Posted on December 9, 2010

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Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! 22:57:11
Wash. Post: Bernanke's Latest Headache Is Ron Paul 18:51:20
Ensign, Lieberman & Brown MUST be contacted about their "Shield Act" if you want to join Ron in his battle! 23:59:44
Righthaven Files Lawsuit Against Matt Drudge for TSA Pat-Down Story 15:35:09
Full Text: Bachus Announces Financial Services Leadership Team (Including Ron Paul) 14:20:44
Bloomberg: Ron Paul, Author of `End the Fed,' to Lead Fed Oversight Panel 14:18:34
Bloomberg Poll: Over Half of Americans Want Fed Reined-In or Abolished 07:19:58
The Southern Avenger -The Conservative Purpose of Wikileaks 00:57:56
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Remember Remember the 9th of December 23:54:28
RALLY CRY....Who's in? 100% See this thing through! 23:15:27
Is Islam a Threat To America? 22:27:33
Mike Maloney: Bernanke is Dumber than Gold; Great Explanation of Deflation & Inflation 22:26:06
Who else got this email from Ron Paul and C4L? 22:24:10
Truth hurts, Lies kill by Dr.Dahlia Wasfi 21:48:29
more fun in NY State 21:37:18
Julian Assange: Proven Zionist, Israeli, Mossad Agent? Prove It. 21:00:59
Denninger claims Ron Paul is not doing enough to End the Fed 20:56:09
Sudden BLAST of virus alerts 20:55:36
Bank of America Restarts 16,000 Foreclosures 20:18:20
Just when she has a chance to be on the right side of an issue... 20:16:25
Some thoughts on S510, Codex and the "spin" of all the calls for action 20:14:50
Author Pulls WikiLeaks E-Book from Amazon 20:10:25
"Off with their heads!" THAT is why Camilla and Charles look so worried! 19:50:33
Ron Paul's chairmanship - Is Bachus pulling a fast one? 19:48:50
California Bomb Home Burning 19:42:52
Pro-WikiLeaks cyber army gains strength:Thousands Download Attack Tool 19:15:30
15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it. 19:05:22
Sex Charges Against Assange May Collapse, As One Accuser Stops Cooperating 18:47:33
Conduct cash transactions at your own risk 18:19:39
This photo will make your day! 18:06:23
Could anyone use a laugh? 17:51:23
London Protests 17:25:21
Anybody need a new baseball bat? Perhaps a nice crown molding? 16:50:55
Just Received Seat Belt Citation (Feedback Request) 16:30:45
Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security 16:30:08
Fears Mount on TSA Body Scanners 16:27:26
Jim Rickards: At Least One Swiss Bank Has Started Refusing To Hand Over Physical Gold To Clients 16:24:34
Even Bo Duke knows buildings don't fall like that 16:19:13
Congressman: Let us call on Israel to stop shooting Children. 16:18:46
Ron Paul, Who Hates the Fed, Will Oversee It -Article with link to Daily Paul 15:57:09
Atlanta Talk Show Host Pro-Ron Paul! 15:35:51
Glenn Beck Warns Of Food Riots, Martial Law, & Gun Confiscations 15:31:04
Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War 15:24:27
Topless TSA To Terrorize Terrorists? 15:17:32
11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real 15:17:05
WikiLeaks, Bernanke, and Hyperinflation 14:52:24
Incredible Riot Video From London Student Protest 14:25:46
Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney charged in bribery case in Nigeria 14:12:51
Judge Who was Once Michael Vick's Harshest Critic is now a Big Fan 14:03:49
Netanyahu: WikiLeaks revelations were good for Israel. 13:52:45
Disgusting: Elizabeth Edwards funeral to be protested by Westboro church 13:21:53
Amazon's UK site selling WikiLeaks documents 13:07:46
Illegals have a toll free number for dream act 13:05:57
My Thank You e-mail to Congressman Bachus 12:46:47
Breaking -Defying President Obama, House Democrats vote not to bring up tax deal he negotiated with GOP in its current form 12:34:59
Ron Paul - Peter Schiff Radio - 12/08/10 12:34:19
Monsanto 12:32:48
Gerald Celente: Biggest Bank Robbery Continues Non-Stop! 12:25:03
Big Sis Set To Expand Spy Program To Sports Stadiums 12:09:56
9/11 Stand-in-actors and obvious photoshoped photos. 11:35:10
WikiLeaks Exposes Perception that "Goldman Sachs run(s) America's economy." 11:19:35
Wikileaks, Free Speech and Preventing the Machine from working 11:16:17
India's ambassador Meera Shankar frisked at US airport 11:13:13
VIDEO : Geraldo tells Bill Orielly that domestic terrorist attacks are bogus! 10:56:18
The Reality of Controlled Opposition 10:54:36
Jubilee Report #5: Free energy, going tribal. 10:46:14
The American Thinker weighs in on Wikileaks 10:42:47
A Foreclosure Fiasco: The Case of Tandala Mims v. Wells Fargo 09:34:57
VIDEO: Keiser Report №102: Markets! Finance! Gold & Silver! 09:13:52
"Walk Away" goes mainstream in Idaho! 09:10:03
Chinese Government money is buying one of USA's biggest mines 08:41:57
WikiLeaks' payment processor to Sue Visa and MasterCard 08:19:58
Most Americans Say They're Worse Off Under Obama: Poll 08:15:15
Mike Maloney on this dead cat bounce and dumb Bernanke 07:41:47
Julian Assange struck a deal with Israel - removed or destroyed documents 07:20:52
Watch Download Obama on Mythbusters 06:06:10
Don´t like PayPal but want to help Wikileaks? 04:10:02
2012: We Know Our Options, Can We Agree and Move On? 04:00:24
Ron Paul Claims Chairmanship of Monetary Policy Subcommittee, Prepared to Subpoena Fed 03:57:32
Meet the Federal Reserve - the Truth From a Fed Spokesman 02:47:02
Jingo John Ensign's "Shield Act" 02:18:38
Mike Maloney - Animated Video - Dead Cat Bounce - GoldSilver 02:00:14
15 year old Girl from Texas speaks out against Child protection services in Dallas 01:56:35
PBS NewsHour: Who Are the 'Anonymous' Hackers Supporting WikiLeaks? 01:34:21
Wikileaks Samba 00:35:18
Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Luke Scott: Obama wasn't born here 00:31:49
Max Keiser on UN's Grimm Outlook for World Economy 2011 00:23:10