bible Verse 16:42:07
Happy Holidays from the TSA 16:33:14
Steppenwolf: Monster -America, Where Are You Now? 16:07:23
Lol funny ron paul tube 16:06:37
Arrest BP, Not The People! 16:00:55
Jim Rogers Interview 16:00:18
☠ While You Were Sleeping!: Harry Reid Pushing Through Dream Act Tomorrow! Sat. 18th ☠ 15:52:48
WikiLeaks Is Being 'Attacked' By Banks: Founder Assange 15:11:32
Legalize Drunk Driving 14:58:18
Paul Craig Roberts: Here’s Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots 14:57:23
The Gold Standard -Remains Victorious- Video 14:40:08
Ernie Hancock on Liberty at 2010 PorcFest: Great Stuff 14:38:01
ATM Spits out Gold 14:08:39
A "Come To Fishy" lecture before I post another Jubilee report. 13:40:50
Holiday TERROR ALERT Issued! 13:35:39
Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones Today: 1pm ET 13:00:47
Obama Promotes Scare Tactics Through the Mainstream Media to Advance the Police State 12:04:06
Banksters Give German Chancellor Her Marching Orders 11:31:51
The TSA Is A Fraud! 70 to 100% of Guns and Bombs Undetected! 11:30:40
Please Take Your Gold: New ATM spits out 24-carat bars & coins 11:03:00
The Philosophy of Liberty: Property 10:47:18
25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Then Ever 10:24:58
Congressman Brought Formal Charges Against the Fed- IN 1933!!!! 09:51:05
Slay the Community Reinvestment Act — before it strikes again. 09:36:52
Video: Ron Paul on The Omnibus Spending Bill 09:30:40
Food Prices Rise Sharply - and there's More To Come 09:22:13
Silver at $40 Will Be Best Metals Performer in 2011 [Bloomberg] 08:57:02
Spending bill defeat sign that Tea Party will have influence beyond election 08:13:20
Is This Our America Anymore? By Patrick J. Buchanan 08:11:59
Best news out of Idaho in a long time! 07:50:25
Ron Paul is Crazy Bottom Line! 07:05:26
The roadblock that may be erected on the Ron Paul 2012 campaign trail 06:38:20
Ron Paul on the Jason Lewis Show 04:03:53
Self-Empowered Shopping at the Big Box Stores 03:40:35
Local "Tea Party Conservative" DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Shock Jock Demonizes Ron Paul and Supports the FED 03:16:33
Should we be cutting taxes 03:08:05
Some conspiracies are more real than others. 02:49:51
Scott Horton is the cure for Neo Conservatives 02:30:29
MurdererBarry's Goons Arrest Ray McGovern, Ellsberg, Chris Hedges & Other AntiWar Peace Activists! 02:13:54
Congress Passes Tax Bill ... 01:52:00
Could Senators voting for Dream Act be indicted 00:18:18
Ron Paul interviewed by pro-Paul national radio host Jason Lewis (15 min) 00:16:22
Post-SHTF, You Really Ready to face Whom You May have to contend With? 00:07:56