Posted on December 31, 2010

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Rabbit Rabbit 19:27:38
Bloomberg Names Ron and Rand Paul among the 50 People & Things That Got a Boost in 2010 17:26:02
Rep. Ron Paul vs. the Fed and Ben Bernanke 17:18:59
Talk to Afghans for World Peace 16:06:08
As for me, I'm quitting smoking. Any other New Year resolutions? 20:46:02
Ezra Klein: The Constitution is impossible to understand 15:13:21
No More Alcohol In My Life! 20:26:02
Fault Lines: Fast food, fat profits: Obesity in America 11:46:49
"If Americans win a war and lose the Constitution, they will have lost everything." 12:43:47
Happy 2011 Everyone; Sending all my love to you! 19:26:02
Ron Paul frightens a FED Lackey into mulling regularly-held PR Offensives! 04:48:01
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This could be a good fight to get involved with. 23:14:56
Gas going to $5/gallon 22:22:35
For Days of Auld Lang Syne 22:03:19
Rand Paul: "Audit the Fed" Will Be My First Senate Bill!!! 21:53:20
2011 RNC Chairman's Debate January 3rd, Send in your QUESTIONS!! 21:51:26
Happy New Year to all my Daily Paul Friends! May all our projects prosper! 20:59:50
Awesome @ Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights: John Lewis Tea Party Speech 20:30:53
Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold 20:23:27
Man stays in FEMA trailer in spite of house being fixed and livable. 19:31:53
Ron and Rand's Swearing in Celebration 19:07:14
Paul Craig Roberts: 2011 Is 1984 18:57:34
What/Who is statmiller or stadmiller and how does this relate to alex jones? 18:45:08
Save us from ourselves? 17:23:58
No, I will not comply. Period. 16:57:21
The truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. 16:36:35
" National Security " means Tyranny 16:36:22
David Icke Article on Rothschild Zionism 16:26:15
A Father's Legacy 16:20:39
Sheriff Mack Videos - Excellent 14:57:55
Happy New Year From Artist David Dees 14:37:39
Ancient Aliens 14:35:51
Danger of Genetically Modified Foods with Dr. OZ 14:18:24
Is argentium silver a good investment? 14:16:21
Afghans For Peace Worldwide New Years Call For An End To War 14:06:38
Great Website For The Newly Awakened That Are Now Searching For Answers 14:00:00
Iraq - An American Killing Field -The Truth About Our Occupation 9-9-10 Interview with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi 13:27:20
Less Silver Above Ground than Gold? 13:26:09
Rothschild Bank & Goldman Sachs Both On The LIST Of Bondholders Getting U.S. Taxpayer Billions In Irish Bailout » 09:57:59
Mamby-Pamby Land? Nope, Rips Obama 08:21:20
DE Judge to Coppers: If You want to GPS Track the Citizenry, Get a Warrant! 08:16:24
Max Keiser interviewed on KPFA's Guns & Butter w/Bonnie Faulkner, Dec 29, 2010! 08:03:46
Wikileaks Documentary 07:53:03
Changing Tide? Tea Party Nation: DHS is a "Liberal Hate Group!" 07:25:49
The Host and The Parasite 06:38:09
Invest In The US, Not Afghanistan! Cenk Attack On MSNBC 05:59:02
America to End Under the Weight of its Own Evil & Lies 05:13:51
Greenwald Calls Out Statist Anchor(s) 05:05:30
Stossel Show - Who Gives More To Charity ? (Dr. Ron Paul) 04:43:15
Ron Paul declared champion of Caffeinated Conservative of 2010! 03:48:00
Hey Mike! An Open Letter to Our Michael. 03:08:37
►Video: Rep. Lynn Jenkins (KS) Will Move to Ban Lame Duck Sessions 02:48:17
Tim Turner - America Can Be Free - Lecture 02:34:26
Curious 02:21:16
Lord Stirling: Gulf Oil Spill may may cause mini Ice Age and starvation 02:19:45
Medicare Bound to Bust as First Boomers Hit 65 02:09:59
DIGG - Article regarding internet freedom. 01:36:43
Ron Paul 2012 - National Voter Bomb - Pledge Your Vote! 01:30:15
Climate Scam - The game is up 01:19:14
The Unthinking Right by Lew Rockwell 01:08:38
E-Books Outsell Paper at Barnes & Noble 00:12:22
Vote in Daily Caller poll - who would u like to kiss for New Yrs Eve? P Ryan tied w Ron 00:01:47