Posted on February 19, 2010

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Tea Partier & Oath-Keeper Sheriff Mack CRUSHES Chris Matthews - Hardball 19:19:21
Southern Avenger: 911 Truths 14:42:43
Unemployment map...this is absolutely incredible 13:10:53
Ron Paul at CPAC Live - 4:30pm ET & Open Thread 11:49:37
Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Austin, Houston…MEDINA! 12:25:13
Video: Oath-Keeper Founder Stewart Rhodes on FOX O'Reilly 2/18 23:02:39
CPAC! Check out these awesome grassroots brochures! 00:57:06
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ABC: Paul Supporters Are Taking Over CPAC! 23:59:49
Debra Medina at Brownwood Tea Party - Video 23:43:38
Congressman Jason Chafetz just said that we need to be vigilant and continue to investigate 9/11. 23:35:10
"The Most Dangerous Man in America" 23:19:02
Deceptive USA Today diagram of ISS 23:14:46
Pushed too far! 22:48:27
Mark Dice: Mailing my garbage to Glenn Beck 22:40:50
Rep. Ron Paul berates a Democratic president not named Obama at CPAC 22:21:42
Is the Gruberments drive to bankrupt the united States of America deliberate? 22:16:54
Sorba called a "jackass" on Olbermann, Ron and Frazee get plugs 21:57:24
Ron Paul on front page of C-SPAN 21:54:13
Four Bank Failures Today: Biggest in La Jolla, CA $3.6B Assets 21:31:03
1792 Coinage Act has never been changed! 21:26:47
Saw this link on MSN home page - Big Brother is perspiring 21:16:27
Why is Medina doing well? (some poll numbers) 20:53:58
RT: Interview with John Dennis 20:52:57
CPAC 2010 Straw Poll @ Huffington Post - 20:50:50
Jim Rogers on China-US Collision Course 20:42:28
Liberal Donna Brazile coming to my school; what should I ask her? 20:38:21
American Free Press Commentary on Debra Medina 20:37:51
School Used Webcams To Spy On Students At Home 20:24:53
The Real History of Angus, the Glenn Beck caller 20:16:49
Obama Tried Bribing Arlen Specter’s Opponent 20:13:45
here is some interesting info 20:00:26
Tea Party Hijackers & Sarah Palin 19:54:54
Impending Explosion: U.S. Intensifies Threats To Russia And Iran 19:46:55
Ron Paul Rocks CPAC! 19:46:33
Politico: Ron Paul rocked CPAC 19:42:51
Ron Paul-Faith in the Fed? 19:29:31
Hawaii gets persistent requests for Obama birth certificate 19:29:16
Our Governor has decided to grace our presence. 19:20:13
Breaking: Ron Paul Supporters Taking over CPAC 19:17:45
Fake Freedom Lover, Jeff Sorba 19:14:05
Suit: Pa. school used webcams to spy on students 19:14:01
Ryan Sorba Condemns CPAC For Inviting Go Pride And Declares YAL's Jeff Frazee His Enemy 23:03:09
That was the best speech Ron Paul has EVER given!!! 18:59:11
National Inflation Association 18:45:35
1st Step to Radical Localism 18:23:38
We Might want to check this guy out 18:04:34
Tea Party movement is full of conspiracy theorists 17:47:21
I'm Starting to see a pattern here 17:44:49
Fifty things you need to know about Debra Medina! Email it on! 17:23:09
Viral Freedom 17:14:08
The Breath Of God Exercise 17:02:46
RT: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran 16:56:38
Wall-Mart vs Whole Foods Market 16:55:11
FBI Ends 9-Year Investigation Of Anthrax Attacks 16:47:30
Activism Graphic 4U 16:23:05
Was Stack a Left-Wing Terrorist? 16:18:20
Debra Medina to be Interviewed Tomorrow AM Feb. 20 on KURV 16:07:10
Debra Medina Latest Ad 15:24:29
What is the foundation of this country? 15:15:36
Ron Paul Bashing Becoming a Daily Occurrence for MSM/Establishment 14:42:16
A Perfect Storm of Ignorance 14:38:47
Another Reason Why the War on Drugs is Useless 14:14:21
Jim Traficant on Alex Jones Radio NOW! 14:13:59
Leaked: Republicans Meet w/ Wall Street For Orders 14:11:29
