Posted on December 29, 2010

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The Truth About Flight 253 Has Been Revealed -- By Kurt Haskell 16:53:49
Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74 07:04:58
An Anti-war Message 02:08:42
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Peter Schiff on CNBC 12/29/10 23:26:12
Wkileaks: US pushed for ISP data retention in Sweden 22:48:31
US Debt On Track To $20 Trillion In 2014 21:52:31
Some Want Global Population To Be 100 Million (or less......) 21:41:36
The Sun (Murdoch) Admits Publishing False Pre Holiday AlQaida Story 21:21:21
Civilization 21:02:21
Facts vs. Myth - About Billy the Kid 20:58:22
CNBC - Silver Shortage All Hype? 20:46:12
The Fly in the Ointment in 911 Fires Theory 20:42:33
Slavery.... alive and well in America 2010 19:49:21
Why 9/11 doesn't matter... 19:20:08
DC: Ron Paul delays judgement on possible Sarah Palin presidential bid 18:26:10
Ashton Kucher on the coming Collapse 17:45:52
Help Me Help Ron Paul Win CPAC 2011 17:45:48
Kucinich may lose his House seat 17:26:42
Passing of Great Patriot Aaron Zelman 16:27:15
Ron Paul NEEDS votes in WaPo 2010 Leader of the Year poll, lead has shrunk to 1% 16:22:23
Push for States to Create their own Currencies 16:02:54
Another reason the post office needs to go.... 15:59:19
How do you post special signs and colors? 15:51:17
Coming to a State Near You: Anyone with .gov or .edu email can use government spy tools 15:36:35
S.510 grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations 15:27:43
WikiLeaks set to turn on Israel 15:19:59
Who Didn't see this Coming : Army Recruitment near all time High. 14:35:24
Fishy gets the boot! 14:12:16
End Orwellian US economics to unleash trillions of our dollars 14:01:54
New Years Weekend Watching 13:42:37
RP's Dec 27 TX Straight Talk: Radical? 13:41:42
♪♫♫ It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) | Bob Dylan ♪♫ 13:07:03
Classic Alex Jones 12:29:05
(Video) Bra & Panties Protest Babe Banned AGAIN By TSA 12:24:22
Petroleum found in Gulf of Mexico seafood samples 12:04:16
UK "Philanthropy plan:" Gov./Banks Join to Boost Charitable Giving 12:02:52
New Econtalk podcast - Pete Boettke discusses Mises 11:55:53
New Year's Resolutions for Stick People 11:35:28
triffins dilemma and b.a.n.c.o.r. 11:20:18
A Patriot Army Rises... 10:58:42
Lotsa Newz Today 09:58:49
Tracy Ward, a Pink-haired, Punk-Rockin' R3VOLution Hottie runs for Kansas City Council! 08:06:56
Cannabis cures cancer? 07:18:07
The Libertarian Philosophy Is a Utopian Fantasy 06:44:07
Dr. Paul on the G. Gordon Liddy Show (12/27/2010) 05:35:23
Decision on possible Billy the Kid pardon expected by end of week 04:37:07
What's keeping YOU from becoming a candidate? 02:10:46
Daily Paul personality profiles? 01:49:50
"Arizonas's new immigration fight" on CNN video 01:39:20
Does Tea Party Nation Represent the Tea Party? 01:00:43
Tucson Citizen: Was the Murder of US Border Agent Brian Terry, another Pat Tillman?? 00:07:02