Posted on December 7, 2010

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Do you realize? That everyone you know, someday, will die. 20:32:02
Mish Shedlock's Email to Incoming House Speaker Supporting Ron Paul 18:49:23
US Senator Joe Lieberman suggests New York Times could be investigated 14:47:58
We Refuse Nullification Course Half Price Sale 13:29:34
Breaking: Article by Julian Assange: Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths 11:14:08
Alex Jones Sounds the Alarm: Big Sis 1984 Takeover has Arrived (Video) 10:51:24
BREAKING: Julian Assange arrested, bail refused 09:03:41
Was pulled over tonight and what the Sheriff said just rubbed me wrong. 02:34:02
Politico: Ron Paul Stands Up for Julian Assange 00:13:58
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Judge throws out assassination lawsuit 23:46:41
New! AJ's Latest Wal-Mart 1984 Rant (Video) 23:39:39
Anyone have/found latest Freedom Watch links? 23:23:30
Jim Rogers: 'US Govt.'s inflation data is a sham' 23:14:22
FBI plants a guy in mosque, the worshippers take restraining order out on violent jerk. 23:10:19
Huckabee gets pwnd by jewish/christian scholar. 23:04:01
Will The Tea Parties Fight For Ron Paul? 22:35:46
New disturbing music video depicts future police state 22:01:31
Comes a Blond Stranger ... 22:00:19
Wikipedia page on House Financial Services Subcommittee has Boehner vs. Paul section! 21:03:55
Poll: Do you agree with Ron Paul re Assange document release? 21:00:27
Max Keiser: The Financial Terrorists Should be in Jail 20:59:49
Silver Slammed Down 5% Today 20:57:07
KWN - Jim Rickards - Swiss Bank Client Denied His $40 Million in Gold 20:38:42
The bailout:suspicions proven true 20:25:46
Bye-bye RFID! This is one instance where Crime is Good! 19:52:04
Anybody remember the Drug dealing Matthew CONWAY story? There is an update. 19:49:56
(Updated *Video*) Hilarious ! Alex Jones Calls FBI today to Report the Real Terrorists. Government! 19:48:08
Selling Wars To The American Sheeple 19:47:35
Just thinking out loud...wonder if Lew Rockwell will still be against the amazon boycott... 19:39:46
Big Banks and the Fed by Andrew Napolitano 19:35:45
"No New NAFTA! Another job-killing, NAFTA-style 'free trade' agreement with Korea." 19:35:29
RT video: The Fed's printing monopoly money 19:28:51
Did he get it or not? 19:22:56
Time Warp 19:06:23
Greenwald: Anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda - from TNR, Lauer, Feinstein and more 19:05:56
Free! Easy Macro Recorder 3.85 Today ONLY... 18:40:43
Glenn Beck's partisan BS shines through on today's radio broadcast! 18:23:10
UPS to require photo IDs for shipping packages 17:40:39
The secret that the Fed, economists and the media don't want you to know 17:34:35
XipWire to begin accepting Wikileaks donations in light of being cut off by Paypal, MC & Visa 17:26:18
☮I am Julian Assange☮ 17:16:19
This man has a bright future in government. 16:52:21
New report reveals more than 1500 miscarriages in 2009 may have been attributed to the H1N1 vaccine 16:27:01
Poll: Will they kill Julian Asange and make it look like a suicide? 16:23:11
US hosting Freedom of Press day..LOL!!!! 16:19:11
KHOU 11 CBS News Video: Woman Releases Possum at Houston City Hall / Christmas Tree To Protest Taxes For Failed Animal Control 16:03:01
156,000+ American Jobs Will Be Lost to Obama's South Korea Free-Trade Pact! 16:01:41
Bank of America guilty - Pays restitution, but NO PENALTIES! 15:48:07
Yahoo! has a Ron Paul News Page 15:44:46
Full Contact info & Sample Text to Send: Contact Boehner & Cantor: Demand Ron Paul Get Subcommittee Chair! 15:40:11
Pelosi attacks Obama-GOP tax plan as House Democrats signal fight 15:39:42
OMG... I just had to post this 15:34:55
**SHOCKER** Government can’t print money properly ($120 million more wasted!!) 15:22:51
What is wrong with Posts Organized by Day? 15:12:03
