Posted on December 8, 2010

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Beck's Gold Advertiser put into receivership 21:46:34
Printing Money vs. Not Printing Money 09:47:59
Will The Tea Parties Fight For Ron Paul Regarding Subcommittee Chairmanship? 08:57:30
Would Nixon get away with WaterGate in today's political climate? 06:27:47
New Rules: The IRS and You this January 01:41:05
The Original Tea Party Is Back At Faneuil Hall December 12 2010! 19:52:17
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House Passes DREAM Act Final Vote On Mon. 13th 23:31:38
Government’s Prohibition of Price Cuts in the Great Depression 23:25:43
Hitpiece on Ron Paul for being lone dissident 23:24:36
Operation Avenge Assange 22:30:42
Claim your piece of America, or watch China take it. 21:54:41
The new cyber revolution has begun. 21:22:36
TheAntiTerrorist on Corporate Tax Collection (VIDEO) 21:21:25
Ron Paul Attacked On NeoCon Air.Com 21:01:50
VIDEO - Rand Paul on The Situation Room 12/08/10 20:52:26
If you don't do what we want, we're going to attack you. (Pro-Wikileaks hackers) 20:39:16
Republic of the united States has new ID cards and website "Bureau of Public Records". 20:37:13
Jon Stewart Explains How Ben Bernanke Is Robbing It Blind 20:27:41
O’s Outfielder Luke Scott Questions Obama’s Birthplace 20:06:49
video Freedom - The NAME Game ALL CAPS 20:05:39
How Economic Illiteracy is Dismantling Your Life [Watch Live!] 19:58:49
State Department Conspiracy in Regards to Wikileaks 19:55:36
Contribute some computer power to help with Operation Payback! 19:43:06
✌ I Salute Assange & His Supporters ✌ 19:41:35
BBC: Barriers to possible US Assange prosecution 19:24:12
I cannot support cyber-attacks on people's private property: those supporting it should be ashamed! 19:15:28
Assange supporters bring down Visa & MasterCard sites 19:14:02
*UPDATE* Jesse Ventura Shut Down by LYING Scumbag Congressman Cohen 19:12:46
The Assange "Rape" - A Case of Spurned Groupies 19:08:30
Huffington Post censoring Ron Paul RE: Wikileaks? 18:56:04
Global US bond rout deepens on US fiscal worries 18:48:34
What Will It Be Like To Live Without This Fraudulent Corporate Yoke? Think On This Because It May Soon Be Announced ! 18:45:35
Barack Obama & George W. Bush Discuss the FED (Fun Video) 18:45:06
How to Disappear in America. 18:39:53
Video: US Dept of State Announces World Press Freedom Day. Quote, "There certainly is an irony here" 18:31:05
RP on Peter Schiff Radio tonight! Listen Live 6-8pm EST 18:19:06
UPDATE w/ VIDEO Ron Paul has a big announcement tonight 18:10:29
Here is just the way it´s going - no wishes- just facts 17:36:08
Facebook: We're Not Kicking Wikileaks Off Our Site 17:28:07
House Republicans Continue Drumbeat Against Fed’s Role 17:15:57
Rethinking Gary Johnson 17:15:24
ALERT: S510 Food'Safety'Bill Back on Track, AGAIN! 17:01:34
Video: BBC News. Has the first global information war just begun? 16:49:22
FBI-Sponsored FalseFlagTerrorism No.1,234,343,245: Another Idiot Entrapped in Baltimore 16:46:54
H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages 16:44:23
December 16th Tea Party Anniversary Rally in Boston..... anyone want to come? 16:34:10
Nigel Farage on Foxnews 16:32:18
Fannie, Freddie In Talks With Government Over Reducing Balances For Struggling Homeowners 16:12:39
Justin Raimondo: Julian Assange in the Honey Trap 15:57:37
Wikileaks Spokesman: Only Way To Stop Whistleblowers Is To Shut Down The Web 15:30:04
WATCH: Tune into CNN tonight December 8 between 6-7 PM ET to see Rand on Wolf Blitzer. 15:22:52
Lew Rockwell interviews Ron Paul - economic collapse will end occupation 15:16:07
Khloe Kardashian: TSA GropeDown = 'Raping You in Public!' & Donna D'Errico on TSA 15:09:01
Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers 14:59:50
Stefan Molyneux: Going on the Offensive 14:51:20
Marc Stevens: The Voluntary Society 14:42:10
Unified Quest 2011: Pentagon 'War Games' U.S. Economic Meltdown 14:40:28
