Posted on December 20, 2010

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Wikileaks: US threatened ‘retaliation’ to bully EU into accepting biotech crops 23:26:40
Slammed from all sides, FCC plans to pass fake Net Neutrality tomorrow 21:33:57
Senate Sneaks Food Safety Legislation in Sunday Night Surprise 20:46:13
WaPo: The Visionary: Ron Paul Should be Named Leader for 2010! 19:02:51
Ron Paul - "Deciding [on a 2012 Run] at the Beginning of the Year" 18:21:41
Food Stamps Profits: How JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty 17:39:49
Dr. Ron Paul on C-SPAN's Newsmakers 15:15:18
Iowa Straw Poll 2011 Date Announced 13:22:36
Biden-White House Agrees with GOP: Assange is 'High Tech Terrorist' 10:05:47
Amazing Spectacle: Total Lunar Eclipse Monday Night 09:32:37
Krugman Attacks Ron Paul for 3rd Day in a Row 10:57:53
NPR: Would Ron Paul Really Try To End The Fed? 00:22:28
The Daily Caller does Nice Long Piece on Ron Paul Revolution 12:50:31
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Good News: UK non-profits end era of sunlight ignorance and vitamin D denial 23:45:41
"Monitoring America" - A Washington Post Investigation 23:00:22
Xtranormal Federal Reserve 22:49:32
FCC Plans to regulate Internet through 'net-neutrality', Congress opposes action through amendment. 22:41:45
Moon Rising - Life on the moon? Another conspiracy? 22:07:45
New Crash JP Morgan Blog 21:02:47
Congress approves a private bill for ONE single illegal immigrant 20:21:52
2 men save pregnant deer from icy waters, then get fined for no lifejackets 20:18:13
Video: Sandra Hines Tells House of Reps What Many Feel 20:16:21
Keiser Report: Bleeping Bankers 20:10:08
Show MOX some love, please 19:56:04
Julian Assange never heard of Bradley Manning, big time Co-Intel Pro. 19:36:20
The Great Fear: How the Big Bucks Israel Lobby Engineered Islamophobia 19:34:18
Missoula District Court: Jury pool in marijuana case stages ‘mutiny’ 19:28:19
Geraldo Rivera says recent terrorist plots are absolutely bogus. 18:41:57
Daily Paul - Heart & Home of the Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N 18:37:34
Fed-Ex CEO and M. Chertoff discuss new police state protocols 18:37:33
Federal Reserve Member (ST. Louis branch) Bullard talks about R. Paul 18:37:15
FCC poised to adopt network neutrality rules 18:37:07
I got a question for you smart dpers. The judge pleaded on my behalf... 18:30:07
Merry Christmas Daily Paul 18:23:19
Action Alert: One last Chance to Kill the Food Safety Bill 18:16:17
10 Trends for 2011 by Gerald Celente 18:01:28
Naomi Wolf smacks down a noted Feminist over PoliticalArrest of Assange! 17:37:27
Krugman: I worked for Enron 17:24:50
Ron Paul not ruling out 2012 run (DailyCaller) 16:54:14
Insider Reveals Diabolical Secrets Of The Rand Corporation 16:12:49
Solstice Edition: Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver short video 15:48:39
I OPPOSE extending the Bush Tax Cuts because it includes more spending 15:23:20
Reaganonmics: a Defense By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 15:12:31
Report says 2009 50% Pregnant women received H1N1 vaccine, 700% Increase In Miscarriages 15:01:47
Tell Congress to Read the Constitution 14:57:59
S.510 Passes Senate 12-19-10 14:45:12
The Iraq War: Concluding or Continuing? 14:31:25
$24.5 Trillion In US National Debt -- $144 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities In 2015 14:22:49
Washington Post: The Monitoring Of America 13:11:59
voluntary disassociation 12:28:15
Great Speech by Bill Still (director of "Secret of Oz") on Monetary Reform 12:16:47
Scott Horton Interviews CFL's Anthony Gregory 12:12:36
A love song for F.A. Hayek! 11:45:26
Love Song for Hayek 11:45:04
I just opened a business in Northern NJ. Help a fellow DPer so he can help the DailyPaul!! 11:21:09
Income Taxes Are Not For Income To The Federal Government 10:18:48
Unintended Consequences (video) 10:14:06
House GOP to ax global warming committee 09:53:35
US Warplanes bomb central Iraq 09:46:02
S.510 Slipped Through Sunday As An Attachment To HR 2751... 08:45:55
Don't miss the battle of the ages !! 08:38:57
Dealing with domain squatting in the new root DNS 05:45:29
An Irishman Abroad Tells It Like It Is 05:31:50
The Prepardeness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 05:21:45
State Budgets: The Day of Reckoning Steve Kroft Reports On The Growing Financial Woes States Are Facing 04:38:40
All Debt in America can easily be paid off using CAFR accounts 04:34:05
Should Hank Paulson be in Jail 03:39:07
Culture of Resistance: End the Wars Action at the White House 03:38:14
Bloomberg: History of Gold ETFs, Soros, and Bubbles 02:37:03
I'm Sick Of Progressives 02:35:10
Retail Shakedown 02:17:53
sign of the cross ...old believers 01:37:34
When Zombies Win (a laughable attack) By Paul Krugman NYT 01:04:57