ASSANGE UNDER ARREST: He Didn't Wear A Condom 15:05:40
How Is Liberty Maintained Without Rule Of Law? 15:05:03
Did hotness earn 'Baywatch' babe Donna D'Errico a TSA full-body scan? 15:02:54
Indecent Exposure: WikiLeaks Hounded for Showing Power It's True Face 14:57:11
Inflation vs deflation debate with Peter Schiff - Video 14:51:17
Florida Legislature trying to Nullify Obamacare 14:34:30
The Disclosure! 13:56:13
New York Federal Reserve Bank Email and Telephone 13:50:02
Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security 13:47:23
Health think-tank needles politicians to create immunization registry 13:44:05
Did anyone just watch C-Span... 13:43:48
tech-ticker: Inflation vs. Deflation; Peter Schiff & Gary Shilling 13:27:00
French Cash Run of Mass Destruction 13:23:58
to TSA: Give me liberty, or give me death 13:20:39
put your hands up 13:01:41
Homeland Security shuts down dozens of Web sites w/o court order 12:55:17
John Boehner Scam Ron Paul The Federal Reserve Inflation & The US Economy 12:54:27
Mosque Reports Extremist To F.B.I. & Extremist Turns Out To Be F.B.I. Plant 12:53:28
The People of Sedona Arizona Initiate Awarenes Campaign About The Chemtrail Phenomenon 12:51:42
Day of Deceit! 12:51:38
Shark attacks not linked to Mossad says Israel 12:37:03
Apmex Ugly Sweater Contest -- Please vote for my pic. Will only take a second 12:16:35
Judge tosses case against targeted kill program 12:03:51
You’ve been Wiki-had! - UPDATED 11:50:33
Visa, Mastercard Move To Choke WikiLeaks 11:47:22
Anyone notice that the DP is linked on ? 11:42:51
Ritholtz: TARP Was An Elaborate Hank Paulson Scam To Provide Cover For A Bailout Of Citigroup 11:39:14
Bank of Ireland ATM and online systems fail 11:37:44
Gary Bauer Goes on the Attack Against Ron Paul 11:30:09
Legislation Would Mandate WiFi In Federal Buildings While Subsidizing Phone Companies 11:25:50
9/11: The Dead Witnesses Who Died Mysteriously 11:08:47
Gold & Silver Dealers Rated by Price, Service and Selection 11:05:48
Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? 11:03:50
Jubilee 2012 Report 4: Odious debt and anarchy 10:46:13
Celebrate Stimulus and Q2!! West Texas Crude Oil Passes 2 Year High, Jumps To $90.57 10:32:18
Fed Pres. in Richmond Warns: Fed Policy is Too Risky & Should Be Reviewed 10:15:21
Financial experts Fear Transparency push could Undermine the Federal Reserve 10:01:41
I hope they have a bailout every week! 09:37:26
Fla. Law Firm's Foreclosure Mistake Leads to 2 Different People Buying the Same House 09:25:30
WikiLeaks suggests 9/11 preplanned 09:08:34
"America The Beautiful" silver bullion coins released Monday. Or not. 08:55:06
Silver: Should You Help Inflate The Next Big Bubble? 08:32:22
Resolution to be introduced demanding all legislation cite Constitutional authorization 08:29:54
Universities Encouraging Students to Receive Welfare Benefits, Food Stamps 08:25:38
Another Rand Paul-type of primary shocker in Kentucky? 08:23:03
Bank run, anyone? 08:04:31
Does anyone think Julian Assange info could expose 9/11 cover up 07:50:40
Wikileaks and Naomi Wolf's 8th Step to Fascism 07:33:25
Spartacus turned himself in 07:31:40
"Silver Vigilante" by fishyculture 07:28:21
Julian Assange has been arrested 06:35:07
Fathead says, feds have been fattening you up...when they gonna eat us? 05:56:35
CNBC: Marijuana USA, Cannabis Gold Rush 05:20:43
Silver Up! Keep It Up! 02:27:06
Database of local candidates? 01:17:29
Wikileaks: Call To Action for Alternative Media 00:34:19
Baywatch Babe is FORCED through Body Scanner at LAX by TSA 00:26:34
Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative 00:11:36
Hackers take down website of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds - Video 00:08:57