Posted on December 19, 2010

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Update: New 1099 Rule Begins in Two Weeks!! 23:06:38
Mitch McConnell cites Ron Paul's support of bill, says Paul is the most famous Tea Party person in Congress 20:17:52
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 12/20/10 - Paying For Tax Cuts: Whose Money Is It? 14:48:02
Boston Tea Party 2010 - G E Griffin, P Schiff, G Johnson, R Mack & S Rhodes & A Kokesh 15:21:18
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What the Free State Project needs to know to succeed ( A Lesson on Factionalism ) 23:40:27
UK: Ten minute sterilization procedure over lunchtime 23:32:46
really on the brink of Korean conflict no discussion 22:33:54
What is the purpose of DP? 21:59:53
Scale of the Universe -- Amazing! 21:11:53
Iran: fuel prices surged 400 percen 20:57:45
**Action Alert: 9/11 First Responders Need Your Help! 19:46:27
Re-Broadcast: Rand Paul on Alex Jones 18:15:22
Gov. Motors disturbing new commercial 18:14:11
Will Ron Paul stop HR 6460 the new Federal Land Registry MERS forclosure mess 18:13:41
Humor: Grandma got Molested At The Airport 17:49:23
Let's send Wesley Snipes Christmas cards 17:10:58
The Devil's Christmas Letter 15:31:31
david icke debunked 14:38:29
Britain and Europe hit hard for the 3rd straight record-breaking winter season 14:34:40
Great Moments in Unintended Consequences - Video Outreach 13:19:08
Funny reply on cell phone "text a question" service 11:52:41
The First Shot Fired Over the Internet against the Federal Reserve 5 Years Ago 11:48:31
Brother, can you spare some F.R.A.U.D.? 11:35:00
From Bush to Obama - America's Fiscal Collapse 11:18:31
Show me the Money - $$$$$$$ !!! 10:58:41
US Mint by GNT 10:09:16
VIDEO: Seattle Buses to Wear Signs Confronting Israeli War Crimes 10:04:53
Video: George Ought to Help (Government Force vs. Free Association) 09:59:31
Happy Solstice - EXTRA SPECIAL this year! 09:22:43
Once One PIIG Flies, They All Will" - Ben Davies on KWN 08:37:15
Open letter from Ben Fulford to Ron Paul. 08:30:56
Creating Our Own Barter/Exchange Society to Permanently Opt Out of Fiat USD, Taxes, Corporate Slave-life 06:40:44
Did Ron Paul Sell Out? John Bush Gets A Surprising Interview 03:13:06
Free market fascism 02:31:00
George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice 02:03:58
Wikileaks on BOA's new measures against him 01:54:16
Does anyone know how Ron Paul voted on DADT? 01:45:17
UK Telegraph: Fears of a Major Swine Flu Crisis are Growing 01:13:24
Time for Christians to SHRED their Bibles. 01:09:32
Why the Health Care bill IS Constitutional with cites 00:42:08
Money-Bomb - Goal = 202 Trillion - For Freedom !!! 00:08:08