Posted on February 21, 2010

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Ron Paul - Tribute to an American Patriot 17:54:45
Jake Towne Money Bomb Dedicated To John Gunby March 10 16:45:19
Ron Paul Discusses CPAC Straw Poll Win on TV News 15:12:41
Ron Paul in 2012? Maybe. 09:27:50
Action Alert: Ask SRLC to invite Ron Paul as a speaker 00:56:14
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RT: Fight for Civil Right: Muslim Rapper's journey for truth 23:54:45
The Underground History Of American Education - Incredible Book Online!!! 23:17:42
Orrin Hatch LOL! They just will not get it. 23:13:25
Idea for next Ron Paul money bomb. 23:10:33
Awesome new Ron Paul Post cards 22:50:04
"Movie Magic" 22:47:35
Last week's Peter Morrison Report. 22:45:20
CAPITALISM A LOVE STORY Playing Now 22:36:46
Taliban says it worked to prevent 9/11 22:34:10
Taliban says it worked to prevent 9/11 22:29:08
RT: US politicians nothing more than a bunch of fat cats? 22:15:57
Medina Town Hall on State Sovereignty - Monday Night! 22:12:44
CPAC previous articles by various MSM outlets, I did this so everyone can compare previous wins and articles written abou winner 22:04:29
4409 -- Joe Stack Audio Manifesto (HQ) 21:48:45
What I learned at CPAC: conservatives believe in freedom 21:44:37
The most important thing RP said in his CPAC speech! 21:39:34
Chris Wallace to Juan Williams: "I told you not to mention the Straw poll" 21:33:32
Another New Rule 21:10:34
Tracy, CA residents to pay for 911 calls!!! 20:59:22
newsrealblog RP hit piece alert 20:49:44
US Constitution Vs. Portuguese Constitution 20:49:04
Gary North article on what the Federal Reserve is really hiding. 20:12:05
SC-Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class 19:50:35
Facebook or other Share-ware! 19:49:48
10th amendment bill to be heard in MO, 2/23/10 19:46:17
Is their a moneybomb for Ron Paul's congressional race 19:24:03
My call to Washington Journal 19:17:19
Dutch confirm Afghan troop pullout sparking fears of domino effect 19:10:16
UNREAL:Senate weighs final push to move climate bill 18:56:53
The next Ron Paul? 18:21:52
Ron Paul calls opponent, Tim Graney, a Neocon [comic] 17:30:05
The Beck Slapdown... 17:27:17
For real? CitiBank institutes 7 day notice for withdrawals from all checking accounts! 17:19:12
Michael how about a new rule. 16:47:15
Ron Paul and his new fan Michael Steele 16:44:04
MUST SEE! Joe Stack's client list 16:41:25
The Census Is Getting Personal 16:34:10
Oh I hate the TV talking heads 16:23:59
The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud 16:22:49
Conspiracy Theory 15:51:45
Men Turn To Maple Sugar Shack In Tough Economy 15:30:17
Change We Can Decieve In 15:12:32
Let's face it. Straw Polls are not statistically significant. 15:07:51
Glenn Beck at CPAC - clown version (YouTube) 14:52:43
Speaking of Patrick Henry 14:47:22
Prophesy According to Paul: 2-8-2001: Ron Paul, The Potential For War 14:10:54
Matt Taibbi: Wall Street's Bailout Hustle 13:57:13
Statement of Congressman Ron Paul United States House of Representatives: What If? February 12, 2009 13:45:59
Excellent Documentary..CORE OF CORRUPTION 13:27:04
Humor break: This Grandma's Got What It Takes 13:14:01
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - Press Conference - 13:04:31
New VIDEO / WFAA Inside Texas Politics Sunday Morning: DEBRA MEDINA Interview 12:40:18
Alex Jones on Russia Today 02/19/2010 12:35:09
Glenn Beck mirrors Food Inc. 12:20:39
The Power of Nightmares 12:18:11
Ron Paul kicking butt on NY Daily News Poll 12:13:38
Ron Paul's stunning straw poll victory 12:06:11
►Ambassador Ron Paul | First Stop: Iceland!! 11:52:40
Ron Paul Camp Snubs Japanese Peacemaker Yukihisa Fujita 11:20:22
Sunday Medina Strategy Talk - $1,000,000 by March 2? 11:14:06
Government: Satan's tool for evil. 11:08:33
local news poll needs adjusting 10:51:09
Ron Paul hits front Page in NY Times/Sarasota paper 10:34:21
Too bad the turncoats in DC don't have this awaiting 09:44:07
A Call to Arms from a Recovered Neo Conservative 09:40:09
Boos as Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll-POLITICO 09:13:22
Ron Paul won the CPAC Poll - Fox News (Video) 08:59:44
Hey Ron, being the Darling of CPAC and the "NeoConservative" Body May Be A Bad Idea 08:58:27
Cheap Gas From Coal 07:49:20
Dr. Paul's CPAC Victory Headlines Drudge 07:44:49
Face REALITY and Prepare for the INEVITABLE 07:06:11
Witness - Mother Courage/Encounter Point 06:34:04
Ron Paul for President, says Conservative Political Action Conference poll Read more: 06:10:04
We need to start 05:00:33
School district: Spy Webcams activated 42 times 04:29:42
*Tube*Ron Paul Wins CPAC's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll!!!!! 04:19:13
Accessory After the Fact 04:06:06
Ron Paul’s Agenda Better for Progressives than Obama’s? 03:27:41
"Beck loses 103 sponsors as his UK broadcast runs w/o ads..." 03:24:18
"You can't fix stupid, but you can vote them out" -Marvin Bahnman, DFW Debra Medina Supporter 02:45:42
In Tea Party rise, Ron Paul's legacy 02:43:47
Sonic Boom Meets Sun Dog 02:42:56
FREE EDUCATION - A Powerful Weapon. 02:32:05
MSN is sour grapes:uses Ron Paul name once in article 02:14:05
Max Keiser: The world should not be ganging up on Iran 02:10:03
A salute to Ron Paul and the gang.... 02:06:10
Congratulations,Ron Paul! 02:00:52
Patrick Henry: Enemy of the State 02:00:43
Jacob Hornberger: Borders, Socialism, and the Free Market 01:51:34
[Video] Ron Paul - Texas Congressional Debate - 2/19/10 01:51:25
Fraud or Easy money for you? 01:29:28
Romney Wins CPAC Poll, Palin Tied For Third 01:26:59
CNN: We Were Warned - A simulation of cyberterrorist attack! 00:53:37