Posted on February 22, 2010

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'Tea Party' Candidate Scott Brown Joins Democratic Majority - Votes for Jobs Bill 23:35:06
The Southern Avenger: Ron Paul People 23:23:26
Chuck Baldwin: REMEMBERING THE ALAMO 21:23:17
Debra Medina Town Hall Meeting Live 6.30 - 7.30 pm CST 19:47:26
Steve Dore Song For Debra Medina 12:31:04
WE TEXANS - 11 Days Till Victory 12:26:14
Debra Medina at High Noon in Cowtown - Fort Worth TX Feb 20 12:23:31
Video: Complete 14th district debate - Parts 1-6 12:01:07
RJ Harris to Lead Sooner State Patriots South to Aide Fellow Liberty Candidate Debra Medina 11:57:05
Video of CPAC anti-war panel- "You've been lied to: Why real conservatives are against the War on Terror" 09:30:36
Ron Paul - CNBC Squawk Box- 2/22/10 23:41:04
Ron Paul Responses in 14th district debate - Parts 1 & 2 19:47:21
31% - Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll!!! 11:29:35
Ron Paul Speech at CPAC 2010 15:19:49
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"The Bloom Box"... A fuel cell for the home? 23:52:36
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths -The New American 23:45:39
CPAC Marks Major Conservative Shift -- a NICE article about RP's role 23:30:38
Keith Olbermann invited to Dallas Teaparty 23:16:26
Fox News still discrediting CPAC straw poll, now with new talking point 23:07:47
Ron Paul wins CPAC poll - but what's a 'movement conservative?' 23:03:45
Dick Cheney Hospitalized With Chest Pain 22:59:58
US News & World Report: Ron Paul Wins Over the Tea Party Movement... 22:52:54
Could use some help in a very cordial REDDIT Ron Paul Thread 22:42:56
Paul Craig Roberts writes book blasting free trade 22:22:11
Afghan Press Release, signed by Towne, Sellers, Kokesh, & more 22:21:02
Family Guy - Visiting Ground Zero 22:18:50
Afghan Press Release, signed by Towne, Sellers, Kokesh, & more 22:17:27
Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Dept. 22:08:20
The CPAC Surprise! Prepare for MSM stupidity 22:04:02
CPAC Straw Poll Result Exposes Corporate Media Bias 22:01:59
Small example of our progress 22:01:42
How smart are our MSM presenters? 21:41:32
Steve Dores new song about Debra Medina - Deb's The One 21:41:10
Just for fun, an inspirational video 21:41:02
Whats new with h.r. 1207??? 21:14:37
rhino: It is time to create our own big tent 21:03:30
(FREE SPEECH ALERT) Vaccine stance draws criticism: Chiropractor subject of MD's complaint 21:00:43
Hardball: Matthews, Buchanan, and Taliban dude discuss libertarianism 20:51:26
Focus on the Local Races 20:47:43
Wouldn't it be nice 20:43:27
The Washington Post, Once Powerful Enough to Take Down a Sitting President Using Investigative Reporting 20:34:43
The United Nations 20:27:23
Scott Brown Votes Like a Big Government Liberal 20:24:53
Palin and Huckabee cry boo hoo about CPAC, libertarians, and the tea party movement 20:04:17
Why is the DOD RSS feed(ing) my Ron Paul articles? 20:01:45
Turkish officers planned false flag op 19:56:09
WOW, Medina mudslinging even in San Fran 19:54:45
Bob Barr Wants Cash 19:53:11
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 19:47:44
Bob Barr Wants Cash. 19:38:46
Bob Barr Wants Cash 19:32:16
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 19:30:09
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 19:26:49
Bob Barr wants cash. 19:26:06
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 19:24:39
In defense of TEA parties... 19:22:50
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 19:20:29
Michael Steele, Meet Ron Paul 19:20:21
Dallas Tea Party Invites White People at MSNBC to Anniversary 19:05:19
Would you vote for Ron Paul for President? 19:03:42
Use ghostery (free) to see and block who's tracking your behavior 18:56:09
Ron Paul Routs the Neoconned at CPAC 18:51:50
Obama Islam Envoy A Lying Terrorist Defender 18:24:46
Ron Paul's Party on American Spectator 18:14:46
rhino: Brad Friedman pumps up Ron Paul !!!! 18:13:42
POLL: Contract from America (Audit the fed incl.) 18:07:33
David Frum attacks Dr Pauls ideas of a Gold Standard 18:06:09
PPP: Medina leads with people who don't think she's a "truther" 18:03:22
New friends 18:01:51
Ron Paul Only Hope to Prevent U.S. Hyperinflation - National Inflation Association 17:31:39
The Green Agenda: Quotes you should read! 17:23:46
Have you no shame ! 17:23:44
New 2010 Credit Card Laws 17:14:18
Ron Paul Only Hope to Prevent U.S. Hyperinflation 17:09:55
FDIC Opens A Massive New Office Near Chicago 17:01:39
WashPo: Republican presidential candidates line up for 2012 race. No Dr. Paul 16:58:42
