Posted on February 11, 2010

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!! Digg !! Glenn Beck obscures Texas Governor’s race with 9/11 question 23:38:12
Chuck Baldwin: A Warning to the Tea Party Nation 23:25:24
MEDINA AFTERMATH - Beck Interview Moneybomb! 20:32:50
Debra Medina's Interview With Don Harrold 18:19:29
Debra Medina on Glenn Beck Radio Show - Today 13:46:02
The Onion: Bald Eagle Tired Of Everyone Just Assuming It Supports War 08:05:33
The Daily Paul: THE MOUSE THAT ROARED!! 10:14:19
Jane Hamsher on HuffPo: Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin for the Soul of the Tea Parties 10:02:38
John Dennis on the Glenn Beck Show? - Update! 10:24:44
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Somebody Gets It. 23:59:59
Kennedy won't run for re-election in RI 23:57:29
Glenn Beck is an inside job!!!!! 23:30:39
A Small Victory Against Monsanto & GMOs! 23:21:45
Here's a Debra Medina Cool Down! 23:10:20
debra/beck = ron/rudy! 22:54:33
Donations to Medina today: 100,000.00+ $$$$$$ 22:44:21
Callers reactions on Glenn Becks treatment of Debra Medina Feb 11th, 2010. 22:44:19
DEBRA MEDINA GOT A BOOST to Her War Chest After The Interview 22:36:39
Politico: Rivals try to pin Sept. 11 slip on Debra Medina 22:17:54
Callers Reaction to Debra Medina on KLIF 570 (Glenn Beck 22:00:43
Researchers Say Obama and Senator Brown Are Related!!!!! 21:36:16
Explosives 21:34:46
Why We Love Debra Medina, top ten 21:32:19
RT: Is Goldman responsible for Greek crisis? 21:29:14
9/12 was an inside job Facebook page 21:18:46
BECK as the JOKER - The best defense of Debra Medina yet. You've got to see this 21:18:43
Beck should have also asked .... 21:12:11
Donate to Debra Medina NOW! 21:08:47
Ok. Does anyone really believe the Medina assault today wasn't planned? 21:02:08
Federal Government: Do you have any dreams? We want them too. 21:02:03
This is Medina's "Valley Forge"! 21:01:26
Whatever happened to Jesse conspiracy theory 20:46:30
Anisha's Burning Questions About Articles For Freedom 20:45:39
Medina's Beck Moment ='s Paul's Giuliani Moment 20:39:03
Watch "The Ultimate Con" 20:32:57
Make Glenn Beck PAY for what he did. 20:27:06
7:21 PM est. Debra Medina will on in a minute HERE 20:22:20
Activism! Keep on Fighting You Make Real Change*)) 20:14:15
Silver... Investment opportunity of a lifetime 20:08:00
Neocon Blogger: "Medina crashes and burns on Glenn Beck" 20:06:46
Tony Blair Admits lying 20:01:25
Medina 9/11 headline on Yahoo News.... Doesn't look good 19:54:25
Debra Medina is going viral ?! (please leave a comment) 19:50:42
Callers reactions on Glenn Becks treatment of Debra Medina 18:53:30
The Collected Essays of Rolf Lindgren Have Been Updated! 18:52:24
Medina Campaign Responds to Glenn Beck Interview 18:35:10
Bill Clinton having heart problems 18:33:03
Why what Glenn Beck did today with Medina is good for the liberty movement. 18:17:01
Redstate just endorsed Ken Buck 18:16:36
Debra Medina is the first searched topic when you type "DEB" into Google!!! 18:16:04
"Founders would cheer Virginia’s anti-Obamacare bill" 18:13:47
B.J. Lawson facebook page 18:00:00
Classic Goofball Beck -- Enjoy! 17:53:01
Wouldn't it be cheaper to make Afghanistan our 51st State? 17:52:20
Question Beck????????? 17:36:36
Buck Feck for what he did to Medina today 17:35:06
Following Georgia, Virginia moves to ban chip implants 17:27:10
Rick Perry is Running Scared of Debra Medina 17:21:52
The Daily Beck? 17:16:14
Trouble posting? 16:53:09
Perry just released a statement against Medina 16:47:42
Lots of media attention being placed on Medina post-Glenn Beck interview. 16:45:08
Beck rankles Ron Paul camp 16:43:55
Duck Tales Inflation Lesson 16:43:55
Marc Faber: US Will Escalate War to Divert Attention from Economy 16:42:43
Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges 16:42:13
Glenn,,,, You are done 16:36:46
Beck's Audience 16:23:45
*Texans Against Glenn Beck Facebook* 16:15:02
Liberty Candidate in PA-1 Republican Pia Varma 16:13:00
I've got an idea: Friends & Family Day/Night at the Daily Paul 16:01:35
Articles of Freedom 15:40:24
Need copies of "Day of Deceit" for Glenn 15:39:26
Need copies of "Day of Deceit" for Glenn 15:39:05
Blizzard freezes Washington, but does anyone really care? 15:38:18
Debra Medina Wikipedia page HELP 15:20:50
Debra Medina's FULL response to the Glenn Beck interview. 15:13:22
Beck's Sponsor Information 15:10:05
Ohio children being sold as sex slaves... to whom? 15:05:10
Medina -- "Never heard that before" 14:48:21
if you think we will have inflation, you might want to listen to this.... 14:46:56
Medina's response from her website 14:45:28
Don't blame Beck, or Medina, blame yourself 14:44:54
Lew Rockwell: Beck Is A Smearer For The Regime. 14:43:31
Feds Push For Tracking Cell Phones: Hope and Change? 14:42:17
Council Of Governors Takes Shape by Chuck Baldwin 14:35:20
