Posted on February 18, 2010

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'Revolution' was selected as a recipient of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer's Award 19:15:56
Soldier of the Republic Liberty Candidate Jake Towne 18:57:13
Powerful, Powerful, Speech By Judge Napolitano! Hear! Hear! 15:03:47
What do we have to do to introduce Permaculture to the Public? 14:55:35
Update: Small plane crashes into building in Austin, Texas 13:06:12
RT: Russia Warns US Against Military Strike on Iran 12:47:47
Joe Kennedy: What is going on in Arizona? 10:53:12
Antiwar Panel at CPAC! 07:56:18
I went to my 8 year old's concert tonight, and it put a whole lot of things into perspective for me. 01:14:41
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Immigration - Putting Our Fears to Rest 23:59:20
FREE DUM funny funny video but true! 23:49:37
Fed ramps up discount rate to 0.75% 23:44:12
Homeland security briefing 23:43:13
Uh-oh Rick Perry... Early Voting Surges for GOP in Texas. Could they all be coming out of the woodwork for Debra Medina? 23:36:29
Anyone get a robo call tonight? (2/18/10) 23:33:41
Austin Kamikaze: Today's News in Context 23:32:02
They Didn't Sell It Off, So... 23:31:16
The Military Conundrum: Follow Orders, Or Follow The Constitution? 23:12:41
Mark levin? 22:56:30
911 Police Chief Kerik Gets 4 years in Jail 22:43:01
Give Debra a hand 22:40:49
Strange Perry Comments "Anarchy and Tyranny" 22:34:12
TEXAS POKER Players are Uniting Around DEBRA MEDINA (UPDATED) 22:33:14
The Census: Walter Williams only gives names and number of people 22:32:02
Let's all pitch in and help support Glenn Beck! We are already well on our way so keep it up, 22:15:43
Real, Uglier American Unemployment 22:14:52
A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance 22:01:24
Jack Blood covers Austin Kamikaze as it happens with rational analysis and details you won't hear anywhere else 21:56:29
CPAC cheers socialists and fascists. 21:55:24
Well.....Who won the CPAC Straw Poll? 21:48:29
Walter E. Williams: Census and the Constitution don't mix 21:45:41
Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew 21:37:23
"FRAUD" A movie coming soon to a local theatre near you 21:24:10
Obama To Shuffle Overseer of "Systemic Risks" 21:22:23
RT Hip To Be Conservative? - Young Ron Paul Supporters At CPAC 21:19:48
U.S. Dollar? Got Rally? 21:11:39
Best Online Sources For Silver Coins? 21:08:15
Officers lose 243 Homeland Security guns 21:01:19
I wished Tennessee had some of that funky cold Medina 20:59:46
Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure 20:47:00
Ray Stevens - We The People 20:41:31
Walmart's Inventory 20:34:52
Joe Stack Day - February 18, 2010 20:28:18
Powerful internet tools to assist future campaigns 20:27:34
The Fall of America and the Western World DVD 20:26:50
Scott Brown Introduces Romney At CPAC.. Get the picture? Flip-Floppin Romney Is Their Chosen One. 20:26:12
Another Inside Job? - Reviewing Today's Tragedy in Austin Texas Live on the Radio now - 6 pm CST 20:23:26
Another Tea Party Review by TIME 19:58:04
IMF to Sell 191 Tons of Gold on Open Market 19:08:50
video: Debra Medina talks to Mark Davis about her 9/11 Comments 19:08:08
British release new UFO files 19:07:55
The Most Dangerous Man in America and Camp Fema 19:04:59
Whats going on in our country 18:57:40
We have the POWER to take BECK off the AIR 18:54:33
School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home 18:48:12
I don't think we will see any more polls for Texas Governor's race 18:45:11
Big Brother speed enforcement in California 18:45:07
In Surprise Move, Fed Hikes Discount Rate After Market Close 18:39:30
Beck says to stay away from revolutions and tea parties, they are "dangerous". 18:35:00
So what if Iran has nukes! 18:29:32
Beck's Boss Has Contributed About $300,000 to Perry Campaign 18:24:35
Hazmat and FIRE TRUCKS staged across street BEFORE Austin crash? 18:22:35
Karl Rove Takes Shot at Ron Paul 18:18:07
Project WakeUp 18:15:57
Big Brother? Students accuse school of spying via webcams 18:05:19
Obama's Social Security card is bogus 18:04:49
RT: US-NATO sending the wrong message 18:04:14
RT: Is Pakistan playing both sides? 18:02:32
RT: Plane crashes into IRS/CIA complex Updated added 2nd vid "this is not a tea party terrorist" 17:56:26
Congress stays busy on big news days? 17:41:39
Photos -State of the State Tea Party (Michigan) 17:36:56
Silver prices on eBay? 17:31:52
How Israel's Lobby Challenges Rule of Law in America [Video] 17:23:32
OathKeepers on O'Reilly Tonight- Feb. 18th 17:11:07
DeMint May Back Third Party Candidates in Some Races 17:03:47
I will never commit a violent act. Put it on record we are peaceful!!! 17:02:57
Debra Medina Interview with Mark Davis 16:44:21
Political Satire - The Onion Pokes Fun At Bernanke 16:37:26
