Posted on February 1, 2010

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The Southern Avenger: Taking the 'Neo' Out of 'Conservative' 22:48:59
Paul grabs fundraising lead over Grayson 22:38:23
Statement from Ronnie Paul about Campaign for Liberty Advertisement + Reaction 17:45:26
Dr. Mercola Interviews Ron Paul *NEW* 14:58:57
Email From MN C4L Co-ordinator - Good Info 14:19:39
UPDATE: Palin 'proud' to endorse Paul 14:58:24
Debra Medina Restore Liberty in Texas Money Bomb 11:46:22
The American Conservative: Rand Paul Revolution 10:29:17
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Um, why are politicians called "leaders" and "representatives"? 23:57:47
So much for that optional pat down 23:23:25
Even if you are mad at C4L, you have to admit, this is good... 23:21:18
We are lost 23:13:52
Two different hit pieces on Medina, need comments 22:51:08
Does anyone know what the total value of government worker entitlements are? 22:45:32
Will Ron Paul Run in 2012? Jesse Benton: “there is a decent likelyhood that he will” 22:39:51
Gandhi Style Revolution 22:09:10
Trey Grayson's support from state reps begin to crumble 21:59:26
Chance to Win FREE Silver Coins 21:30:19
VIDEO: Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth covers Medina moneybomb! 21:19:03
This all goes away if we END THE FED! A call for new Meetup Groups. 20:59:26
GREENSTAR 20:53:52
Debra Medina On Alex Jones AGAIN Yesterday (Sunday Jan. 31) W/LINK!! 20:52:07
China Plans Military Bases Overseas starting in Pakistan, U.S. style 20:47:26
Gardeners: get your seeds early this year. 20:17:38
Each State writing their own version of Cap and Trade, please investigate and take Action! please Keep Bumped :) 20:05:00
WARNING: The public option returns? 19:58:39
Sarah Palin endorses Rand Paul! 19:44:55
Austin American-Statesman: Medina "money bomb" set to ignite! 19:44:26
What does this mean for the dollar? 19:41:11
RT: Goldman Sachs CEO may receive a record bonus 19:39:58
Debra Medina post-debate press conference 1/29/10 19:23:18
Ron Paul - What If? (remade) 19:09:59
RT: Is Barack Obama keeping his promise for change? 18:48:26
KY State Senator Withdraws Endorsement For Grayson... Now Endorses Rand Paul 18:14:09
Online PPP Poll for Where they poll next: Texas Republican Primary! 18:12:02
Obama unveils $3.83T budget with massive deficits 18:10:55
HELP fight the machine in Illinois... 18:04:58
Great Speech by Debra Medina 17:50:52
Medina wins in a Straw Poll!!! 17:38:02
Gold & other metals recover from recent lows 17:36:29
Breaking: Virginia Senate Passes Health Care Freedom Act 17:06:30
Adam Kokesh: Perpetual rEVOLution 17:04:50
Obama Budget Draws Fire from Both Parties 17:00:01
Is full reserve banking illegal in any part of the world? 16:47:20
For those not inclined to "work within the GOP" or who have grown weary of trying 16:34:23
Rand Paul raises $650,000 - Trey Greyson raises $446,000 Established Greyson raises 1.7 million to date Rand over 1.8 million 16:28:17
Palin backs Ron Paul's son in Kentucky GOP Senate race 16:06:27
Ron Paul bumper sticker spotted in New Orleans... was it you? 16:04:27
The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution 15:47:10
Obama's Insane Budget 15:45:41
The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont 15:35:21
Nullification: It's Already Happened in Our Time 15:32:38
A Good Laugh at Lawyers??? 15:30:19
BREAKING! Adam's fundraising director jailed! 15:23:00
Matesz For Ohio 15:05:44
34 States Move to Ban Health Care Mandates 14:51:51
Repeal the 17th Amendment 14:50:00
Haiti- Two weeks ago I argued against bringing 14:48:28
As food distribution improves, Haitians want U.S to 'take over' 14:35:11
Why do some people on here call themselves "conservatives"? 14:24:11
Its Up To Us - 'Articles Of Freedom' - National Coalition - New Website! 13:49:22
NY Gubernatorial candidate a Ron Paul supporter ?!?! 13:47:19
Medina Campaign Crosses $400,000 Dollar Mark Ahead of MONEY BOMB 13:36:32
Politico: Medina's Second Debate Splash -SIMPLY THE MOST AWESOME NATIONAL COVERAGE YET! 13:23:43
Anybody near Portland? 12:38:33
How Come My Ron Paul Video Says :Live! | Video blocked in some countries."? 12:36:36
Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Ron Paul 12:32:02
Challenging Glenn Beck on George Washington & Ronald Reagan 12:29:30
RT: Freedom Fries: Big Mac revolution in Russia 12:23:19
Rick Perry - Adios Mofo 12:19:52
RT: Russian Sukhoi T-50 jet challenges US Raptor stealth fighter 12:15:46
RT: Paulson accuses Russia of plotting to disrupt US economy 11:34:13
More airport security won’t do much to stop terrorists, Leaving the Middle East would 11:25:16
Police State: Cop Fines Motorist For Blowing His Nose In His Car 11:18:05
Government and Population Control 11:14:49
The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution 09:55:08
National Strike April 16-18 09:16:40
Pennsylvania Capital Ponders Bankruptcy 08:36:58
Rand Paul Revolution -Am Con Mag 08:09:37
Stop Dodd and Gregg (from removing "Audit the Fed") 07:39:40
The frog, the scorpion and Goldman Sachs 07:30:09
We The People Montage!!! 05:55:56
. . . . DVD: "End The Fed" . . . . Now Available 05:11:36
Please, everyone, look at these clips of Ken Buck 04:44:56
Never Heard That Before = New York Times by T. L. Friedman 04:31:07
SOS! May-Day! I NEED clarification on this C4L 350k issue! PLEASE! 04:23:16
Sunday Funnys : American Dad clip : CIA Agents are suppose to distribute crack not smoke it + BlackWater Heroin 04:00:48
Federal bank fees? 03:51:30
Silver Currency died with J.F.K. 03:02:21
Peter Schiff: The Precarious State of Our Union - 1/31/10 02:14:18
Election Fraud Awareness Day 1st Tuesday each month 01:52:35
Ask the Judge to have Debra Medina back on his program 01:40:12
Effective and Economic Political Fundraising 00:51:13
Keep an eye on this "Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse" 00:46:17
What does Iran have up their sleeve on Feb 11th???? 00:38:12
'All these things we're seeing – E coli, mad cow, listeria, salmonella; this is nature screaming at us: "Enough!" 00:29:06
Army of Candidates March on Washington. Inspiring. 00:15:31
Debra Medina (in contrast and comparison to rick perry and kb hutchison) 00:00:41