Posted on February 10, 2010

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You heard it here first, right here on the Daily Paul: Teaocons! 23:37:36
Patriots Help Liberty Candidate Jake Towne Get Media Coverage 19:40:49
Rand Paul on Fox News Feb 10th 18:50:10
Jake Towne - Bloody Summer Ahead in Afghanistan 18:04:59
Alex Jones on the Coming Internet Censorship 17:02:00
Official DP Facebook Page Hits 2010 Fans in One Month 14:32:47
MSM Caught Lying About Iran by - AP Pulls Story 11:12:50
The Tea Party Primer: What You Need to Know 10:57:25
How to Beat the War Party and Keep Beating Them 10:41:22
Dr. Marc Faber: Debt Interest Will Lead to Default, Then War 09:20:27
Just Finished Watching "A New America" 09:07:33
Reaching out to the left, and learning 05:32:10
Ron Paul on Fox Business: Is the Fed Involved in the Greece Bailout? 00:24:38
What A Movement! 11:38:21
Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow Show / MSNBC 2/9/10 22:16:01
Jane Hamsher Mentions Daily Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show 13:41:48
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Rand Paul: Not afraid to lose | FOX 2/10/10 23:58:10
When is the date for the Kentucky Republican primary? 23:40:47
Lets start working on speech presentations for our liberty candidates to help them out 23:28:31
Iraq orders former Blackwater security guards out 23:23:57
BBC: Preparing for an apocalypse now 23:17:44
Iran to shut down Google email service 23:15:59
Guards watch brutal beating of a 15-year-old girl 23:02:27
New world order 23:01:45
video: Chris Matthews Attacks Debra Medina 23:00:08
Manning and others having an American Grand Jury against Obama! 22:59:13
Rev Manning's investigator find no evidence that BHO was at Columbia 22:16:26
Chris Mathews Smear Debra Medina! We are really making progress now... 22:13:20
Youtube video: Smedley Butler- War is a racket 22:09:33
Paul Burka: Medina will be governor if she raises enough money 22:06:41
Another rat jumps ship - I mean Congresswoman retires 22:03:49
Student detained over Arabic flashcards, lawsuit says 22:03:45
2/9/10 Ron Paul with Brian Sullivan on Cavuto: Fed Involved with Greece Bailout? 21:48:46
A texas governor race poll that smells fishy 21:42:29
Charlotte Iserbyt - The Dumbing Down of American Education 21:40:35
Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, being heckled at UC Irvine 21:34:40
Happy Birthday wishes for Sarah, from Johnston lol 21:19:09
Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark 21:13:52
Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Massachusetts 21:13:13
Bob Chapman on the Corbett Report 21:08:07
Patriot Act renewed this month in Senate! 21:05:31
How to invest for a global-debt-bomb explosion: Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy ending Wall Street's toxic capitalism 21:00:18
RT: Russia building up its Navy, DC worried 20:53:58
Iraq orders ex-Blackwater contractors out 20:50:09
China Orders Retreat From Risky Dollar Assets 20:40:47
New Party ''The American Coffee Party''??? 20:39:45
Obamacare gets its second wind 20:39:13
RT: DC wants to declare state of emergency because of snow 20:39:06
Amazing Documentary: Coconut Revolution (Bougainville: Our Island, Our Fight) 20:35:27
RT: US puts new sanctions on Iran 20:19:26
Dr. Robert Lowry for Congress, Endorsed by Ron Paul 20:17:13
Virginia delegates pass bill banning chip implants as ‘mark of the beast’ 20:05:56
RT: Should DC be moved? 20:05:49
His hijack fears come true 19:54:19
Debt woes in Europe could infect U.S.recovery 19:42:27
**ACTION ALERT** Tea Party Blitz*** 19:40:18
Rand Paul – A Tea Party Candidate? (Video) 19:12:20
6-year-old girl handcuffed and committed 19:03:10
Intentional Miseducation of the public 18:23:21
Ron Paul for Congress 2010 money bomb??? 18:15:59
Irony? US is actually the least free country in the world! (Video) 18:07:15
Palin, Perry a New Breed of Western-style Conservatism... Libertarians 17:49:09
BJ Lawson is running again! 17:49:00
BJ Lawson announces campaign for Congress 2010 17:47:30
Minnesotans for G-Warming Present 'Frozen Wasteland' (WHO)?! 17:36:39
2012 - The Future of Mankind 17:31:00
Wall Street Journal: TEXAS MELEE! 17:24:50
Rick Perry deludes himself with 49% lead in new poll... 17:19:06
Hold on tight - China has started dumping... 17:02:57
How The FDIC Is Legally Transferring Billions In Taxpayer Money To Hedge Funds 17:01:30
Debra Medina is changing minds with astonishing poll results of likely Texas GOP voters 16:55:22