Missouri Senate passes bill limiting sexual businesses 14:20:50
Bernanke: Bailouts ‘Imposed No Cost on the Taxpayer’ 14:12:58
From where did Glenn Beck get the info that Medina was possibly a 9/11 truther? 14:09:37
Webcast: The Heritage Foundation Tonight: John Stossel 14:07:57
It's Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration 13:56:31
Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month 13:54:13
Don't blame Beck 13:54:09
What are the top 5 issues that now define the Ron Paul Revolution? 13:50:33
The Age of Stupid ? 13:48:07
Imagine Jesse and Beck debating.... 13:27:55
Glenn Beck Exposed on The View 13:23:32
Debra Medina / Kay Bailey Hutchison Eligibility 13:21:52
10th Amendment Center: Pledge Signer David Ratowitz Celebrates Primary Victory 13:13:41
Flushing Blackwater: Iraq expels 'Xe' private contractors 13:12:47
They already hijacked the tea party movement 13:12:33
Conspirators vs. the Conspiracy Theorists 13:09:02
Schiff's campaign team linked to GOP establishment 13:08:01
It's too Late to Apologize: A Declaration 12:56:55
I'm bummed about Medina's interview on Beck... 12:49:12
Beck Attacks Tea Party Mom Candidate 12:48:38
Haiti charity becomes excuse for tax code manipulation by Congress 12:48:05
Do you think Medicare works better than private health insurance? 12:45:27
Christian leader(s) detained in/deported from Israel/British Chaplain speaks 12:42:17
Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project 12:39:25
Beck Really IS The Enemy 12:39:20
Police Chiefs resigning across the country 12:34:39
Police Chiefs resigning across the country 12:33:40
Need help defending the rEVOLution 12:21:20
RT: Iran revolution marked amid pressure on nuke evolution 11:54:36
aiport bodyscan pictures of indian film star have circulated by airport staff : What happened to we don't keep any images 11:43:28
Ridley Report: State sovereignty with teeth 11:41:07
The Tea Party Split: Just say NO to NEOCONS 11:38:40
Conspiracy Theories, History, and The State (mp3) 11:24:28
RT: European Parliament rejects US demand to access personal bank data 11:15:01
Who has the most conservative message? Levin, Hannity, Rush or Southern Avenger 11:10:46
Blackwater accused of charging taxpayers for prostitutes 11:10:00
New poll shows eroding support for health care reform 11:06:15
First-time jobless claims fall to only 440k! 10:59:46
Why your wireless bill will probably go up 10:40:42
More bad polling news for Hutchison 10:34:43
Rick Perry: “I’ve Never Been Proud To Be An American” 10:32:55
one PAC's congressional contributions 10:29:04
Cynthia McKinney: War and the Economy,We Must Take our Countries Back 09:50:23
Debra now polling higher than Kay in Kay's own "backyard" 09:29:11
Stossel Show - Food Police! 08:41:09
Our Last Year 07:54:55
Former NM governor Gary Johnson courts Ron Paul’s libertarian base 07:48:21
Obama is Owned - You Can Bank On It 07:41:39
Black leaders intend to press Congress for minority hiring in jobs legislation 07:38:07
Krugman calls Obama 'clueless,' says 'we're doomed' 07:36:32
How The FDIC Is Legally Transferring Billions In Taxpayer Money To Hedge Funds 07:32:18
Obama now says he's 'agnostic' on possible tax hikes for households below $250K/yr 07:31:01
The ultimate demise of the tea party movement 06:05:58
Debra needs votes in these two polls 05:58:25
U.S. Foreclosure Filings Surpass 300,000 for 11th Month in Row 05:42:53
Graph of Texas polling. 05:23:31
oh honey look at all the global warming!! 04:59:17
Breaking! Republican State Committee will hold debate between Rohrer and Corbett! 04:39:17
EU libertarian Nigel Farage exposes communist roots of European Union leaders 04:19:57
Is Evolution the cause for war? 03:44:14
The Leap of Free Will 03:33:50
Jim Corr (The Corrs) courageously speaks the truth 03:19:28
It's ba-ack! Health-care plan redoubles 'marriage penalty' 03:10:11
Unilever become the latest company to threaten to pull out of UK over rising taxes 03:00:38
You Know Things Are Changing When David Horowitz Defends Debra Medina 02:48:59
NEW INFO on the attempted swindling of THE TEA PARTY!!! 02:19:37
New Mexico house votes 65-0 to move state funds to community banks and credit unions 01:28:25
Billions in commercial real estate losses could threaten banks and economy 01:27:31
Tell Jim DeMint to Endorse Rand Paul 01:18:47 going viral! 01:03:14
The Internet is IMPOSSIBLE to Control 00:56:17
Obama Administration Admits It Wrongly Tracked Abortion Groups in Wisconsin 00:50:34
Ryan Lambert, Texas district 50: Another RP Republican running for congress 00:40:23
Gold market - accident waiting to happen or crime scene? 00:37:41
Washington D.C. is a WASTELAND! 00:36:25
Chinese Military Officers getting in the mix... 00:31:50
Another famous 'flight to Medina'? 00:30:03
Subversives must register in SC 00:08:23