Posted on December 23, 2010

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"The Crisis" by Thomas Paine: December 23, 1776 23:20:41
Woman (Rape Survivor) w/Pacemaker Arrested after refusing "Enhanced" Pat-Down from TSA 21:21:01
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the DailyPaul! 16:51:27
16 U.S. Cities That Could Face Bankruptcy in 2011 10:42:36
Judge Napolitano on The Plain Truth of the Federal Reserve 12/21/10 02:38:31
Who Will Be Our Modern Day Jefferson? 00:31:40
Congressman Paul on the Thom Hartmann Program (12/14/2010) 14:42:56
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We have a new tool for education! 22:42:21
Payment in gold, coin, or money of the United States is against public policy 22:31:00
Caught in the Act: Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog 20:55:36
Minnesota raw milk products ordered destroyed 20:54:50
Senate NOW Moving To Federalize ALL Water 20:50:41
Anti-Israel ads fuel controversy in Seattle 20:48:13
Rand takes office in less than 2 weeks! Here's to his first 99-1 vote! 20:40:59
'You killed our future': Man throws himself from balcony in Romanian parliament 20:40:45
POLICE STATE - Waste Management Teams Up With Police To Prevent Crime 20:37:07
Harry Reid locked a little kid in a garage until he cried, Senator's son reveals 20:22:46
Blueprint for Truth 20:09:26
Political Prisoners of the United States - List 20:02:54
video: Food Safety Bill Passes House/Senate, President to sign, Gardens illegal? 19:59:55
You know, when you step back and really think about it..... 19:53:07
Christmas wishes from Sweden 19:02:04
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 18:50:46
A Libertarian Case for Anti-Theism 18:40:42
Florida Fusion Center Surveilled Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty 18:37:36
New poll: 2010 Leader of the Year is... 18:30:14
Mish vs. Denninger: Econ BlogWars erupt over Kucinich's 'GreenBacker' FED. Res. PowerGrab! 18:16:47
What do you guys think about the Dinar? Is it about to revalue? 17:59:18
Man slammed to ground and arrested for shooting bow and arrow in own yard 17:56:41
Surprise! Official 'Tea Party Caucus' member cosponsored Food Safety bill 17:40:19
Study: fluoridated water causes brain damage in children 17:35:06
Anarchists considered the new global threat. 17:28:39
Merry Christmas, Daily Paul 17:28:38
The danger of energy-saving light bulbs 17:16:53
What to do with Worthless $2.7 Trillion? If You're China, offer to Buy an Entire Continent! 16:50:04
The DP, a melting pot of ideas 16:07:09
The Murder of John T. Williams [TIR] 15:47:05
A Guest's Contrarian Take On Dennis Kucinich's Recent Attempt To "End The Fed" 15:37:27
Who Will Be Our Modern Day Jefferson? 15:23:21
Michael Badnarik on the Cost of Liberty, Drawing the Line, and American Tyranny 15:18:26
Video: 4-Foot High Mud Flood Encases Cars in California. Wow 14:59:55
iPatriot: Which Republican do you think should run for President in 2012?: 14:40:17
Scott Horton Interviews Thomas E. Woods -- Nullify the Empire! 14:40:07
Paul Krugman on Rachel Maddow Show 12.22.10 14:39:09
video: Commodity Prices Force Food Manufacturers to Trim Costs 14:26:17
Patri Friedman: How to create a startup country 14:03:50
Don't know where to go, might as well try here... 13:50:59
It Is Treason To Call WikiLeaks Treason 12:57:09
Thoughts on changing the Revolution logo for 2012.... 12:53:20
Man Jumps From Balcony in Romanian Parliment 12:47:27
NPR Interviews Ron Paul about The Fed and Transparency (with Audio) 12:44:41
ipatriot prez poll: Paul losing! 12:30:23
Where can I find a graph of Oil prices for 2010? 12:05:35
Poll....2012.....Vote ron paul! 11:57:01
Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children 11:49:41
Kucinich unveils new bill to 'replace the fed'. 11:42:11
Welfare 11:22:01
Happy Birthday Federal Reserve 10:50:10
Bloomberg Counters Gold’s Run with Absurd, Baseless Hit-Piece 10:49:36
World Bank reaffirms Gold as "reference point" to monetary system reform 10:47:27
Bill Bonner Says Just Print More Money: The Easy Way to Manage and Economy 10:46:03
11 Ways Bank of America Practices Hurt Americans 10:36:22
Bank Of America Accused Of Breaking Into Woman's Home, Taking Husband's Ashes 10:33:25
Leading Candidate To Replace Larry Summers Got Big Payday From Goldman Sachs 10:30:28
A penny saved, is a penny that can be used in 2012..... 10:03:54
Why Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans? 09:05:24
wikki *tentacle revelations.. 08:24:07
I will ask this here where no one will hear me... lol! 08:22:02
Understanding Electronic Medical Records and their implications (banksters are betting on our death now.) 08:08:00
Know and defend your rights, Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class 07:56:16
The unwavering and inimitable Ron Paul 06:16:18
Stossel Show - Top Ten Promises Gone Wrong! 03:47:39
23% of high school grads fail hella-easy army entrance exam - Peter Schiff radio (youtube) 03:17:37
Sacramento-area pilot punished by TSA for YouTube video 03:04:53
UK trains and support bangladesh death squad 02:46:01
The Espionage Act of 1917-Extreme Danger 02:41:06
I have never seen anything like this! Best Dance ever! Make u smile! 02:30:34
Am I The Last Person on Earth to See This? Keynes v Hayek Rap Video 02:25:00
5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam 02:06:38
Clemency for Lt. Col Lakin, a "birther". 01:56:41
Ron Paul Online Poll 01:55:46
hahahaha!!!!!! Krugman and Maddow talking about economics 01:20:14
Coming Soon to America, I hope: Argentina jails for life 15 'dirty war' cops 00:44:47
Rare Up Close Footage of Chemtrailing Plane? 00:29:10
Proof: CyberWar being waged against the Citizenry, DHS Trolls attack Anti-TSA Site! 00:26:24