Wisconsin Governor-Elect Proposes Abolishing State Employee Unions 14:36:35
Copenhagen Climate Cables 14:30:29
Wikileaks fallout sheds light on deeper, more troubling agenda 14:21:34
Ernest Hancock: Freedom Summit 2010 14:20:32
How Banks Converted US Housing Into "Fraud As A Business Model" 14:13:12
Why Didn't We Get About A Million People At This Demonstration? 14:10:59
Plot to blow up Baltimore-area military recruiting center 14:08:40
Best Political Cartoon Ever? 13:56:50
Fed Up: Ron Paul on America's Rotten Banks 13:56:13
All Out CyberWAR: Op.PayBack takes Visa,MC,Lieberman Websites OffLine! 13:45:22
Yahoo's Bartz Says Facebook Is Larger Competitor Than Google 13:33:40
Remains of 6 American soldiers killed by Afghan cop come home 13:31:47
Help w/Probate: Keeping Dad Alive for Accounting Purposes? 13:26:39
Israel Sees Hopeful Signs in Collapse of Peace Talks 13:22:20
The US Federal Reserve: A Bank that Will Live in Infamy [The Daily Reckoning] 13:19:17
U.S. Invites Japan to Join Korean Exercise as Tensions With North Escalate 13:17:21
Dr. Mercola on AJ -NOW- at 12:00 Central 13:03:06
Is Assange headed for the US Gulag? 12:07:47
Consumer Credit Reveals 26th Consecutive Decline In Revolving Credit, Excluding Student Loans 12:05:40
DHS aka Big Brother: Use of Biometrics Strengthens Security 12:04:18
`Twilight Zone' Foreclosure Law Firm Draws Fine, Suits in New York Courts 12:01:19
Stop the Fed's Carry Trade Cabal! 11:56:26
Judge refuses to order vaccinations (Canada) 11:56:01
Confirmation of Cong. Spencer Bachus will help Ron Paul's chairmanship 11:41:01
« Why Ron Paul Leads The Real Anti-War, Anti-Government Tea Party And Sarah Palin Is A Neocon Buffoon » 11:40:14
Radio Interview on Constitutional Tender 11:19:27
German Media United Around Assange 11:18:24
PayPal says US Government advised it to stop Wikileaks payments 11:17:08
Uprising 11:13:08
How The Securitization Of Mortgages Impacts The Average Citizen 11:05:08
Nasa sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data 10:58:09
Australia FM blames US, not Julian Assange 10:51:38
Laugh, think, cry 10:47:06
We are saved! NEW benevolent secret society to the rescue! 10:32:41
Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? 10:20:40
The perfect solution to the TSA and naked x-ray scanners! 09:16:48
Trivia - Gen. Washington's first general order? 08:51:00
Bank of America Moves Salespeople to Modify Mortgages 08:46:52
Politicians and the press say they support the troops -- but forget them once they're dead 08:34:14
Obama Giving Up on Trying to Get Israel to Stop Settlement Activity on West Bank 08:28:11
Jim DeMint, Bernie Sanders & Harry Reid Threaten to Block Obama Deal on Tax Cuts 08:17:44
MasterCard under cyber attack from WikiLeaks supporters! 08:16:45
Krugman: Tax Deal Threatens Obama’s Re-election Chances 08:16:24
John Stossel: Why Do the Poor Stay Poor? 08:13:14
Michael Pento: Bernanke Told America 2 Massive Lies On 60 Minutes 07:59:03
New 'America the Beautiful' 5 Oz. Silver Coins in Demand 07:54:20
Since 2000 the US dollar has fallen by 33%. The hidden cost of the bailouts. 07:51:31
Ron Paul: Things Get Bad with the Fed 07:49:04
I'll never forget what John Boner did to Ron Paul at the 2008 Republican Convention. 05:50:20
**Emergency alert! Call your Senators, Reid calls for Dream Act (AMNESTY) cloture** 04:50:12
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. 02:55:46
Navy Secretary Urges Armed Forces To Eat Gulf Seafood 02:22:58
Live in Wikileaks world, Elites, or shut down the net. That's the choice. 01:20:46
Cynical Daily Squib makes one think: U.S. Government: "WikiLeaks Endangering Lives" 01:17:57
Ron Paul will be on the Peter Schiff Show tomorrow night 00:57:19
Chertoff in Flames: Revisited for Inspiration 00:42:55
We are complicit in the crimes of the state 00:37:35
Ron Paul Video + Reddit Submission = 5K Plus hits on my Blog! WOW! 00:34:00
Real IRA says it will target UK bankers. 00:31:44
New Traffic Camera Pays People After Stealing Their Privacy 00:24:51