Posted on February 17, 2010

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John Dennis - The Solid Principles Interview 17:38:41
Song About My Priest Who Was Tortured Killed - I Carry His Words 17:38:44
Insider: Republican Dirty Tricks Machine Targeting Grass Roots Constitutionalists 16:58:43
CPAC Straw Poll Ron Paul Getting Votes 13:09:41
GOP Split! Tea Party to Field Own Candidate Against Harry Reid in Nevada 11:36:49
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They murdered 3 Tesla employees 23:59:04
Draft Dr. Gary Gonzalves! 23:53:05
Kentucky state senator says independents can move out of country if they don't like 2 party system 23:52:40
780 times the normal amount of Aluminum found in samples of rainwater (Heavy metals in rainwater) 23:40:56
Court grants children right to be noisy. But not on Sunday. Seriously. 23:39:04
THE SHOCK DOCTRINE The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein 23:32:43
"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap 23:31:35
Still More Security Theater- NH 23:18:41
Fox Builds Sarah A Broadcasting Studio In Her House 23:14:00
Why do establishment figures think that the states don't have a right of secession? 23:00:22
Hays County (Tx) Medina/Paul supporters exposed 22:52:20
64% of Americans like the idea of 3rd Party 22:48:07
The Question of Questions 22:43:36
Regarding Haiti's Oil Reserves 22:38:39
9-11: Our government was ABSOLUTELY, 100% responsible 22:32:48
Glenn Beck says "I'm with her!" referring to Debra Medina on TV! (video) 22:32:02
National Strike April 15-18 - what do you all think? 22:05:50
License to Drive 21:34:18
Liberty Slate Money Bomb for John Dennis Today. 21:23:03
Dick Cheney Wants to Be Prosecuted? 21:13:10
It Was This 'Prayer For America' That Drew Me To Mr.Kucinich 8 Years Ago 21:05:25
Gerald Celente: We’re in for the Greatest Depression 20:55:46
South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency 20:55:45
My Awesome, Wonderful Day 20:39:29
Has anyone , Begun experiencing escrow problems 20:25:33
Anybody Know what this is about ??? 20:18:12
South Carolina Lawmaker seeks to ban current U.S. currency 20:12:03
South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency 20:01:24
Beck Has Gone Too Far! - Trashes Medina as a Nazi 20:00:23
Politics 101 on at 7pm est today 19:58:26
Report on Marines' water omitted cancer chemical 19:48:21
Has anyone else been noticing a strange low-pitched vum-vum-vum sound at night? 19:41:41
Will South Carolina start a second Civil War? 19:28:32
Interactive map of the deteriorating economy 19:25:59
VIDEO TX GOP candidates argue: Who cuts best? 19:06:06
Fox is at again 18:45:19
Some Good News! 18:25:47
It's Getting Expensive In Prison (For A Perp) 18:22:12
RT: Is America going to attack Iran? 17:55:08
Glenn Beck Exposed by a KLIF Affiliate 17:38:16
Help Debra Medina --> Sarah Palin: Admitted 9/11 Truther: YouTube Link: Send to your Local Networks 17:34:47
NASA To Focus On Muslim Outreach 17:18:37
Key Senate Democrats push for health care public option 16:53:36
Putin Says Pipeline to Revive Greek Economy 16:49:45
The WalMart Model of Self-Destruction: Lowest Prices, Always 16:48:51
Linda McMahon "Face the State" 16:42:06
Minutes Of The FOMC Meeting 16:38:41
Perry holds solid lead as early voting nears, with Medina running strong in Tarrant area, poll finds 16:15:03
Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy ending Wall Street's toxic capitalism-MarketWatch 15:56:30
"Back Talk with Barry and Candi" 15:45:35
Ron Paul Fans Post Tributes to Rabid Antisemite-Daily Paul Slammed 15:34:12
9/11 Truth bannering one of the busiest freeways in the country the 405 15:31:46
Peter Schiff- Stimulus Anniversary 15:16:54
Beta testing Greece as it loses sovereignty 15:09:29
Americans said the pledge with a NAZI Straight arm salute under gov't order 15:09:11
Sheriff Mack: Glenn Beck owes Medina an apology. 15:02:53
Fed President: Great Depression Possible If Federal Reserve Stripped Of Bank Oversight 15:02:30
Investing In 'Too Big To Fail' Bank Proving 'Irresistible' For Billionaires Soros, Paulson 14:59:28
Is Sarah Palin the fiscal conservative the Tea Party is looking for? 14:58:12
Was there an alternative to the U.S. Civil war? 14:56:07
Facebook hemorrhage continues 14:30:12
Glenn Beck runs out of sponsors — for four straight days, activists say 14:27:06
Does anyone believe Victory In Texas is possible? 14:21:34
LibertySlate Moneybomb 1pm Update Feb 17 14:20:43