WSJ warns of "economic anarchy 16:38:34
National Strike works in Greece! 16:33:56
New aerial (NIST-scrubbed) photos of 9/11 attack released 16:33:15
Glen Beck -CPAC- Ron Paul Reception 16:32:43
The cannot be stopped 16:23:17
How to undermine a movement: turn its values on their heads 16:16:16
-TIME Magazine: Global Warming Makes it snow more.- 16:14:34
Recruit Jack Hunter - Southern Avenger 16:08:03
Teaching the establishment.. Jeffrey Smith's Interview 16:03:19
Your questions for Governor candidates for SC 16:00:58
DC claims it cost 100M per day for not working 15:59:16
Could the recent weather in DC be a retaliation for Haiti? 15:47:19
US Marines under fire ahead of Afghan assault 15:41:49
Massive CEO & Gov Official Resignations At An All Time High 15:41:28
Watch the Corporation Now 12:30 15:33:54
OK Candidate Miki Booth releases son’s 1981 Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth 15:06:40
Weekend Watching 15:03:33
WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth: Medina within runoff range in GOP race 15:02:36
Kennedy and the Tea Party 14:48:02
"Secession Sans Elections" 14:47:24
Rand Paul for President.....after a 2 year stint in the Senate 14:47:01
Defending the Empire 14:43:12
RT: Is Russia going to hold a monopoly over space? 14:38:08
Can You Say, "I Am Being Played For A Fool" 14:33:55
San Antonio Examiner: Debra Medina is changing minds with astonishing poll results of likely Texas GOP voters 14:30:37
2003 Weekly Standard article: "What Hath Strauss Wrought?" 14:10:29
Medina well positioned to replace Ron Paul 14:07:34
The pensioner / kidnapper story is updated - try not to laugh, OK? 14:03:05
RT: Germany moves to get rid of US nukes 14:01:32
Music: Naeem Oba and Brik Abrak get it 13:51:51
Angry Norwegians in scuba gear chase after Google Street View car 13:36:58
Quintillions of dollars in derivatives... 13:32:28
The U.S. military frees a Reuters photographer after 18 months W/O Charge 13:14:56
Bernanke outlines plan for pulling in stimulus aid... 13:05:02
Rally for the Republic II 12:56:07
Wars Are Spending US Into Ruin~Only Courageous and Honest Ron Paul Dares To tell The Truth 12:54:55
Time to "Party" OUR WAY 12:38:40
Time to "Party" OUR WAY 12:33:24
Got any good platform resolutions? 12:31:08
Ron Paul: ‘Neocon influence’ is infiltrating tea parties..DIGG 4Liberty! 12:16:32
Glenn Beck just said he wants Debra Medina on tomorrow. 11:59:00
I get stressed out from reading about all of this stuff. 11:58:06
Greece Brought to Standstill by National Strike 11:36:59
Economics 101 - School Choice Example Shows Why Government Monopolies Are Bad! 11:35:24
U.S. Intelligence Community Allowed Underwear Bomber on Plane - RT 2/9/10 11:30:27
OVER 50 UNEXPECTED CEO & CFO resignations in the last 3 weeks? 11:22:25
G7 brokered a deal twenty five years ago. Its happening! 11:09:49
Los Angles evacuations continue 11:09:12
Help needed on verifying: Background Studies to American Law 10:55:47
Blizzards pound snowbound Mid-Atlantic to New York 10:55:07
Rare earthquake rattles northern Ill.; no damage 10:53:14
Astroturf On Steroids 10:52:10
The Who Sing to the Obama Faithful 10:25:19
Profiting from forclosures? 10:00:00
Problems with reading or math? You may qualify for disability. 09:24:48
Sarah Palin Is JUST Another Neo-Con! 09:04:43
Smedley Butler - War is a Racket! 08:56:04
Ron Paul : Fed Involved with Greece Bailout ? 08:41:14
¤ I have no idea what to call this.... insight? ok rambling insight 07:59:15
Chris Matthews SMEARS Debra Medina with racist insinuations in regards to her support of interposition and nullification 07:41:27
Dollar Rises Before Bernanke’s Testimony on Fed’s Exit Strategy 07:39:12
Peter Schiff-New US currency is Gold Dollars 07:37:05
You might be a neocon 06:55:48
The Worst of the Pain 05:55:08
test 05:35:00
Peter Schiff at an open forum with Simmons and McMahon 05:14:45
Oh boy - Raw Story Front Page Big Bold Red Headline 04:27:57
Ron Paul : Christian Just War Theory 04:14:21
"American drug war" and "secrecy" for any late night lookers 03:58:50
Lew Rockwell : How to Fix the Jobs Problem! 03:30:56
David Horowitz Blog Calls Ron Paul Supporters Anti-Semtic Again 03:07:07
Need votes for Debra in this poll 02:03:37
Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 01:46:54
Der Spiegel: Why Obama Is Ignoring Europe 01:14:39
Eight (8) PLUS! DailyPaul Liberty Candidates 00:45:41
Slogan: "PALIN REUSING OUR WET TEABAGS" Previously Thrown Overboard 00:36:54
Antibiotics In Your Food Maybe Hazardous To Your Health! 00:11:17