Medina Hit Piece in Austin Chronicle 16:37:22
Janet Napolitano Secretly Hosts Terrorist Groups In D.C. 16:27:06
IRAN "update" 16:17:28
Why Permaculture? Come in and offer your ideas 16:17:23
It's one thing to question the official story. 16:06:02
Glenn Beck compares Medina to Obama. 2/18/10 (Audio) 15:59:48
NYT Credits the likes of Glenn Beck for the Tea party Movement 15:56:34
'Run, Cheney, Run' chants at conservative gathering 15:41:55
Parents: school used webcam to spy on our kid at home 15:37:01
Suicide Note Of Pilot Who Crashed Into IRS BLDG? Was He A Drugged Cell Used For False Flag? 15:15:30
Joe Stack attacked the IRS today; here's his letter to them. 15:14:57
Did a Disgruntled Capitalist Fly a Plane into an Austin Building? The Stack Manifesto 15:11:17
Man sets house ablaze, steals airplane and crashes into IRS building 15:03:55
Cash in with a Kokesh SILVER Coin! 15:01:03
Independent blogger calls out Repubs & Dems, says revolution needed to save us from debt crisis 14:55:24
Texas Observer Front Page: REPUBLICAN OF THE PEOPLE Can Debra Medina's Grassroots Rebellion Dethrone Texas' Republican Royalty? 14:40:23
Draft Lew Rockwell 14:34:55
New Poll: Should Beck apologize to Debra Medina 14:32:54
This video shows airplanes spraying us clear as day - traitorous news not one mention 14:19:30
We Texans Freedom Concert w/ Debra Medina & Jimmie Vaughan / Sunday, February 21st @ 4:00 PM / San Antonio 14:15:57
The fire is heating up.... BECAUSE we are making progress 14:09:56
C4L / John Tate: Debra Medina Answers Liberty Survey 100% 14:09:06
3 Tesla Employees Killed In Plan Crash 14:07:26
Robber Gets Robbed, then calls police 14:02:12
Stolen plane hits building in Austin - had IRS office in it 13:59:45
Poll: Should Beck appologize? 13:55:40
South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency 13:54:49
Where the Tea Parties Should Go From Here 13:52:45
Voting Fraud in Texas? 13:50:29
Anyone Watching C-PAC? 13:41:46
DPer Businesses updates? 13:12:35
Judge Andrew Napolitano 13:04:44
HHS warns of double-digit spike in health premiums 12:59:28
C4L: Texas Candidate Surveys 12:39:12
Glenn Beck Loses Nearly 500,000 Viewers After Medina Smear 12:37:09
Glenn laughs at Medina again today... 12:29:34
Jim DeMint's CPAC Speech 12:29:34
12yr old arrested for doodling on her desk 12:25:06
APNewsBreak: Top UN climate official resigning 12:24:09
The Economist: Perry to win Texas’s Republican primary for the governorship for the 3rd time. Where might that take him next? 12:22:06
homemade explosive device found at Branson, MO 12:16:03 Conservatism, Libertarianism, Clarity And Cooperation In Crisis 12:10:25
Real, Uglier American Unemployment 12:07:18
The Point: We're All Flakes Here -The Austin Chronicle 11:57:17
Health Care: discontent on the Left, rancor on the Right 11:53:53
My questions, post your questions, answers and comments 11:46:35
Local City Government has Negative Cash Flow:UPDATE 11:22:21
Constitution Insurance - Is this Something that's Possible? 11:19:24
Turn Off Beck - Turn On Jack Hunter And Solid Principles 11:13:15
Beck ''Just Shoot them in the Head'' 11:02:37
RT: Dalai Lama Issue: Jim Rogers on China-US collision course 11:02:25
Bernanke Admits Truth About Money, it’s Just Scraps of Paper 11:01:37
Who are the dangerous conspiracy theorists? (hint: it's the neo-cons) 10:58:14
FOX NEWS is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing! 10:23:58
Many living in America are suffering. 10:11:58
SHOULD BECK APOLOGIZE? POLL need your Vote 09:50:52
"Does teaparty "populism" verge into extremism?" 09:38:34
Liberty And Economics - Ludwig Von Mises 1881-1973 09:17:07
Debra Interview WBAP 820 Dallas 2/18/10 8:30 am CST 09:03:19
The people calling themselves government have no obligation to you 07:23:09
"Duty to Warn: Lessons for Americans" 05:48:43 needs our help 05:48:08
CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up 05:04:04
Who Are the Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists? 04:50:43
"South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency" 04:38:13
Contorting the truth Sue Lowden style 02:37:51
American Jury trial agains BH Obama! 14-19 May 02:30:46
Jeff Williams with Michael badnarik and Tom Woods 02:08:13
CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up Obama worked for CIA/Taliban! 01:53:05
South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban FRN's 01:32:49
Who Will Win the CPAC Straw Poll? 01:24:31
What about when Palin comes asking for Ron's endorsement? 01:19:30
Our efforts to call in becks sponsors paying off 00:50:31
Now Here's an Idea... 00:43:37
Debra Medina - We Texans Town Hall Meeting 02/15/10 00:20:25
RT: SPC Hall currently remains incarcerated for Army stop loss program 00:16:21
Amazing tale of sheeple syndrome 00:09:28
Wow... Training for WMD'S on US soil 00:06:17