Posted on February 13, 2010

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Hitler on Glenn Beck 16:07:06
KY Senate Debate TODAY! 1:30 PM | RAND IS READY TO RUMBLE! 02:14:21
Tom Woods Endorses Southern Avenger for National Radio Show 00:26:12
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Blimp Song 23:27:41 - a new website by Michael Scheuer 23:18:05
Launch of a Money Bomb for Ray's Campaign! 22:53:06
France signs internet censorship bill 22:37:33
Glenn Beck's "The 9.12 Project" is imploding just like the Twin Towers did on 9.11 22:36:16
Activst needed at Texas Monthly now! 22:26:15
Time Magazine writes positive piece on Medina and the race for Governor! 22:23:04
Truth and Honesty Hurt the Pro-Liberty Movement 22:08:22
Obama is "King of the Blue Planet" 22:03:14
Ron Paul is Creepy Organic T-shirt 21:55:48
What happened with Beck the day after the Medina interview? 21:45:13
You Might Be A Tea-O-Con! 21:42:04
Chattle Corporatism 21:35:54
Attention DFW: 4x8 Medina signs 21:17:23
Dr. Steel 21:14:19
NYT: The Case For Higher Inflation 21:11:52
Ridley Report: NH committee would police Feds, craft penalties 21:05:46
Debra Medina calls out Rick Perry at 2008 Texas Republican GOP convention 21:05:39
DEBRA MEDINA - IS "The New Sarah Palin of the Tea Party" On FOX-Full YouTube 21:05:24
Attention newly awakened ones: Here's an important film for you 21:04:10
Break Up with Rick Perry this Valentine's Day! 20:50:52
Corporate Empire vs. The People, Community, and Freedom 20:49:28
AP : Opponents taking potshots at Paul in Senate race! 20:28:42
"Break up with Rick Perry this Valentine's Day!" 19:59:49
912 Project Front Page - Denial is not a river in Egypt, you Beckers! 19:56:08
Debra Medina: "Let's talk about the new Sarah Palin" WSJ & FOX 19:49:08
AP: Opponents taking potshots at (Front Runner)Paul in Senate race 19:24:54
WE TEXANS - 18 Days Till Victory 19:21:42
MOVE YOUR MONEY!! 18:45:05
One thing I can really say right now about Truthers 18:28:21
How to answer & respond to the Slander & Hard Questions.... 18:06:48
The Ron Paul Revolution continues......It is us against them. 18:03:30
Becks emails 17:39:05
Gerald Celente on RT 2/12: Global war is beginning... 17:14:08
Debra Medina, takes on the 9/11 Lie Machine! - Veterans Today 17:09:40
Tea Party and Ron Paul 16:40:13
POGO: Professor in Louisiana Braves Another Kind of Storm 16:09:07
This audio interview covers the health r3volution Dr. Mercola is winning 16:02:08
Weekend Watching: Black Propaganda 15:53:27
Man on Fox News Just Said That Debra Medina is the New Sarah Palin! 15:36:38
Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power - NY Times 15:36:16
rhino: Dear Rand Paul, I think you are making a tactical mistake. 15:32:42
Is It Time To Question 'Dead End' Activism'? 15:03:08
WTC brought down by explosives, best view 14:52:36
Jack Hunter a Hope for Conservative Media 14:38:43
Roger Ailes is the real hit man behind Beck and Fox! 14:30:05
And Medina Shall Crush the Head of the Serpent (Genesis 3:15) 14:10:45
Teo Conned, the Beckinization of Tea Partiers 14:06:54
Yemen: Intervention, Nation-building, and the Constitution 13:48:00
Medina Meetups bash Beck over Truther trash talk 13:47:52
Texas Veterans Today loves Debra Medina 13:39:18
Debra Medina Responds to Attacks by Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Glenn Beck 13:34:59
Any thoughts about this major attack in Marjah, Afghanistan? 13:31:27
'Warning: Tea Party In Danger': Leader Slams Palin As 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing' 13:14:28
The Global Plan for Local Fascism 13:04:21
CORE OF CORRUPTION for weekend watchers just started at 11mtn timr 12:57:01
Did Glenn Beck Cooperate With Rick Perry's Campaign To Marginalize Debra Medina? 12:47:03
Alexa Web traffic favors Medina. 12:44:29
Chuck Baldwin: A Warning To The Tea Party Nation 12:44:05
WSJ - Positive Tea Party article 12:43:19
Like 60 Signatures Added Yesterday to the AOF 12:17:31
Glenn Greenwald- wise words about the "thugs" at Gitmo 12:16:15
Did Glenn Beck Cooperate With Rick Perry's Campaign To Marginalize Debra Medina? 12:12:52
Will Glenn Beck's Goofball Stunt Wind Up Helping Medina? 12:05:28
What to say to the census workers 11:58:05
A REAL SHOCKER....Does any of this suprise you anymore? 11:34:23
The only way to resolve the questions of 911 is with a "911 World Summit" of top professionals! 11:29:54
Meltdown at the 912 Project widespread? 11:24:50
Glenn Beck’s Language Diversion Translator, 911 = Nullification 11:18:25
DOUBLE NUT JOBS Dan Patrick / Glenn Beck Take Turns Trying To Stroke and French Kiss Texas Governor Rick Perry 11:16:44
BREAKING VIDEO 2-13-2010 Debra Medina : Houston Press Conference to address 9-11 comments post Glenn Beck interview. 10:57:56
Out of state help for Medina 10:18:30
State-Controlled Media versus Debra Medina et al.: Glenn Beck & Co., dirty-working for the State... 10:17:31
Houston Chronicle / AP Slams Debra Medina; Readers Slam Article 9 to 1... When You Attack Debra You Attack Us 09:23:21
Palin supports a new 9/11 Investigation 09:19:13
WE TEXANS - 19 Days Till Victory 09:00:22
Former Rick Perry Organizer Defends Debra Medina on video 07:33:02
Debra Medina: Video of The Day after the Beck Incident / WE TEXANS 07:28:06
Can this rat get more fans than Glen Beck 06:07:39
Stossel Show - Life Is Getting Better! 05:53:16
Today, 2/13, is my birthday... 05:41:44
Governor Lynch – Free Jean Coutu! 05:25:39
Christian mayor accused of "hate crime" 05:23:18
The "Quants" - The computer wizards that "game" the stock market! 05:01:10
The "Odious Debt Law"! Tyrants are responsible for unlawful debt, not the people! 04:47:13
Teach Glen Beck the concept of "Blowback" 04:13:57
WTF is the beef with Schiff??? 03:50:12
Off topic: did I just get banned again? (language warning NSFW) 03:05:13
Quick...Need a name... 02:33:00
I just donated $9.11 to Debra 01:52:03
Its good to be back on the Daily Paul, oruval, Manystrom, Tuma, Lawson and all the good folks 01:35:04
Good news at last from Europe 01:27:54
VIDEO: Glenn Beck is a Neocon (Not a Libertarian) 01:16:38
Glenn Beck Continues His Fake Crying Act 01:11:56
Typhoon Warning in American Territory ! 01:11:47
Why all the 9/11 forum posts???? 01:09:02
Video! WE TEXANS - 19 Days Till Victory 00:36:37
A Day with Debra Medina 00:35:43
Glenn Beck Roasts Debra Medina. Now it is Our Turn... 00:33:34
Reject Socialism! 00:01:19
Medina Pollworkers and Feet on the Street Needed NOW!! 00:00:57