Posted on December 24, 2010

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Forbes: Econ-101 with Dr. Ron Paul 14:37:33
John Pilger: The War You Don't See 13:23:30
Merry Christmas Everyone! 13:00:51
A Holiday Statement from Bradley Manning 13:03:46
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Manning is getting killed in the comment section by we the sheeple 23:15:55
Ron Paul 2012??? Diebold VS Paper Ballots 22:33:07
More police abuse of power, this time from the UK 22:21:22
You all must see this documentary 21:45:33
The Economic Lessons of Bethlehem ( a story of Messiah's birth ) 21:44:05
Monsanto is the real food terror threat 20:33:35
fishy's holiday video 20:10:20
Deleted 19:53:02
Deleted 19:48:32
Christmas Message From Interim President Tim Turner 18:59:16
Government-free marriage 18:51:39
Very Good News for Christmas!!!! 18:39:16
Why do I give seed, vegetables, food in general, Nothing asked, Nothing wanted! 18:38:07
A Declaration of Rights 18:37:41
~ Merry Christmas ~ rEVOLution Style 18:18:19
Economics Is Simple ... 16:27:10
George Ought to Help 16:14:20
All I want for Christmas is a rEVOLution. 15:58:01
Satan and a Coke... 15:49:19
Radiation In The Water In Ron's District...? 15:43:54
U.S. Approved Business With Blacklisted Nations 15:20:43
New poll. 15:18:32
Happy Birthday, Legalize Liberty! 15:17:31
Peter Schiff on CNBC 12/23/10 15:10:11
Wikileaks' Christmas Message 14:36:17
Terror for the holidays: Methodology of the State of Terror 14:24:36
Eye & Ear Candy for all DP'ers. Merry Christmas! 13:01:52
House Republicans Call for Full Reading of Constitution Jan. 6th 12:54:42
a Christmas Carol 12:09:31
The "We're Not Supposed to be a Christian Nation" crowd is still at it... 11:34:32
Laws?? We don't need no stinkin' laws! : EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases 11:23:44
The Real Story of Xmas: Truth Warning Religious People 10:50:51
This is getting out of control - 13 year old arrested for having a marker pen 10:38:08
Jury pool in marijuana case stages mutiny 10:08:07
Government Master Card 09:28:32
Jubilee News 08:51:57
Attending The CPAC 2011 Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Ron Paul Now! 05:39:03
Pepper spray no obstacle to Texas Nike consumers 02:45:11
Listening to George Norry this am. 01:24:50
Monsanto’s Neotame molecule allowed in USDA certified organic foods 01:19:52
G. Edward Griffin Promotes Freedom Force International 00:52:47
Those on DHS 'terror watch lists ' disqualified from 9/11 first responder medical help 00:19:58