Posted on December 30, 2010

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Video: Stossel interviews Ron Paul / Who Gives More to Charity? 23:58:36
Veterans For Peace Protest War Outside White House 21:16:39
Europe to ban hundreds of herbal remedies 11:04:02
He Died In Jail 10:51:37
Who Is Ron Paul? National Review Interviews Ron Paul 08:48:32
House GOP will Break New Ground and Read the Constitution Aloud 08:45:22
KWN - 2011 Top Trends Forcast by Gerald Celente: 12/29/10 00:19:19
If Newt Gingrich is really 'very serious' about running for president in 2012. . . 12:55:34
Patriot Pilot's Atty. Request: Contact Jason Cheffetz' Office! 08:24:16
No More Excuses Obama Video 09:56:32
Official News: Dr. Paul Appointed Chairman of Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee 00:21:15
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Mr. Obama WE, the People, Are Still Coming 23:38:29
I was told something frightning today 23:18:49
FDA "testing" 22:45:04
Video: Housing, Raw Jobs Data, and NIA 2010 Recap 20:11:41
Prez Poll - Quick, Easy Vote For Ron 20:02:09
Ron Paul Android App Almost Here 19:32:21
GOProud on MSNBC with Cenk 19:30:49
Fox News Turns In Grandmotherly Terrorist via Facebook 19:29:59
Geopolitics, War, & the New World Order 19:25:51
Winter Soldiers Engage Obama White House, Protest Dec. 16th 19:25:50
Japan devises palladium-like alloy (FYI Nanotech off-topic) 18:38:14
The constitution has no binding power and is confusing! 18:05:54
Google's Sinister DNA Plans 17:44:27
♪ Prayer of St. Francis being sung by Sarah McLachlan ♪ 17:43:12
Sex and God 17:38:08
The TSA's state-mandated molestation 17:10:58
What do you say to pundits of socialism? 17:04:24
Q: How Powerful are US People? A: REAL Powerful.. 16:43:16
♪ Love Will Keep Us Alive ♪ 15:52:31
Obscene, threatening comments posted at anti-TSA website traced to Homeland Security servers 15:38:49
How US Got Troops in Colombia 15:12:51
enemy of the state camp fema 2 15:05:23
If you get an hour to spare, this is worth watching.. 14:42:28
Aaron Russo Speaks On The Elite! 14:38:42
Aaron Russo on The Federal Reserve! 14:32:45
Online poll: ChooseYourChiarman readjusts bar graph again 14:15:24
Our Lickspittle Press By Paul Craig Roberts 14:08:24
Enemy Within The Gates By Chuck Baldwin 14:01:50
New Year's Resolution: Free Yourself!!! Send This Video To Everyone You Know! 13:46:42
Hey Jon....Some questions regarding SEO. 13:42:18
The Most Disgusting Video Ever 13:26:06
"Wall Street Journal Aids Silver Price Suppression" 13:16:36
Lew Rockwell on AJ - Now! 13:09:09
Emissions Trading System explained 13:02:49
Wikileaks 13:02:31
Under age 40? You won't understand. 12:56:58
Japan postponed CO2 emissions trading scam 12:46:20
Cracked on the Tea Party 12:34:14
"Alongside Night" - Free download of libertarian novel. 12:28:07
Let's Reclaim History As We Go Into 2011, And The Unknown Future 12:22:07
Essential Information about Vitamin D3 12:10:29
Any investors / metal enthusiasts have any insight into rare earths? 11:52:29
Paul Craig Roberts: America Has Gone Away 11:16:02
"No refusal" DUI checkpoints coming to Tampa; if you decline, Judge issues warrant on site to run mandatory blood test 10:29:45
Dick Simkanin 10:11:50
Finally We All Agree 10:03:28
How To Purchase Gold and Silver 09:51:21
Ron Paul's Secret Weapon 09:28:13
National Review article on RP 09:21:35
Ron Paul's secret weapon 09:06:05
Wall Street Journal Aids Silver Price Suppression 08:40:06
Ron Paul delays judgment on possible Sarah Palin presidential bid 08:35:13
Bank of America's Mortgage Principal Reduction Program Is Underway 08:22:52
FHA Rolls Out Principal Reducing Refis for Underwater Borrowers 08:21:44
Silver will jump as much as 37% in 2011, says Bloomberg Survey 08:17:58
Aaron Zelman, RIP: Founder of JPFO passes Away, UnTimely... 06:23:07
Ron Paul: The Constitution Does Not Authorize… 06:13:23
Federal Reserve = Trying To Play God 03:55:55
Mathews show about Obamas birth certificate 03:45:11
Taxpayers left in the dark on risky investments 03:30:20
Congressman Ron Paul discusses WikiLeaks [HD] 02:25:46
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Principled Consistency in 1983, as is Now. 02:12:46
This is where I buy my organic food. The dog "Killer"! 01:58:09
I finally watched "For Liberty" tonight.. 01:44:39
Citing Facebook Posts, Fox News Turns in Indiana Grandmother for ‘Terror Link’ 01:34:12
Country Living Reference 00:46:51
Assault and Privacy tonight on Coast to Coast 00:08:08