Prechter Radio Interview (Gold, Dow & Dollar) 14:10:59
I need help at Texas Monthly now. 14:00:40
Has anyone seen the Mount Vernon Statement 13:59:25
Reality Report # 32- Banning VeriChip, Burning Beck, Biometrics Newspeak, NAZI Olympics, Freedom App, Charles Key 13:58:12
Sheriff Runs On Campaign to Uphold US Constitution 13:39:30
Chairman Paul - Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Sub-committee 13:35:24
Greece loses EU voting power in blow to sovereignty 13:28:10
Change you Don't Wanna Believe in: Suburban homeless: Rising tide of women, families 13:23:20
Ron Paul scheduled to be on The Wilkow Majority on Sirius Patriot at 2pm EST this afternoon. 13:21:09
LifeSiteNews Interviews Ron Paul: How Congress Can Stop Roe v. Wade Now 13:02:15
Bank of America Forecloses on Houses without Mortgages 12:55:45
OH NO WE DON'T! 12:48:56
BREAKING: Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy makes hypocrite of Glenn Beck 12:29:00
Funny comparisons photos 12:11:08
Disturbing graph on US Treasuries... 11:58:42
Glenn Beck has lost 116 sponsors so far... 11:41:06
Debra Medina on Track in Texas Governor's Race 11:31:15
Jim Sinclair on "paper" Gold 11:27:52
Kiss That V-Shaped Recovery Good-Bye: The U.S. "Worse Than Greece," Says Economist 11:25:55
Do we have a "Federal" or a "Central" Government? 11:22:57
Like Michael Savage or have to love this clip 11:07:42
Glen Becks show in the UK loses 103 sponsors 11:01:19
All the bad stuff that happened during the Bush years! 10:49:27
Cheney Pleads Guilty To War Crimes 10:33:50
Executive Orders: The Hallmarks of Fascistic Tyranny 10:27:23
All Roads Lead to Goldman Sachs 10:23:02
A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs-Paul Craig Roberts 10:16:25
U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion (Humor) 10:07:53
Former Mexican foreign minister calls for ‘North American union’, unified currency 09:58:55
Proof that Iraq war was for oil - and maybe Biden is involved 09:53:23
Beck’s plan for the captured Taliban leader: ‘Shoot him in the head’ 09:50:12
‘Fear the Boom and Bust’ featured on front page CNBC highlights 09:38:13
Tea Party-Related Groups Meet RNC's Steele 09:24:16
Cheap Talk and Group Dynamics 09:11:42
Amish family farm raided. Farmer tells truth to power. :) 08:40:22
Your daily dose of prescribed poison... 08:28:19
“The Southern Avenger” Interview with Tom Woods 08:22:09
The Revenge of Ron Paul (Mother Jones) 08:21:21
False Flag to Discredit Ron Paul? 08:17:04
Goldman Sachs, Greece Didn’t Disclose Swap, Investors ‘Fooled’ 08:10:55
Bank of America Quadruples Completed HAMP Modifications 08:05:49
Countrywide Sending $16.9M to Florida Homeowners 07:53:55
More security theatre 07:46:05
Rand Paul said Palin COULD be a great President, not WOULD 07:36:44
Debra Medina rally in Austin this Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010 07:28:43
False Flag to Discredit Ron Paul? 07:25:04
Video I made on Glenn Beck's Hypocrisy 04:28:34
Email I sent to owner of AE911Truth Debunking Site :) 04:23:06
Stossel Show - The Road To Serfdom! 04:21:57
Tea partiers pull back from alliance with South Carolina's Republican Party 03:03:52
Debra Medina holding a 9mm Gun.....I love it!! 02:40:28
Are US Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece? 02:23:43
New Jersey declared fiscal 'state of emergency,' by Gov. Christie 02:06:37
Would You Like To Be A Constitutional Scholar - This Website is a Statesman/womans' Dream 02:01:28
Seeing the public revulsion as a ratification of a libertarian economic philosophy 01:52:15
4409 -- CEO wears flag pin upside down! 01:43:56
Michael Badnarik on Alex Jones 16/02/2010 01:28:03
Oath Keeper David Berry Speaks 01:14:40
Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 01:14:38
This What happens to trash when WHO scares muslims about swine flue. 01:09:02
Former Mexican foreign minister calls for ‘North American union’, unified currency 00:57:00
'TSA makes a 4-yr.-old disabled boy remove leg braces' 00:56:20
Feb. 16th Rand Paul leads ALL candidates 00:41:17
Nullification with Tom Woods and Debra Medina 16FEB10 00:31:29
Has China began economic warfare? 00:26:48 Focus: Medina vs. Beck "He Admitted To A Close Friendship With Rick Perry" 00:23:26
2/16/10 Lew Rockwell on Freedom Watch: Tea Party's Dilemma 00:12:08
We have "fought for freedom for the world", isn't there any country out there that wants to help us fight for ours now? 00:11:11
Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib? 00:10:36