Posted on December 4, 2010

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FREEdom Quilt FUN!!! 23:42:10
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Obama Blocks WikiLeaks From Federal Computers 23:55:56
Anytime you guys get down (VIDEO) 23:18:06
It seems Google shut down 'Posts organized by day' 23:17:48
Miss TSA Pin Up Calendar 2010 (VIDEO) 21:24:50
IRS manager passes End The Fed to employee to read 20:47:53
Hugh Jidette for President 20:07:00
Silver scam by JP Morgan now also Copper scam 19:46:07
Here's a Nevada Poll, Go VOTE for Ron today!!! 17:47:30
see WWII propaganda movie sergeant york 16:44:38
Urgent ALERT Plotting to Stop Ron Paul 16:41:57
The Fed Withholds Collateral Data for $885 Billion in Financial-Crisis Loans 16:09:19
John F. Kennedy on freedom of the press 15:59:43
GOP, Dems nearing deal on Busch Tax Rates Extension & Unemployment Benefits 15:53:49
DIGG - Ron Paul says 'what we need is more wikileaks on the Federal Reserve!' 15:41:39
PayPal Cuts WikiLeaks from money flow 15:26:24
Was John Lennon's murderer Mark Chapman a CIA hitman? 14:56:29
25 Unemployment Statistics That Are Almost Too Depressing To Read 14:49:15
Engineering Economic Destruction 14:35:40
International Forecaster 12-1-10: Fed Wealth Grows While Others Drown In Debt 14:24:49
Hugh Jidette for President 13:57:43
U.S. Attempts to Control Speech. This one made my stomach flip over! 13:40:55
Obama's South Korean trade deal an arms deal front and bribes to UAW.. 13:35:47
Was Obama 'B-tch' Slapped? 13:25:57
Where are 1% of American adults? 12:45:42
Where are 1% of American adults? 12:44:02
Judge Napalm-itano exposes the Bachmann Tea-o-con Overdrive 12:31:53
Work or be Prosecuted 11:43:12
Wikieffects. 11:42:06
PayPal suspends WikiLeaks donations account 11:26:58
Banana Republic: 42.9mil Americans on Food Stamps 11:17:25
War in the middle east already well under way? 11:13:18
Ron Paul Maligned by CNN Analysts re Wikileaks (call him "Nut" and "Martian") 11:09:49
PayPal cuts off Wikileaks 10:53:22
The United States Exists In Two Forms 10:28:19
HOT video: Judge A Napolitano on Freedom of Speech 10:28:19
Brilliant comments about Wikileaks...from Pravda! 09:34:17
Video: The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme 09:25:17
Rand Paul promises President Obama a "civil discourse" 09:22:12
Wired: Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time 09:07:31
Hillary Clinton - Cabinet post will be last public job 08:05:39
Senate Approves Palladium Bullion Coins. Any thoughts on Palladium? 06:49:31
Video: Judge vs Gingrich - Dec 3rd, 2010. 05:21:52
Twilight of Internet Freedom? 04:58:35
Peter Schiff discusses the FED disclosure on RT 04:10:59
Lindsey Graham wants to be in Afghanistan "in perpetuity" 03:17:13
Christmas Gift Question??? 02:51:14
Hunter S. Thompson Knew 9/11 Was a Sham on Day One: September 11, 2001 02:35:39
Are you ready for the "Shaft" Again? Front Page Topic!!!!!!!!!! 02:08:49
Wikileaks on Twitter: Ron Paul: Why we need more WikiLeaks 01:53:14
Conspiracy Theory with Gov Jesse Ventura “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” watch 01:51:14
Have you ever been Drunk on the DP?? 01:36:50
Feminizing-uranium, fluoride & lithium in water to be exposed on Ventura TV show 01:31:43
The US-China Power Balance & Google GDP Chart Games 00:39:26
How do the conspiracy theorists here explain Freedom Watch? 00:32:38
UFO details contained in new WikiLeaks cables 00:05:02