Posted on February 20, 2010

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NYT: The New Poor - Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs 23:17:25
National Review Online on CPAC 2010: Feel the “Ronmentum!” 23:59:03
Debra Medina in Rockwall TX 02/19/2010 18:41:56
Ron Paul: The Market Should Set Interest Rates! CNBC 2.20.10 18:29:25
I just saw RP at his debate against 3 challengers for the 14th district 18:09:12
Jake Towne's Statement on Joe Stack and the IRS Austin Plane Crash 15:50:11
WE TEXANS - 12 Days Till Victory 12:32:46
CPAC and Ron Paul News Articles 2-19-10 00:39:55
Essential Weekend Watching: Boogie Man - The Lee Atwater Story 01:28:02
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Feel the Ronslaught; CPAC Victory Reax 23:36:33
The Votes Are In: The Official Tea Party Leader is Ron Paul 23:36:05
CAPITALISM a Love Story 22:50:24
Should the GOP nominate Ron Paul? Poll; Did Ron Paul just launch his campaign for the GOP presidential nom in 2012? 22:48:42
Dutch government falls over Afghanistan - No comment from NATO chief 22:46:03
The Age Old Age Question 22:45:02
538: The Tea Pauliers 22:22:49
Rick the pandering pretty boy Perry 22:04:09
So that's how it's gonna be? 22:01:49
Video: America Rising 21:53:13
Ron Paul Kickin' Some Fiat! - CNBC - 2/19/10 21:52:07
Video: "We Texans" -- Watch and Email! 21:25:44
Why Ron was booed...the real reason 21:16:36
stefbot; Joe Stack and the IRS - The Impact of Error 21:02:02
Irish cousin throws Sarah Palin under the bus 20:59:42
So what did everyone think of Beck's speech ? 20:46:10
POLITICO tries their hardest to downplay Ron Paul's victory 20:35:13
Former US officials fend off simulated cyberattack 20:17:59
Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll !!!!!! 19:40:19
Third Party on the Rise? Introducing The Conservative American Party 19:32:50
Here they go again! Obama plans to repackage health care plan for presentation Sunday or Monday!! 19:17:58
Raw Story - Ron Paul Dominates CPAC! 19:17:48
Debra Medina and the Second Battle for Texas Independence 18:45:49
HE won the Straw Poll!!! 18:34:37
CPAC Is Far From Friendly Territory. 18:18:36
Huffington Post CPAC Straw Vote Poll with Ron Paul in Second Place 18:17:54
What's with Debra Medina and property taxes?! 18:06:24
Oddities Regarding Joe Stack 17:25:43
WHY MEDINA for TEXAS? My Response to the (R) Party of Texas 16:54:28
Just got back from a visit to the USA! 16:38:38
gLENN bECK dOESN'T gET iT 16:33:38
A little humor 16:26:18
Great Audio Commentary on the need for term limits 16:09:43
For Chronic Weekend Watchers / Many Docs Now Playing 14:48:08
Letter to my Neighbor re Deb Medina 14:45:56
What you can do in your state to safeguard health and freedom 14:38:14
The Haig-Kissinger Depopulation Policy 14:33:41
Nietzsche quote on statism! 14:24:21
Progressive Democrat says America addicted to war and debt 14:09:44
RP CPAC Speech 14:07:32
Taking the Glitter Out of Gold-Based Currency 13:56:24
Substitute "America" for "Israel" in this powerful story, and it is just as true. 13:39:50
Ron Paul AT CPAC 2010 PARTS 1 & 2 & 3 12:20:02
America and the Iraq War & 9/11 in 5 seconds MUST SEE! 12:18:42
Ron Paul "Rocks" CPAC 12:18:00
Keys of the Kingdom Radio Broadcast starts NOW 12:01:48
Another sign that Ron Paul will run in 2012 11:36:10
Please vote for Ron Paul in this HuffPo poll! 11:28:24
4409 -- Joe Stacks Audio Manifesto (HQ) 10:57:20
The Dutch government has collapsed over disagreements on extending troop deployments in Afghanistan. 10:48:13
Mailing my garbage to Glenn Beck! 10:04:56
Meet The Next President Of USA! 09:56:31
We Texans For Freedom Concert Debra Medina, Jimmie Vaughan, & Stewart Rhodes 09:51:26
Dr. Paul's Tea Party Anthem 08:32:31
My Contribution to the Stack Files 08:27:49
Local support grows for nullification of federal laws 08:26:02
Father and Mother of America 07:56:47
We're The Government And You're Not!!!! 06:49:56
Israel Has a very small window for attack 06:00:41
Anyone read [One Nation, Indivisible? a Study of Secession and the Constitution]? 05:23:41
50 Ways to Love Medina ( according to 04:46:37
The Best Ways To Answer - "Are You A Truther"? 04:17:44
Rachel Maddow gives CPAC report 03:41:27
Playground Politics 02:56:14
Link for radio broadcast from CPAC 02:53:41
Ron Paul At CPAC 2010! 02:38:51
Huffington Post Straw Poll (VOTE) 02:33:57
If you've been down the rabbit hole, this is for you 02:24:28
Isn't it funny? 02:17:35
Adam Kokesh's speech at the revolution march Kokesh for Congress 02:02:21
WE TEXANS - 12 Days Till Victory 01:40:38
O'Reilly defends his statements on taking guns away 01:34:14
YAL to chant "DEBRA DEBRA DEBRA!" at Glenn Beck's CPAC Speech 01:33:59
Let Us Pray For The Soul Of Rand Paul 01:27:50
Anyone have a link to yesterday's session with Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano? 01:13:56
DP ad rankings 01:03:54
Beck- proven slander against Debra 00:51:13
Cspan Rerun - 11:30 pm EST Friday Night 00:39:15
I am doing surgery on a Neocon LIVE 00:35:08
CPAC Question 00:25:48
Talk radio about Joe Stack and Glenn Beck and Medina now 11pm eastern 10pm central 00:19:59
RON PAUL 2012 RIGHT NOW! 00:09:00