Posted on December 22, 2010

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Pat Robertson: It's time to legalize marijuana! 23:10:56
"Ride 'Foreward" New Revolution Rap by MoRtiS NoCTu 19:03:08
Jury Nullification: Potential Montana Jurors Stage a 'Mutiny' in Felony Pot Case! 18:14:39
Dr. Ron Paul Cordially Invites You to CPAC 2011 - Feb 10-12 15:29:21
Fear is the Font of Courage 13:28:09
PFC Bradley Manning, Patriot 13:08:46
Don't walk down the street and will be killed by the police for wielding a knife 02:30:40
IL, OH, MA, NJ, NY, PA Lose Congressional Seats... 01:15:22
Tom Woods Smashes Central Bank Dogma on Freedom Watch 12/21/10 00:09:54
Electronic Pickpocketing. Are you vulnerable??? 02:15:22
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ATF Alert: Emergency Mandate to Track Batch-Sales of LongGuns, including AR & AK! 23:48:00
Florida Fusion Center Monitored BP Protests, Ron Paul Events, Code Pink 23:43:54
I did a major update on my news site. 23:14:09
Max Blumenthal Left Germany in 1935 21:52:13
Repeal Laws 21:38:38
Video: Dr. Ron Paul's Acceptance Speech @ The Charity Awards, Dec. 3, 2010! 21:34:34
Which Republican do you think should run for President in 2012? 21:20:32
The Torture of Bradley Manning 20:52:40
Why are none of the conservative sites reporting the news? 20:39:03
Dick Fuld Got Millions In Special Bonus 4 Days Before Lehman Filed For Bankruptcy 20:26:48
Jullian Assange great interview with MSNBC 20:23:25
Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children 20:04:21
Respect Authority 19:45:07
Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA 19:35:52
‘People affiliated with our organization have already been assassinated,’ Assange claims 19:24:20
Russel Means with some serious truth (and bank open for business) 19:23:31
Forclosures on people who never miss a payment! 19:05:40
another Christmas Day arrives -- {poem} 18:52:06
"Freak" diversion of Jet Stream paralyzing globe with freezing conditions. 18:42:49
Call Flood For Bradley Manning! 18:09:06
300 Billion Pennies For Your Thoughts 18:01:05
Dr Paul announces he is running for President in 2012 and we do...? 17:58:10
Obama Announces Support for UN Resolution Stating 'Indigenous Peoples Have the Right to the Lands... 17:37:03
Greenwald on people begging for the police state 17:30:53
The unwavering and inimitable Ron Paul Once dismissed by left and right, Rep. Ron Paul is suddenly liked. 17:20:12
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 12.17.10 - 9/11 Pentagon Attack 17:07:13
Like Walmart prices but don't like to shop there? 15:47:24
Obama Prepares Executive Order For Indefinite Detention 15:43:36
'Patriot' Paranoia 15:39:34
Ron Paul: 'Too Old' to Run in 2012? 15:06:37
Problems continue at the silver comex/JPmorgan finds allies to hide the silver shorts 14:51:10
'Atmospheric River' could bankrupt California 13:58:52
"Food Safety Bill" will actually make food less safe........ 13:52:20
VOTE - Online Poll 13:49:18
A Special Song For Ron Paul Supporters ! 13:24:53
Great 60 Min segment on deadbeat states and the harsh reality happening now. 13:13:19
Comedian Russell Brand calls our leaders, "ham fisted chumps," speaks out on Wikileaks. 13:04:33
AsiaTimes: Ron Paul the Brave - A Fluff Piece. So? .o) 05:50:55
America, Officially a PoliceState: WH drafts ExecutiveOrder making Indefinite Detention permanent! 05:36:45
Simple Calculations Showing the Official 911 Story is Impossible 03:27:37
Rep. Ron Paul on the Alan Colmes Show (12/21/2010) 03:01:38
The Keynes vs Hayak Rap shown on Freedomwatch 02:32:28
White House Drafts Executive Order for Indefinite Detention 02:17:27
The Pope Said What? 02:12:54
(video) Capitalism Is Anarchy 00:59:32
I'm in love with Friedrich Hayek MUST watch. 00:45:57
Vaclav Klaus gov't survives no-confidence vote 00:18:02
Grassroots funding for Bill Still's world's first interactive book! 00:12:34