Posted on December 5, 2010

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Video: Ben Bernanke on CBS' 60 Minutes 12/05/10 22:02:43
The Judge Explains Why We Have A 1ST Amendment To Newt Gingrich 18:22:32
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things we should really be afraid of. 23:04:33
The Best of Nigel Farage 22:36:36
Assange / Wikileaks - The Philosophy 22:30:53
Question about "Secret" handshake. 21:46:47
Vitamin Cannabis (Documentary) 21:39:21
Santa Clause in Fed Food Control bill: Impostor? 20:56:21
BofA says it has satisfied TARP exit condition: report 20:52:40
JP Morgan has a message for you... You will love the ending. 20:27:50
video:The Matrix A great poem 19:58:47
Anyplace to download (torrent) all the wikileaks files? 19:47:55
Climate Change Survey 19:30:36
Soldiers, suicide and drugs 19:25:17
Assange: WikiLeaks will publish secret UFO reports! 19:03:58
"The Silver Shortage Pre-Panic Line." 19:00:30
Texas Straight Talk 12/06/10 18:40:37
Ron Paul: Wikileaks isn't the problem 18:10:12
VIDEO: When in Doubt, Laugh It Off! SNL's WikiLeaks, the TMZ Edition 17:48:01
Forgive me, but is Wikileaks' Assange a good guy or a bad guy? 17:29:47
CNN Statist Morons malign The Doc as a 'Nut' & 'Marvin the Martian!' 17:29:17
Why Wesley Snipes is going to jail 17:27:46
Lessons From Island: Grimsson Says Iceland May 'Wave Good-Bye' to IMF in 2011 17:27:08
God Wants Your Bank Account Number and 10% of your Gross 17:26:23
To Those Desiring REAL Solution To Political/Judicial Nightmare: Is Re-Inhabiting Republic The Answer? 17:22:41
McCain: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" 'reprogramming' rejected; 264,600 may quit military 17:22:04
Nigel Farage Hits Out Of The Park On Fox News! 17:11:15
Wave goodbye to Internet freedom; FCC crosses the Rubicon into online regulation 17:03:50
Is the College Debt Bubble Ready to Explode? 16:58:52
Guardian UK: WikiLeaks Cables reveal how US manipulated Climate Accord 16:58:01
An inspiring and emotional testimony from a young North Korean student, live from the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelis 16:51:23
Banks' Legal Rght to Foreclose is Questioned in testimony before House panel 16:37:12
Global Wealth Being Funneled Into Hands Of Elite 16:36:19
Sen. Schumer seeks bill to Deter Body Scan Image Misuse 16:35:09
Mounting State Debts Stoke Fears of a Looming Crisis 16:27:29
great article on the Daily Bell, interview with Ron Holland 16:25:08
Ron Paul Talks Sense Once Again On RT! 16:11:49
MUST SEE! The World Is Like a Ride in an Amusement Park! 16:05:32
Economics 101 - Keynesian Economics Is Wrong! 16:03:16
Stossel Show - You Owe $200,000 To The Fed! 16:02:21
Stossel Show - The Tragedy Of The Commons! 15:59:42
Repubs and Democrats forming third party by 2012? 15:50:44
My friend answer to the wikileaks climate documents 14:52:52
Steelworkers Not Jumping On Board Obama's South Korea Free Trade Deal 14:49:53
Bernanke tonight 14:42:59
Police State Protest Poetry - Write a Poem Win Print Priced @ £250 14:23:06
$6,000 Silver and One Bank 14:20:01
Gold is the ultimate Credit Default Swap 14:17:04
JP Morgan Now Going To Manipulate The Copper Market 14:11:18
Bad, Bad, Bad News for the Internet 14:05:30
'wikileaks impact fairly modest" my azz 14:01:26
Economic Implosion Sets the Blame Game in Motion 12:36:54
Parker Pathways on RBN radio 12:36:47
WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists 11:46:02
I can't get on Wikileaks 11:15:30
Mayor of Shanksville on German TV: "There was no airplane." 11:14:49
Three Part video on Richard Hoagland's "Dark Mission" 11:04:55
Max Keiser w/Greg Hunter on global financial melt-down underway - EXCELLENT. 11:00:46
The next time you want to blame a Medicaid recipient for the cost of welfare in this country... 10:48:14
Ron Paul is Trending on Yahoo Searches. In the Top 10 Searches 09:04:53
Close your Paypal account!! They are helping close wikileaks: We need to close them 08:40:18
Interesting Bank of America/Fannie Mae Foreclosure Story in NYT 08:36:45
Jubilee 2012 Report #3: Queens and Knights and shiny things... 08:28:41
WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down 07:43:15
Senator Rand Paul, Not the Typical Senator 06:14:18
The SOTT Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 06:12:59
Dems’ screw-the-wealth-producers bill passes, Pelosi gloats By Michelle Malkin • December 2, 2010 04:02 PM 03:27:30
Afghan 'policeman' kills six US troops 03:21:23
Middletown surgeon says nontraditional autism therapies work (mainstream news article) 03:07:07
Max Keiser: Mortgage Foreclosure Gate w/ Greg Hunter: 12-3-10 02:05:37
"You don't think of a crossbow as something for killing people, just as something for recreation." 01:44:45
Bring Back Elected Sheriffs as only Law Enforcement 01:38:57
Boycott Round-Up 00:08:54