75 reasons to be skeptical of “global warming” 16:57:08
Update: Citigroup Says Feds Ordered 7 Day Restriction On Bank Withdrawals 16:52:54
Buffett's Long-time Business Partner, Munger: 'It's Over' for U.S. Economy 16:21:37
Poll: Would you vote for Ron Paul as President? 16:10:41
Mandatory microchipping for Europe-bound pets 16:09:41
The Beast of the New World Order (song) 16:08:23
Great Ron Paul comment in a Huff Po article 16:07:56
Other interesting results from the CPAC poll... 15:58:20
Marx and Lenin revisited 15:57:48
Basically, It's Over: A parable about how one nation came to financial ruin. 15:49:00
Politico to downplay its own poll? 15:35:59
Has anybody heard this? 15:18:13
Fight the urge 15:17:38
Rep. Abbercrombie of Hawaii 15:10:56
CBS calls Ron Paul a "big spender" 14:51:06
Excellent and Educational Interview with Lew Rockwell 14:39:29
Hotair: Huckabee slams CPAC; It was too libertarian for me this year 14:34:57
A Federal Case - C4L event in Raleigh at the Raleigh Convention Center 14:27:58
Complete Crisis Coordination 14:27:11
Rush Limbaugh critical of Ron Paul's CPAC victory 14:16:36
Ron Paul trending #10 on Yahoo search 14:10:12
Rush: If CPAC voted for Ron Paul, CPAC isn't conservative 14:00:13
Harris Blogs - RJ Harris calls for Convoy to Medina 13:44:50
Man bulldozes his home to make a point. 13:41:20
Tea Party Hijacked 13:06:45
Neo-Con Laura Ingraham POLL about RON PAUL 13:05:38
CNN's Frum - Confused about Ron Paul, gold standard, history, cause and effect in general 12:54:28 poll (Who REALLY won the CPAC POLL) 12:42:17
"The Daily Texan" Endorses Hutchison?: anonymous comments can be posted there 12:40:33
Poll: Politico asks who really should have won CPAC? 12:35:40
DP to see mass influx of "Newbies" 12:22:04
Need comments on Romney article 12:18:52
Kay "Bailout" Hutchinson's head to explode 12:14:16
Post Poll about CPAC 12:12:22
Independent Voter Network says Guantanamo Bay makes America less safe 12:11:06
Positive Propaganda: We're The Government and You're Not!!!! 12:07:44
Google and Wikipedia: Separated at Birth? 11:59:46
CAMP FEMA 11:54:12
Man Tells Bank To F**... Bulldozes His Own House 11:50:17
Ron Paul endorses John Dennis for Congress 11:49:49
Avatar and the Principles of Libertarianism 11:44:49
Residents Now Have To Pay $300 For 911 Calls 11:41:52
Gold Kills Cancer and the Media Is Silent 11:35:46
Hostettler Moneybomb Today Sen. Indiana 11:24:35
John Lewis D-GA Adds His Voice To Kucinich, Kaptur and Grayson Video - Not Another Penny For War! 11:16:51
Kurt Liston Money Bomb! 11:13:13
Rick Perry's Political Playground 11:08:38
Obama Forces Healthcare Reform on US 10:53:25
The CPAC Poll & Ron Paul Is Being Discussed On C-SPAN Right Now 9:30 a.m. 2-22-10 10:29:28
More civilians killed in Afghanistan 10:07:46
Nick Gillespie: GOP should listen to Ron Paul 10:06:07
Rahm Emanuel may be the next one to hit the road....... 10:03:56
Fox News scrambles to discredit CPAC after Ron Paul wins presidential poll 10:00:11
Ron Paul Pix..... 09:56:23
Who would make the best VP for Dr. Paul? 09:29:54
Anyone attend the Medina event Sunday? 09:11:26
Gordon Brown Calls For A World Constitution! 09:09:36
Principal Shows how He Spies on Kids with Laptop and Snaps Pics with Web Cam 08:56:04
Ron Paul Discusses His CPAC Straw Poll Victory on Fox News! 08:54:37
The 2012 Presidential Campaign Started This Weekend, And Ron Paul Is In The Lead 07:49:32
Laptop camera snapped away in one classroom 05:56:21
Small Nutritional Supplements Company Being Prosecuted By FTC, Expert Testimony Rebuffed 05:55:08
Two Ron Paul polls in this article 05:11:09
Campaigning For State-Owned Banks 04:32:59
WE TEXANS - 11 Days Till Victory (VIDEO) 04:05:40
Ron Paul Candidates Need Their Own National Polling Firm 03:38:48
Dan Patrick Insists That He's Still An Outsider (While Waging An All Out Attack On DEBRA MEDINA And Piling On With Glenn Beck) 03:01:53
Huckabee Denounces CPAC 02:19:00
UPDATE: CHECK IT OUT! A T-Shirt I Created! 02:18:41
Guns Now Permitted In National Parks 01:57:44
The Census Is Getting Personal 01:16:05
Epic Beard Man, Thomas Bruso, and American Veterans 00:59:21
VIDEO: Inside Texas Politics: Debra Medina WFAA 00:52:13
~~>Debra Medina: Threat to Governor Rick Perry's Run for the Presidency 2012?<~~ 00:31:12
Students For Liberty defending freedom at CPAC 00:28:50
FOR LIBERTY Playing now 00:26:19
Wanna have some fun? 00:14:38
Fox news in DAMAGE CONTROL over Ron Paul win at CPAC with video! 00:10:59
Rothschild's Secret "Solution" to Greek "Problem" 00:06:27
Huffington Post hit piece on Ron Paul 00:02:19
important hard to find information on regional government 00:00:29