Video: YAL at CPAC Wrestle Big Brother 14:07:07
US Senate Candidate Bernie DeCastro decided to join The Constitution Party 14:03:50
Stocks to suffer disasterous fall! 14:01:18
Paul Craig Roberts-Another Gem 13:59:11
Joe did not die a good death. He killed an innocent. 13:46:34
Audio Youtube: KLIF 570 Radio: Glenn Beck Manipulated the audio of the Medina Interview! + Callers. Feb19th, 2010. 13:41:51
Congressman trying to recite Preamble to the Constitution? 13:38:51
Pat Sellers wins Berks county caucus 13:33:32
Video: CPAC Clowns Make Obama Telemprompter Jokes 13:32:42
West Virginia Black Hawk Crashes On Nato Joint Exercise 13:29:10
Secession in the Air by Patrick J. Buchanan 13:27:08
50 things you need to know about Debra Medina 13:10:10
Former Kentucky governor: choose a political party or leave the country 12:55:40
The REAL Change in Washington! 12:53:14
Cutest Chicks at CPAC Go For Ron Paul 12:46:02
Video: Boss Gives Company to Workers 12:42:46
whoever belongs to the 912 website... 12:35:40
Federal Agencies Team Up To Probe Texas Plane Crash 12:34:50
Dali Lama leaving the White House via the back door and thru the garbage. 12:23:56
Debra Medina Signs 9/12 Project - Contract 11/4/09 12:07:38
An attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada 12:04:05
First Deflation, followed by Inflation! 11:59:05
Obama Long legged Mack Daddy song. Dr. Pastor David Manning 11:58:49
Architechs and Engineers for 911 Truth Major Conference This Afternoon! 11:50:43
My Conspiracy Theory Of The Day (link posted by rhino) 11:43:53
How Israel's Lobby Challenges Rule of Law in America 11:42:49
When does one become a conspiracy theorist? 11:38:27
Maddow at CPAC 2010 11:36:27
Setting up a contribution for the Stack family 11:22:33
CPAC not so conservative 11:07:12
The Wall Street Journal: The City of Harrisburg, Pa considering bankruptcy 10:44:33
Premiums jump 14 percent on Medicare private plans 10:38:40
Friends didn't see pilot's passion for IRS feud 10:29:37
Seeking honest, authentic US Constitution study 10:05:33
The day after the plane, I am thinking it may have been really just what it was said to be. 10:02:25
Citi - No Note - Foreclosure Scam 10:02:22
Question: How many people commit suicide each year because of IRS? 09:58:06
School spies on students at home (another "crazy theory" now proven crazier fact) 09:54:11
Austin Poker Alliance gets a taste of Liberty! DIGG IT ! 09:43:15
Man bulldozes home after foreclosure 09:40:26
Taibbi: "Goldman Raped The Taxpayer, And Raped Their Clients" 09:09:56
British military insider: World War III is being staged. Weekend Discussion 09:04:14
Buy 1, Get 1 (green card) FREE! 08:53:29
Big Government Testimony 08:39:48
For those who wish to say something kind about the deceased 08:21:08
Haiti's quake survivors don't wait for gov't plan 08:05:55
Non-violent means to achieve your goals. Why don't you use them? 07:17:44
The euro and gold 05:58:03
Rachel Maddow's Day At CPAC 05:39:22
Rumors Heat Up in Europe that Goldman Sachs and John Paulson Are Waging Attacks on Greece 05:23:38
Medina, Beck and the media 04:50:48
Stossel Show - Education! 03:48:36
Brothers we are called to war today and I say no, no, no no to mo row oh 03:35:41
Austin Plane Crash: What Comes Next? 02:55:10
Team Law-- What do you guys think? 02:19:36
Series of Events Set Off by Medina's Recent Rise in the Polls. 01:57:14
*** THIS COULD BE HUGE *** KERA PBS Dallas: Early Voters Turn Out In North Texas 01:41:32
FCC Suggests Turning Federal Buildings Into Broadband Anchor Institutions 01:34:22
"Eyes on the Prize" by Debra Medina, Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 00:25:01